The tour program
Day 1. The plane Kiev - Shardzha.
высотный график похода в базовый лагерь Аннапурны

Departure from Kiev (the Airport Borispol) on Sunday on October, 10th at 14:00, flight G9294 of airline AirArabia. At 19:55 it is arrived to the airport Shardzha (United Arab Emirates). Joining between flights about 13 hours (all the night long) and to leave the airport without the visa for $70 and heaps of bureaucratic fuss it will not turn out, therefore we sleep directly in a waiting room on in advance laid up sleeping bags. We eat in fast food or it is eaten up the sandwiches taken from the house (in the plane did not feed - loukostery).
Day 2. An arrival in Katmandu. Acquaintance to Nepal.
карнавал на улицах Катманду рассвет над крышами Катманду праздник Дивали в Непале дороги Непала на озере Фева в Покхаре

In 7 mornings we sit down aboard the plane Shardzha-Katmandu, flight G9537 which delivers us by 13:00 in capital of Nepal. At the airport we receive a tourist visa (30 dollars) and by a taxi we go to state office on delivery of admissions in reserve (territory of Annapurny - reserve). Having issued the admission, we move in Tamel (tourist quarter of a city), we take place in hotel. It is a little walked on a city, if necessary dokupaem equipment in the evening, we get acquainted with Nepalese kitchen and we are somewhat quicker put to bed - tomorrow early to rise.
Day 3. The bus in Pokharu - Lake Feva.
ступа Мира, Покхара дорога к поселку Тикхедунга, Непал подвесной мост на треке к Аннапурне, Непал непальские бабочки

To 6 mornings we should collect things (superfluous it is possible to leave on storage in hotel), to have a bite and reach a stop of tourist buses nearby to the former residence of the king of Nepal. We will spend the most part of today in the bus (about 7 hours). It is a little tiresome, but is informative. Behind a window slums of suburbs Katmandus, then emerald jungle flash at first, and in due course even more often to us the kind on a snow-white file of Annapurny will be slightly opened. The narrow road winds over the precipice, first it disturbs a little, but already through a pair of clocks (and especially after a stop for a dinner near road small restaurant) the streamer starts to lull.

Having arrived to Pokharu, fast we throw things in one of hotels and run on lake. pokhara, this such wonderful place where everyone new arrived is obliged to drive by a boat on lake, at the same time having visited induistsky a temple on lake, and then to climb up a hillock to the World Mortar. From the kinds opening from top, in a shower and truth comes the world. Alarms and grieves leave, there are only majestic snow tops over a lake unruffled surface, and surprising smack of coming true dream.
Day 4. Tatopani, the tracking beginning.
высотный профиль первого дня треккинга к Аннапурне цветущий рододендрон в Непале панорама Дхаулагири с Пунхилла Гора Дхаулагири график высот на треке из Уллери в Горепани, Непал

And again the dawn finds us behind landing in the bus. About 6 mornings flight to settlement Beni goes. There we change to other bus, less, and to hours to 11 we reach villages Tatopani (1190). It is the true corner of paradise. Houses roll in tropical greens over which towers... What it there such white? Yes same beauty Nilgiri (6839)! Quickly we examine vicinities - we go down to the river, we are photographed at huge boulders, we look on the well-known hot wells (at desire it is possible iskupnutsja). All right, it is time to leave on a route, for today it is necessary to rise at least on 800 metres.
встречаем рассвет на Пунхиле смотровая башня Пунхилл Южная Аннапурна график высот треккинг из Горепани в Тадапани

At first we go along the mighty river Cali Gandaki (paradise for rafterov), but soon the track flies up upwards, and here we already in usual rural remote places (adjusted for that the remote places are in Nepal). Terrasirovannye slopes of mountains covered with rice fields, it is lazy grazed buffalo s, and dirty children hastening in rural school.
On a lodging for the night we settle down in village Falante (2270).
Distance: 10 km, lifting: 1200 m, descent: 100 m.
Day 5. Gorepani, mountain Pun Hill.
Чомронг и вид на Аннапурну Мачапучаре - гора рыбий хвост Чомронг - треккинг через террасы

