Trekking routes

Trekking routes through numerous mountainous regions of the world where the OutdoorUkraine team is organizing hikes. The main destinations of our tours are the Carpathians, Turkey, Nepal, the Caucasus, the Alps, Norway and Iceland, the Balkans and the mountains of Central Asia.

Nearest hikes

09 apr - 16 apr
Lycian Trail: West + Central Turkey 200 EUR
09 apr - 23 apr
Annapurna Base Camp Nepal 650 $
09 apr - 16 apr
West Lycian Way Turkey 200 EUR
23 apr - 09 may
Everest Base Camp Trek Nepal 790 $
30 apr - 07 may
Lycian way Turkey 200 EUR

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Annapurna Base Camp trek

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  • 09.04.2023

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is a classic tour to Nepal from which it is convenient to begin acquaintance with the Himalayas. Its advantages are low complexity (relative to other trekking routes in Nepal), high variability (there is an opportunity to adjust the route to a group), the ability to retreat. At the same time, the trip to the heart of Annapurna gives an opportunity to see the Himalayas from different directions - both tropical jungle at the foot and ice walls of peaks. The maximum height to which we will rise is 4200 meters.

After the hike, there is time to get acquainted with the sights of Kathmandu and its environs: royal palaces, Hindu and Buddhist shrines and unusual people meeting on the streets of this ancient city.

Kathmandu - Pokhara - Nayapul - Ulleri - Gorepani - Pun Hill - Tadapani - Chomrong - Base camp Machapuchare - Base camp Annapurny - Chomrong - Nayapul - Pokhara - Patan - Kathmandu


The Eastern Lycian trail - trekking in Turkey

Lycian trail - one of the best hiking routes in Europe, runs through the mountains of the Taurus, adorning the Lycian Peninsula (Mediterranean sea). Trekking in Turkey is much more interesting than " olinclusive " in Turkey. In addition to the chic beaches and picturesque coves, you will see mighty mountain peaks, and along the way you will get to know the real, non-tourist Turkey. 

The eastern section of the Lycian trail is more mountainous than the Western and Central Lycia. There are slightly more mountains and a little less than the sea. The route is built according to the classical scheme "mountain-sea hike". First we storm the peaks and passes, and at the end we go down to the coast to relax on the wild beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya - Hisarchandyr - Sarychynar mountain (1811m.) - Goynuk - Harmony canyon - fortress in Gedelm - Mount Tahtali (Olympus, 2366m) - Chimera lights - Cirali beach - Cape Helidonia - the ruins of Olympos - Antalya.


Тур в Марокко + Сходження на Тубкаль

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Combined tour of Morocco - climbing Tubkal (4167 m, the highest peak of the Atlas mountains, 4 days) + excursion around the country (desert, camels, exotic Berber settlements, colorful Marrakech). All accommodations in shelters and hotels. The total budget is about $ 1000 per person (flight, tour, local expenses).

Marrakech - Imlil - Tubkal - Atlas film studio - Todra Gorge - Merzougu - Erg Chebbi desert - Ait Ben Haddou - Essaouira


«First time in Nepal» - trekking + jungle + rafting

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Getting to Nepal is a program for those who first go to the big mountains and yet do not feel ready for the "cold" high-mountain adventures on more complex tracks (to Mount Everest or around Annapurna). In this round, the maximum altitude is only 3200 m, and it can conquer it even to people who have never been to the mountains. Nevertheless, stunning views of the eight-thousand-meter Dhaulagiri and Annapurna will fully allow you to experience the greatness of the Himalayas. And at the end of the track, we are waiting for a visit to the Chitwan Reserve with elephant jungle riding, a canoe ride along the crocodile river and folk dances of the Tharu tribe. And of course we will see the temples and palaces of the ancient Kathmandu. And as a small bonus - a short rafting on the river Trisuli.

