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Tours to Nepal

Треккинг туры в Непал

Turkulub OutdoorUkraine has been organizing active tours to Nepal since 2009. On the route the group is accompanied by an experienced Russian-speaking guide who has visited Nepal several times, and several Nepalese (porters, assistant instructors). Our guide solves all issues arising during trekking - book accommodation, organize transportation, help to order food in lodges, communicate with Nepalese porters. Therefore, to participate in a hike in Nepal, tourists do not need to know English.


The day trekking in Nepal

Распорядок дня в треккинге по Непалу The life of the tourist commercial trekking in Nepal is relatively easy and carefree - no need to collect firewood, to cook, to set and collect tents. In this case, the trekking, i.e. movement along the path is rarely takes more than 6 hours per day, because of the requirements of the safe acclimatization we can't gain too much altitude in one day. Tourists used to the tight schedule regular mountain hikes amazed - what do you do all day in your Nepal? To lift the veil of secrecy, I will tell you about the day trekking in Nepal. So, one average day from lifting and to hang up...

Trekking in Nepal with russian speaking guide

Треккинг в Непале

In Nepal developed tourist infrastructure - there are many hotels, mountain shelters, stores equipment, lack of transport and all kinds of catering. The local population is configured friendly, many speak English, all are happy to make money and, most importantly, not too much ask for their services.

Of given that trekking in the Himalayas, Nepal is much easier than it might seem at first glance. Here you can and should travel with a light backpack, carrying a minimum of things and enjoying the scenery, and not its capacity :)


History of the OutdoorUkraine

Sometimes tourists gathering for the first time to go with us to the mountains, afraid to ask about reliability . Can they trust OutdoorUkraine? I think the best antidote to such doubts will be our story - stages of development of the project , since the advent of the first site back in 2005 . We are not a one-day site, we have a story , have a reputation .

But for those who have long been familiar with us, in this article , too, have a couple of surprises - such as the "address" of rock from our logo and our first screenshots of the little-known sites .


Outdoor - What does it mean?

Что значит Outdoor?

The name for the site comes up with in those days, when we were sure that our main customers will be foreigners (from Western Europe). Thats why we choose name understandable to any English-speaking visitor - Outdoor Ukraine. But what does it mean - Outdoor?


What a trek to choose? - Total cost and complexity

Какой поход выбрать? To select a foreign campaign, in addition to their own aesthetic preferences should take into account two important factors - the complexity of the route and the total cost of the event. The complexity of the route affected - the duration of the campaign, the nature of the relief, the quality of trails, altitude, weather conditions, the weight of the backpack (create zabroski), the availability of technical areas. The total travel cost is the cost of the tour, tickets and local spending. And I must say, the results of the addition are impressive :) Tsiferki (ie prices) can be easily boiled down to a table comparing the costs (see below), but the particular routes, determining their complexity, it was necessary to describe the words (more below). I sincerely hope that you are not afraid of difficulties, and this text will help you better prepare for them and more consciously choose a hike (and not bring the idea to hide under the bed and nowhere to go).

Tailor-made hiking trips.

  • if you want to go to a separate group, but "their"
  • If the schedule is not that you require dates
  • if you need a special route
  • if you are in the mountains of corporate venturing
we can arrange for you tailor-made hiking trips. In general, the minimum group size for an individual trip is 5 participants. But this depends...

Experimental hiking tours

Experimental hiking tours organized by our team is quite different from the planned tours. They are complex, unpredictable and interesting. The most common is the "first ascent" of new routes with all the consequences (active orienteering, irregular working hours, the mass of adventure). Accordingly, the requirements for participants in the experimental campaigns are much higher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What level of training is required to participate in the campaign?
Our hiking trails – for participation   it is enough to be able to walk. All the rest (putting up a tent, building a fire and telling incredible stories) can be learned already on the march. Special equipment and equipment is not used - we just walk on mountain trails.


How it happens?

привал на вершине Демерджи Most of our customers have never hiked in mountains. They can hardly imagine what a trekking trip is and how it is organized.

In this article we will try to describe to you the whole process – starting from arrangements by e-mail and preparations for a trip and ending with saying goodbye after happy travels. We hope this essay will help you get prepared for the upcoming trip.


Delivery in a hike

питание в походе there Are many theories how it is necessary to eat in a hike. I have read through all of them (or nearly so all) and have come to conclusion, that the theory will not be full. To eat it is necessary meal. A sensible idea, is not that so? And here we eat what meal...

Equipment list

We looked in the packs of several of our most avid backpackers.  Some pack for weight, others pack for comfort.  All pack carefully and thoughtfully. Below is a list of what we found.

Rules of behaviour in a hike

Apartment - your house, you know as to behave here. You do not thrust fingers in the socket, do not litter under a sofa (I hope), do not rustle after 11 evenings. Mountains - unusual environment(Wednesday) for you. For this reason the conductor for this reason you should follow rules of behaviour in a hike is necessary to you.

System of discounts

The wholesale discount.

If you submit the collective application for a hike (2 persons and more) have is full right on the discount. Depending on the size of the order the discount will make from 5 up to 30 %


The literary discount.

If you will promise to write the story or a response about a hike, or any in another way show the literary abilities on pages of our site that receive the discount from 5 up to 15 dollars (depending on the size of product).

Observance of rules of hygiene in a hike

As it has appeared, for the girls going for the first time in a hike, very much a vital topic how to get freshness in the end of day or, simply speaking, to provide to itself so necessary right to « water procedures ». Lena Sirenko - turistka, repeatedly uchastvovashaja in our hikes shares the experience in this question.
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