System of discounts

The wholesale discount.

If you submit the collective application for a hike (2 persons and more) have is full right on the discount. Depending on the size of the order the discount will make from 5 up to 30 %


The literary discount.

If you will promise to write the story or a response about a hike, or any in another way show the literary abilities on pages of our site that receive the discount from 5 up to 15 dollars (depending on the size of product).

The discount to constant clients.

It is the memory discount for constant clients - 10 % for each following hike together with us.


The musical discount.

If you sing and igrate on a guitar having taken a guitar in a hike, you "will earn" 10 % of the discount. The main thing do not forget to sing thus :) By the way, the guitar in group is necessary only one, therefore before to take it(her), coordinate(agreee) it with me.


The children's discount.

To children till 13 years (accompanied by adults) the discount of 50 %. To children from 13 till 17 years, the discount of 30 %.


Special discount.

If you want to take a part in a hike, and money does not suffice (not looking on all the set forth above variants of discounts) simply write to us and in detail describe a situation. And we shall necessarily create discount specially for you.