Kathmandu - Trisuli - Pokhara - Ulleri - Gorepani - Pun Hill (3210 m) - Tadapani - hot springs Gina Danda - Nayapul - Chitwan - Patan - Kathmandu nature reserve


The hike in Iceland

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  • 26.06.2023

An ordinary hike in an unusual place is trekking among the unearthly landscapes of Iceland. There will be blue ice, black volcanic valleys, stunning waterfalls, hot geysers and of course a hurricane wind and changeable weather (as without it). The mountains themselves are not too complicated, we will fight mostly with the weather :)

Reykjavik - Landmannalaugar - Lake Alftavatn - Tosmork - Scougafoss waterfall - Jokulsarlon - Güldfoss - Glacial lagoon - Reykjavik


Around Annapurna

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The trekking around Annapurna is a slightly more complicated route than the tour to the Annapurna base camp. There is more mileage, a colder climate, it will be necessary to overcome much greater heights (less oxygen), and going up to the pass (the culmination of the route) will not be able to turn back, retreat without risking being late for the plane.

In general, there will be many difficulties. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, the Himalayas will generously reward you with their treasures - the immensely huge mountains (the three Annapurnas, Gangapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagairi), rumbling mountain rivers (Martiansand and Kali Ghandaki), Buddhist monasteries, lost in the mountains, and herds of these yaks will be carried before you like an incredible dream, like a piece of another world. The highlight of the route is a visit to Lake Tilicho (height about 5000 m). The maximum height, which we will rise - 5416 meters.  

Kathmandu - Bessahar - Chame - Paradise Gate - Upper Pisang - Manang - Lake Tilicho - High Camp - Torong-La Pass (5416m) - Muktinath - Lower Mustang - Jomsom - Pokhara - Kathmandu


Extreme hike in the High Tatras - Poland

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Hike with light rucksacks in the High Tatars in Poland. All the lodging in the shelters - tents are not needed, we only bring food and sleeping bags. Many extreme radiators - i.e. generally without backpacks, but with steep climbs, narrow ridges with handrails-chains, dizzying cliffs, etc. The difficulty level is medium-high-more difficult than in the Carpathians, it's easier than in the Caucasus. For beginners (previously not in the mountains) the route is contraindicated. The weather is unpredictable - rains and winds are possible. To travel to Poland, you must have a Schengen visa or a biometric passport. The approximate total budget of the trip is 350 euros per person (cost of the tour + travel in Zakopane and back + accommodation in shelters + meals)

Zakopane - the cave Mylna - Giewont (1894 m) - Kasprowy Verkh (1987 m) - via ferrata Orla Perts - the valley of Five Stavs - Sea Eye - Rysy - Zakopane - Krakow


Western Lycian trail - trekking in Turkey

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  • 09.04.2023

The western part of the Lycian trail, namely the fragment from Fethiye to Demre, can be described as a seaside route. There are no high-altitude areas, but a lot of rocky coves, secluded beaches and wonderful seascapes. The height differences are small, the backpacks are relatively light (food stocks can be replenished in small villages). This route is ideal for hiking in the off-season (early spring and late autumn), when in the higher mountains it is too cold, and here, near the sea - comfortable +18 degrees (and water of the same temperature). This part of the Lycian trail is quite suitable for hiking with children (from 8 years).

Antalya - Fethiye - Oludeniz - Valley of the Butterflies - Kabak - Sidima - Gavuragilli - Xanthos - Kash - volcanic beaches - Apollonia - Uchagiz - Simena - Mira - Saint Nicholas - Antalya


Unreal Cappadocia

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  • 07.05.2023

Cappadocia is an extremely exotic place, with absolutely unearthly landscapes (from those that are printed on the cover of National Geographic). Remember, you probably heard about its miracles: stone mushrooms, underground cities, cave hotels, flights on balloons. Have you heard? And now it's time to see!

We invite you to do the impossible - " swallow " Cappadocia in 3 days. The program of the tour is very rich. Although we will go without rucksacks (and live in a civilized hostel), but I'll have to sweat. Every day - new valleys, new landscapes, hundreds of new images (cameras just do not turn off). 

Antalya - Goreme - Pigeon valley - Uchisar - Valley of love - Pashabagalary - Chavushin - Pink valley - cave city Derinkuyu - Canyon Ihlara - Selime - Antalya


Trans-Ili Alatau - a campaign of the Tien Shan

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Trekking to the Tien-Shan (the mountain range of Zailiysky Alatau) is quite a serious event with a bunch of obstacles. There will be a lot of difficult sections - a movement for the sacking of various calibers, bouncing along boulders, crossing over mountain rivers, closed glaciers, snowfall in the height of summer (there will also be rains), a bit of "mountain sickness" (up to 4000m) and of course a heavy backpack for shoulders. At the same time, this strictly walking route (not mountaineering), it does not need special equipment (good boots) and special skills. Only bullish health and mass of optimism are required:)

For a trip Kazakhstan does not need a visa and registration. It is easy to get there (daily trains and planes) and the mountains start just a few kilometers behind Alma-Ata.

