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Review multitool Ganzo 201-h

Обзор мультитула Ganzo 201-h Multitool Ganzo 201-h looks great - everything is done neatly and beautifully. Tool shining metal, nice cools the hand and due to its massiveness gives the impression of a reliable and expensive things. In this respect, to Ganzo 201-h no complaints. We can safely recommend it as an inexpensive and at the same time spectacular "male" gift. But the functionality is not so simple...

What is multitool?

Что такое мультитул

Multitool (multitool) in English is a multifunctional tool. I.e. a tool which combines different functions. In this respect, the "Swiss penknife - typical multitool. However, traditionally, this name was given to another type of multi-tools. For those that aren't built on the basis of a folding knife, and on the basis of folding pliers. Or more precisely, on the basis of pliers.


What is camp wood gas stove?

походная турбопечка Recently on the wave of interest in legkohodnogo equipment travel goods began to penetrate new items of equipment. Including Hiking turbopack is a highly effective device with which you can cook literally on short branchlets. They require a minimum amount of firewood, and can easily cope even with the damp twigs. What kind of Hiking turboback? Let's look at them in more detail.

Overview of the burner Primus Mimer

Обзор горелки Primus Mimer Primus Mimer is a powerful and reliable tourist burner with a bunch of disadvantages. Yes, it can boil a liter of water in less than 4.5 minutes, but it is extremely heavy (240 grams), too demanding of the dishes, not ergonomic.

Overview gas stove Kovea Supalite Titanium

Обзор горелки Kovea Supalite Titanium Review super gas stove Kovea Supalite Titanium. Thanks to the use of the design of titanium instead of steel, it weighs only 60 grams. While its power is enough to boil 1 liter of water for five and a half minutes.

Overview torch Kovea Power Nano Stove

Обзор горелки Kovea Power Nano Stove Review miniature tourist torch Kovea Nano Stove designed for threaded gas cylinders. It weighs a little less than 100 grams and, according to the results of our measurements, is able to boil a liter of water for 5.5 minutes spending 20 grams of gas.

Cycling backpack

Mandatory the equipment list any cyclists is Belarusan on the trunk. Also it is called belabour or simply «felosztani». Some prefer to go with a regular backpack. But this method is suitable only for day tours (ride) or short trips without the nights in tents. This is because to carry weight on the bent back not so useful (and dangerous) and spin tires quickly.

Therefore belabour in any Cycling trip - just irreplaceable thing. Usually velorjukzaki divided into two overwhelming type is a one-volume and triplex.


Equipment for a bike tour

This list is made for summer cycle campaigns to the Carpathians and spring, summer and autumn cycle campaigns to the Crimea. Unless it is possible to take less warm things in the summer Crimea more bathing suits :)

Again, consider that this list of equipment is focused on ordinary participants of commercial cycle campaigns in whom a remnabor, the big first-aid kit, the navigation and kitchen equipment are provided with the organizer and are at the instructor.


How to choose a bike for bicycle tours?

Как выбрать велосипед для походов

Everybody knows what is a bicycle. Someone in the childhood has a city-bicycle, someone already familiar with the modern variety of bicycles and ride it in the park alleys or asphalt tracks. But what bike is perfect for bicycle tours?


List of equipment for the trip to China.

Список одежды и  снаряжения для путешествия по Китаю. For the tour, "Jade Dragon" (China), we do not need a tent, sleeping bags and pots - we live in quite decent hostels, sleeping on the beds (or trains), eat in restaurants. Accordingly, the main element is equipment purse :) However, some of what things would be out of place to bring out of the house.

A list of equipment for trekking in Nepal (ABC trek)

Trekking route to Annapurna (Nepal) are characterized by a wide range of climatic zones, in which the participants will visit the campaign (from the tropics to the eternal ice). Despite this, there is no need to lug three bags of clothes. If you try a little, it seems to do a 50-liter backpack, which will lie no more than 7 kg of clothing and equipment.

Equipment of the tourist - 80 years ago

старая палатка disputes concerning what all the same it is unique a true way of a complete set of equipment do not cease. Whether it is necessary according to " the newest fashion " to struggle with each superfluous gram in a backpack, or it is necessary to go "classically", i.e. with 20 kgs of various and certainly useful things in the big 90 liter backpack...

I think, it will be interesting to supporters of both approaches to esteem a following fragment from the book of Century Semenovskogo " Equipment of the tourist ", published 80 years ago, i.e. in 1929...

Complete set of equipment of Leonid Smyshljakov

     легкий как перышко Not so long ago I have addressed to all skilled tourists with the request to share with the public the operating time in a question of selection of equipment. The first our constant client - Leonid Smyshljakov has responded. It(he) has sent the list of equipment used by it(him) in years(summer) hikes across Crimea. The weight of the complete set of equipment and clothes makes only 8,3 kg!!!

The list of equipment - a budgetary variant

Let's assume, that you never went to hikes, you do not have any equipment and special clothes. How to you "to gather" in a hike with the minimal expenses? This article - attempt to help you in it: to choose the necessary things from your wardrobe and to tell where to take missing.

My equipment

Several years ago, to help(assist) tourists and at the same time it is a little to brag, I have published the list of the tourist equipment. Since then my arsenal repeatedly was updated and replenished. The turn for the new list has come. This time it(he) is made in the chronological order that it was possible to look after "evolution" of mine equipment.

The review of light tourist tents

One of the heaviest things in a backpack of the usual pedestrian tourist is tent. Fortunately, already almost nobody goes with canvas monsters of 10 kg weighing more, but on former is full of tourists with double arc tents in weight about 4 kg. It yesterday. In the market of tourist equipment there was a huge quantity(amount) of light tents, weighing in 2 times it is less (from 1,5 up to 2 kg). It(he) devotes this review.

Simplification of backpack MEC Alpinelite

рюкзак MEC Alpinelite 85 This backpack though refers to Alpinelite, that means ease, weighs not too a little - 2200гр (at volume of 85 litres). Both figures have appeared for me cherezmernymi. A backpack both too heavy and too big. Not having near at hand alternative, I have decided to try to facilitate this backpack :)

Winter sleeping bag Bergson Camper 3

Зимний спальник Bergson Camper in the Autumn 2005 I have bought two winter sleeping bags Bergson Camper 3. These are excellent sleeping bags, however universal them you will not name. Camper 3 - a sleeping bag inexpensive (nearby $50), very warm (up to-25), very big and... heavy

Self-made snowshoes

Самодельные снегоступы Manufacturing of self-made snowshoes - a simple way to open to itself road to the world of winter hikes. To buy(purchase) firm snowshoes or tourist skis (ски-rounds or classical Beskids) not to everyone on a pocket, therefore homemade products on former are actual in our 21 century.
Two years ago, within the limits of preparation for a winter hike on Carpathians, I too have decided to make self-made snowshoes. Here that from this has left.
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