Lifting proceeds, and here the district has around changed. On change to open spaces and rice fields wood has come. And not usual, and rodendronovyj (rather exotic tree with large leaves, large colours and, thank God, without water-melons on branches). Having come up from wood, we appear in large enough settlement - Gorepani (2860), with a heart-breaking kind on Daulagiri (8167) and already familiar Nilgiri.
высотный график Чомронг на фоне Мачапучаре - переход из Синувы в Бамбу рододендровые джунгли цветы рододендрона

In Gorepani at us the lodging for the night is planned, but to a decline still a heap of time, therefore having left backpacks in lodzhe, we will go in radalnyj akklimatizatsionnyj an exit on the next hill - Pun Hill (3193). The majority trekkerov come to meet here a dawn over mountains and arrange at top a wild second-hand market. We will rise on Pun Hill in the afternoon that in quiet conditions to admire a fantastic panorama of mountains (Machchapuchare, Annapurna Southern, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri). In the evening, it is necessary not to pass one more show - to see as beams of the coming sun paint Annapurnu red. This colourful picture it is visible directly from windows of ours lodzha.
Distance: 10 km, lifting: 1100 m, descent: 400 m.
Day 6. Pass Deurali, Tadapani, Kimrong.
первый снег на треке ущелье ведущее в базовый лагерь старый лавинный вынос высотный график участка Синува Бамбу Деурали  - поход в Базовый лагерь Аннапурны

While our neighbours on lodzhu chase each other to Pun Hilla, we collect things and we become on a wood track towards Annapurny. From time to time dense rodendronovyj wood will part, opening us kinds that on snow caps of mountains (it on left-hand side), on the boundless green hills sinking in tropical smoke (it on the right). We will devote first half of day to lifting on pass Deurali (3100). About its approach we learn on vegetation change, around even more often there are Himalaya pines.

After pass the track some times "will fall" in rather superficial valleys of the wood rivers which compensate us height loss by picturesque cascades and vodopadikami. Before a dinner, as well as it is necessary, for appetite, lifting on stone steps to village Tadapani (2630). Terraces on which are located lodzhi, an excellent place for "meditations on a tail". I speak about an admiring a remembered silhouette of mountain Machapuchare (the Fish tail, 6997м).

Гималаи на подходах к Аннапурне вид на базовый лагерь Мачапучаре снежная весна на треке к Аннапурне снежная долина у ледника Аннапурны

In second half of day, it is necessary soevrshit - to dump a small feat 700 metres of height to be forwarded on other river bank. The rainforest with absolutely unperturbable wild monkeys becomes a small bonus for it. A lodging for the night in settlement Kimrong (1800).

Distance: 13 km, lifting: 700 m, descent: 1350 m.     
Day 7. CHomrong, a roller coaster, Bambu.
базовый лагерь Аннапурны профиль высот - базовый лагерь Аннапурны на фоне Аннапурны 1 панорама Аннапурны из базового лагеря спуск из базового лагеря Аннапурны Южная Аннапурна

Segodnjashnjashny day - kapitalnejshaja check of hardness of your spirit. As well as yesterday, a track goes down on hundreds metres downwards, to the river again creeps upward on infinite stone steps. And it repeats over and over again all the day long. That steps were given to you more cheerfully, I recommend to get a player with favourite music or audiobooks. Behind reading time will fly by faster, we and will not notice, how we will pass settlement Chomrong. At once behind it the track turns off on the north and heart fades with a miracle anticipation - we enter into the deepest gorge dividing Machchapuchare and Annapurnu. We spend the night in a nice village of Bambu (2310) - 3 lonely lodzha among bamboo thickets. We enjoy heat as already tomorrow our lodging for the night will be in rather cool high mountains.
Distance: 12 km, lifting: 1200 m, descent: 700 m.
Day 8. himalajja, a cave of Hinku, Deorali.
спуск в долину Непал график высот - спуск из базового Лагеря в Бамбу сельскохозайственные террасы Непал, Чомронг горячие источники Джину-Данда

We continue lifting on gorge. Towards to us the river Modi Khola originating from the Southern glacier of Annapurny bears the waters. And these waters run not only on a gorge bottom. They stream from everywhere. Uncountable streamlets roll down whence from a transcendental distance, essentially recovering a landscape which all with each step upwards becomes surovee (and is more majestic).