Alma-Ata - Medeo - Mengilki - Titov Pass (1a, 3400m) - Gorelnik Gorge - Chimbulak - Talgar Pass (no. 3200 m) - Sunny Glade - Dmitrieva Glacier - Tourists Pass (1A, 4000m) - Big Almaatinsky Lake - the Dzhusaly-Kesen pass (nk 3375) - the springs of Almaarasan - Alma-Ata


Nephrite dragon

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Кitai – this is an amazing country. It is impossible to know even for a few trips, it will always be mysterious and incomprehensible. This sightseeing tour to China will acquaint you with the main sights of the country. In addition to traditional attractions (like the Wall or the Forbidden City), this tour places emphasis on nature - mountains, waterfalls, nature reserves. Sights, both natural and cultural, are simply incalculable. In China, there are the highest mountains in the world & ndash; The Himalayas and our path will pass along the eastern spurs of these mountains. In addition, we will visit the tops of the sacred Taoist and Buddhist mountains and pass the deepest gorge in the world – Tiger Leaping Gorge.

In this round the accent is made on natural attractions - mountains, gorges and national parks. We constantly walk and go somewhere up. However, we will have time to get acquainted with the culture and the local way of life. Our travel schedule across the country is very dense - in two weeks we will try to cover half of China.  

Beijing - Forbidden City - Great Wall of China - Mount Huashan - Terracotta Warriors - Jiuzhaigou National Park - National Park Huanglong -   Great Pandas - Giant Buddha -   Sacred Mountain Emeishan - & nbsp; Jumping Tiger Gorge - Jade Mountain dragon -   Shilin Stone Forest - Jiussiang Cave - Beijing


Trekking in Montenegro "Proklet'e Durmitora"

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"Procession of Durmitor " this is not the name of fantasy horror, but a trek through the three most powerful and most beautiful mountain ranges in Montenegro. First 4 days we investigate the little-known and hard-to-reach Prokletie (this is on the border with Albania), then we spend 1 day in the Komove reserve, and then we go to the north of Montenegro - to the more untwisted (but no less wild) Durmitor. At the end of the bonus - a day and a half on the Adriatic coast (see ancient fortresses, pirate coves and other zavlekalovochki). We do not have to carry heavy rucksacks - we will examine all the peaks in the format of radials (things stay in the camp, with only a bottle of water and snacks).

Budva - Podgorica - Gusinje - Prokletje - Karanfily Range (2480 m) - Albania - Komove Reserve - Zabljak - Durmitor - Savin Cook (2319m) - Bobotov Kuk (2523m) - Ice Cave - Tara Canyon - Kotor Bay - Tivat


Hiking in Norway

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A very busy trek in Norway - 8 days trekking in the Jotunheimen National Park, climbing the highest peak of Norway (Galhöpiggen), and visiting one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Jotunheimen is the homeland of the giants, the harsh northern edge, where even in the middle of the summer snow may fall and no one will be surprised. If you are ready for a 10-hour day trip (15-20 km daily), endless ferries and ever-wet boots, then come to Norway and finally get to know the true taste of the North ... And at the end of the tour, take a boat on the fjords, take a walk around Bergen and discuss the plans for the next campaign :)

Oslo - Jotunheimen National Park - Galhöpiggen Mountain (2469 m) - Wettisfossen Waterfall - Sognefjord - Bergen Fjord


Bays of the Lycian coast - trekking in Turkey

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A simple trip along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is one of the fragments of the famous "Lycian trail". We do not climb high into the mountains, we go literally along the coast, most of the parking in bays near the beach. In addition to landscapes and bathing, there are still the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Olympos and the fire-breathing cliffs of the Chimera. The route will be quite possible for children from 7 years old who have at least a minimum experience of hikes.