On road we will come to a so-called cave of Hunku - to a small rocky canopy under which, according to the legend, the sacred wanderer is a lot of years of veins. Considering that in the winter and in the spring on gorge slopes avalanches regularly roll down, the cave seems quite logical and even a cosy habitat.
In the evening we are equipped in lodzhe with Deorali (3200).  
Distance: 8 km, lifting: 1000 m, descent: 100 m.
Day 9. Base camp Annapurny, Base camp Machapuchare.
непальский буйвол график спуска в Джину Данда Мачепучаре ручная пересадка риса, Непал дорога в Катманду

If we want to see game rassvetnyh paints at tops of Annapurny to be put forward on a route it is necessary before. However, to make it costs anyway - so less risk to be the covered clouds (so to see nothing). We leave zatemno, the temperature garantirovanno below zero, but ascent will not allow to us to freeze.
Having reached Base camp Machapuchare (3700), we leave superfluous things in lodzhe. Tonight we will return here for a lodging for the night, as in higher base camp Annapurny, above and risk of development gornjashki (high-rise illness).
график высот последнего дня похода храмовый комплекс Пашупатинатх погребальный мост в Пашупатинатх отшельники садху в Катманду ступа Боуднатх

Without losing time we move ahead further, to a glacier and a magnificent amphitheatre of dazzling sisters of Annapurn. Now we not near to mountains, we in them. Shining tops we have surrounded us from different directions, in the heart of Annapurny, in its sanctuary (this official name). We will spend all rest of day in vicinities of base camp Annapurny, studying a glacier, inhaling space smell, and pytjas to present that for someone this place - not the way end, and only its beginning (speech, of course, about climbers).
In the evening, with approach of the Arctic colds, we go down to camp Machapuchare.
Distance: 10 km, lifting: 1000 m, descent: 500 m.
Day 10. Descent in Chomrong.
ступа Боуднатх колесница на площади в Бхактапуре королевская площадь Патан задворки храма в Катманду

If on the way upwards we prednamereno "braked" the advancement for better acclimatisation downwards on the contrary it is necessary to go faster (differently there will be no time for the cultural program after a track). For today we should go down in a tropical zone, and stay the night in settlement Chomrong (2170), having slipped through already familiar Deorali and Bambu.

Lodging for the night in lodzhe with a kind on Machapuchare. It is not believed At all that we were somewhere there, let and not at top.
Distance: 15 km, lifting: 500 m, descent: 1900 m.
Day 11. Villages gurungov, Najapul, Pokhara.
Будда-Парк в Катманду Королевский дворец в Бхактапуре королевская площадь Катманду Бхактапур

At once beyond Chomrongom the track will make easy races downwards-upwards on any 300-400 metres, but will behave is almost exemplary further. Moving that on left, to the right river bank Modi Khola (now we know whence you you flow!) we will pass through some villages of a tribe gurungov, a little similar to already habitual settlements with tsvetastymi lodzhami. It is a slice former to-tourist Nepal. Archaic constructions stolzhe ancient, as well as ways of processing the earths applied here. Peasants work in the fields, kiddies are played, and we run, we run downwards.

But here the district is almost levelled, the whole crowd of constructions, then any spontaneous market whence "runs". All says that our campaign in the Himalayas has come to an end, and soon we will come up on asphalt road to area Najapula.

From Najapula to Pokhary we will be taken by the swift-footed Nepalese bus (2-3 hours). We will get To a city late at night, and most likely in enough somnolence. We lodge in hotel, a supper, a release.
Distance: 19 km, lifting: 500 m, descent: 1500 m.
Day 12. Bus Pokhara - Katmandu.

Though from Pokhary to capital of only 200 kilometres, but the road so difficult (narrow mountain streamers) that to our bus is required to overcome this distance all the day almost. On road it is observable, for raftereami, floating on the river under us (the river of Trisuli). We think, whether to join water kinds of tourism for bus sports already rather has bothered :).
In Katmandu again having occupied in already familiar hotel, in the evening we will go on shopping. It is necessary to make pair of circles on Tamelju to choose souvenirs (things from wool of a yak, cashmere scarfs, knifes kukri, singing bowls or it is simple magnitiki with a panorama of Annapurny), properly to bargain, feel a part international trekkerskoj parties.
Day 13. Treasures of a valley of Katmandu - Patan, Pashupatinath, Bodnath.

 Since morning before we will go to one of suburbs Katmandus - Patan. The historical centre of Patan blagodaraja to unique architecture of a tribe of Nevari has the museum status (there sell tickets). Survey of this museum is open-air similar to a computer game: if you want to pass to the following level, it is necessary to wind on narrow medieval small streets, to dive into hardly noticeable courses, suddenly to jump out to a magnificent gold temple or a sacred reservoir. In the end of us the superprize - the Royal area of Patan where such quantity of exotic palaces is concentrated to the small area waits, for temples and monuments, as a neck to curtail not for long.

Following point of our program I would recommend I (do not insist) to make visiting of a complex of Pashupatinath. This place on the bank of the sacred river Bagmati where induisty (in Nepal two basic religions) make ritual cremation of the deceased. Rather unusual show. If you decide that it not for your eyes, can safely turn away - behind too is on what to look. There at steps have usually a rest vagrant sacred (sadhu). Devilishly picturesque children.
From Pashupatinatha through Oleny park (though monkeys there more than deer) we leave to other relic - a huge Buddhist mortar of Bodnath which for its impressive appearance was hotly fallen in love with cinema-men and photographers of glossy magazines about travel.
Day 14. The royal area of Katmandu, the Monkey's temple, the Departure home.

Today, on October, 23rd, at 20:05 we take off home (flight G9534). Accordingly, all first half of day can be spent studying sights of Katmandu. At first we will walk on foot on ancient quarters of capital from Tamelja to the Royal area (Durbar Square) where among other architectural monuments we will look at the house in which there lives goddess Kumari (the real Nepalese girl). What to receive representation about a new city, we will a little walk on recovered New Road electronics covered with shops and phototechnics.

Then by a taxi we go to the well-known Simian temple (Svajambunath). This Buddhist mortar is on a high hill, the unforgettable kind on all valley of Katmandu and far snow tops of the Himalayas whence opens. An excellent place for farewell to Nepal, in my opinion.
Taxi in Tamel, we have dinner (in the plane do not feed), we take away things from hotel, the airport. Good-bye, Nepal. Greetings to you, Shardzha. Again we spend the night at the airport.     
Day 15. Arrival in Kiev.

In 9 mornings we take off from Shardzha for Kiev (flight G9293), at 13:05 already at home. Around unusually many "white men", they hasten somewhere, pass by and do not know that we were in the Himalayas.
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The schedule of campaigns on a route "To heart of Annapurny".

Dates (start - finish) the nearest planned campaigns to base camp Annapurny (so-called Svjatilishche Annapurny) are more low listed. If the offered dates do not suit you - write to us, we will try to agree.
No such tours in schedule

Tour cost: 450 dollars

Payment order: on an arrival you bring $150 in Katmandu, and the others $300 pay in the end of tour. The down payment is not necessary - as a guarantee of the participation in tour, you should send us a copy of air tickets to Nepal.

Into tour cost enters: services of the Russian-speaking instructor (group I will move is Cyril Jasko), permity (the admission in national park Annapurna), residing in lodzhah on a route and hotel in Katmandu, the medical insurance.

Into tour cost does not enter: flight - from $700 (it is guiding price for tickets in both parties); the Nepalese visa - $30; a food - from $10 a day, a payment for visiting of paid sights - about $30, journey to transport - about the $50, all other possible expenses (emergency evacuation and other force-majeur, tip, porters, souvenirs, aeroport gathering).
Tour conditions.

It not a campaign in our understanding of this word, and tracking. We do not bear in backpacks of tent and meal. All lodgings for the night on a track occur in tourist's shelters - lodzhah. In the same place we also eat. From equipment with themselves we take only sleeping bags. If absolutely we will weaken (probably and such), always it is possible to employ the local porter - malt liquor (10-15 dollars a day) for resocks of things.

In a route changes (depending on weather, a condition of group and ours with you of wishes) are possible. For participation in a campaign to base camp Annapurny are obligatory: presence of experience of campaigns (at least minimum), absence of medical contra-indications. For departure the international passport is abroad necessary :) The visa it is received on a place (in Nepal).
Route map to base camp Annapurny.
The map of the pedestrian part of a route is more low led to base camp Annapurny. I.e. from 4th travel till 11th days - from the moment of an exit from the bus (jeep) in Tatopani, till the moment of landing to the bus in Najapule. Figures designate places of spending the night. Green points - interesting objects on a route. A red line - a route. If your browser has not displayed a map, can look at it on maps Google.