The bays of the Lycian shore, in honor of which this route is named, is not only very picturesque, they are also remarkably unpopulated (relatively to the Crimea) and well equipped for cultural rest. In many bays there is a tap with fresh water and sometimes a fresh shower with a toilet.

Antalya - Kemer - Ulupinar - Chimera lights - Chiraly - Olympos - Adrasan - Cape Helidonia - Karaoz - Mavikent - Kumluca - Antalya


Incas Treasure

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СInca sanctuary is an overview route to the main sights of Peru: the ancient ruins of the Inca empire (including the famous Machu Picchu), the beautiful colonial cities (Lima and Cusco), the Amazon jungles, the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, and a 4-day hike in the Cordillera Blanca mountains track Santa Cruz). The program is rich, but relatively uncomplicated and comfortable: in the excursion part of the tour we live in decent hostels and hotels, we go by custom transport, we do not carry heavy backpacks in the hike (we hire mules with drivers).

Lima - Ballestas Islands - Oaxis of Wakachin - Puerto Maldonado - Amazonian jungle - Cusco - Inca Incarnate Valley - Machu Picchu - Lake Titicaca - Huaraz - Cordillera Blanca - Lima


Trekking to Everest Base Camp + Gokyo lakes

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Trekking to the Everest Base Camp with visiting the Gokyo Lakes and conquering the Cho-La Pass is the coolest route you can think of. Unlike the short 2-week tour to Everest, this route not only allows you to see much more (for example, Everest is seen here more often and better), but it's also safer to take the high altitude acclimatization (maximum altitude is 5550 m). Thanks to the availability of 3 spare days, the chances of waiting out the non-flying weather in Lukla are significantly increased. And in case of early implementation of the program we will go on a safari in the jungles of the Chitwan Reserve. The only question is, are you ready for Everest?

Kathmandu-Lukla-Namche-Bazar-Kumzhung-Dole-Macharmo-Lake Gokyo-Gokyo-Ri (5330m) -Cho-La Pass (5367m) -Gorakshep-Everest Base Camp (5316m) -Kalapattar (5550m) Pangboche - Tengboche - Namche-Bazar - Lukla - Kathmandu


Biking in Cappadocia, Turkey

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Bike trip in Turkey with accommodation in boarding houses and daily radial bike trips around Cappadocia. The route is uncomplicated - from 30 to 80 km per day. In the cycling program visit all the main attractions of Cappadocia: several valleys with Martian landscapes, stone mushrooms, cave monasteries and defensive structures, balloon flights (optional) and much more.

Kayseri - Guzelyurt - the cave city of Savrihisar - Lake Nar - Canyon Yhlara - the underground city of Derinkuyu - Goreme - Chavushin - Pink Valley - Avanos - Zelwe - Pashabagi - Love Valley - Uchisar - Kayseri


Excursion to Hoverla for 1 day

In summertime (approximately from the middle May to early September) we organize daily walking tours to Hoverla. Yes, to climb the highest mountain in Ukraine is enough for one day. The duration of such an excursion is approximately 9 hours. Of these, 3 hours will take ascent to the mountain, 30 minutes you will spend on the top, 2 hours will go back and the rest of the time will take transfers.

Special skills or special equipment are not needed here - we'll just walk along the path. The group is accompanied by an experienced instructor who will tell and tell everything.

Bukovel - hostel Zaroslyak - Goverla (2061m) - Bukovel.


Highest Peaks of Ukraine

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  • 23.06.2023

This route goes along the Chornohora ridge, which is the most popular place in Ukrainian Carpathians. Clouds under your feet, gusty wind and fantastic landscapes will be your company on the way towards the Black (Chorny) castle located on the top of Chorna mountain. So, feel yourself knights and princesses during this fairy trip.

Ivano-Frankivsk — Kvasy village — Petros peak (2020 m)— Hoverla peak (2060 m) — Nesamovyte lake — Brebeneskul peak (2036 m) — Observatory on Pip Ivan peak (Chorna Hora peak, 2028 m) — Dzembronia village — Ivano-Frankivsk


Wild Gorgany - Trekking tour

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Gorgany it's a mountain ridge in Carpathian. Gorgany it's a savage land. Mountains covered by virgin fir-tree and beam-hornforests with rich flora and fauna. Here you can face wild nature instead of crowds of hikers.

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