Meet Georgia

Written by Елизавета Животченко

Review of the campaign in Georgia 07.15.2018

After watching the melodramas about Georgia, I was madly dreaming to go there and plunge into all this cinematic atmosphere. I cannot say that I am an experienced traveler, but I love the mountains with all my heart and, of course, I wanted to start exploring Georgia. There were many illusions about this, and how I was surprised that they all came true and even beyond that:)


Diary of a hike to Annapurna base camp

Written by Кирилл Ясько базовый лагерь Аннапурны 2018

In the spring of 2018, trekking in Base camp Annapurna pleased with the interestingweather (it is interesting), a cheerful group and of course a luxuriant floweringrhododendrons. This story is about how we got to Annapurna and how she came down to us.

This was already far from my first trip to Annapurna (perhaps the tenth, not believed) and the freshness of my perception causes legitimate doubts. But every trip and each group is unique and unique, so to mewill have something to tell.


High Tatras Step ahead

Written by Іван Чорноус

Feedback about Extreme Camping in Tatra in June 2018

If you love when in the middle it boils adrenaline, if it does not sit, if you type and drop from 500 to 1000 meters per day - this is not a problem if you are ready to kick your knees at the end of the day and you will not be able to stand in the morning when you wake up. on one leg to get dressed because yesterday you went down a few hours ...

That ... Of course, friends go to the Tatras! There's really really cool! These vast expanses, this grandeur, this calm and silence, which the mountains breathe ...


Video report about the march to Lofoten

Written by Кирилл Ясько Vlog abouttrekking in the Lofoten Islands , Norway

In July 2017 we first visited Lofoten and personally this trip will be remembered for a long time. First, the Lofoten Islands are simply beautiful, and secondly ... (oh, that's me). And in the very first we had an incredibly cool team. Just imagine - the landscapes from which the legs and your neighbor humorists are weakened, which this fact is immediately quickly turned into an anecdote. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to look into our adventure in the corner of the eye - in this campaign, I traditionally filmed a tax. Watch the video from warm Norway and subscribe to our channel.


Zen and Annapurna

Written by Оксана Боловина Оксана Боловина на озере Тиличо, высота 5000м

Impressions of the trackAround Annapurna , Nepal,   May2018

Dreams come true hellip. I just know it)))

Two years ago, at the foot of Goverla, when I heard the story about the track around Annapurna, I caught fire, it seemed then not a real dream for me. The length of the vacation, the budget of the trip, the height and other horrors dried the brain hellip. but desires, a stubborn thing))


Stars above Annapurnaia

Written by Иван Демьянчук

Summary of the trip Around Annapurna , Nepal,   in the fall of 2018

It so happened that I write not immediately on the plane, on the way home, but after more than three months on arrival. Because I can describe what   in fact it turned out for me is really the most important in this journey, what was remembered that I will sometimes remember when there will be a corresponding mood and a moment of time.


How to get to Everest?

Written by Кирилл Ясько

Manager's video blog trekking to Everest Base Camp , Nepal, April 2017
This detailed video report about the track to Everest begins quite traditionally - we are flying from Kathmandu to the great and terrible Lukla. This is a tiny aerodrome on the edge of the cliff. There we repackage things, go through the first checkpoint and start the track to the Base Camp Everest. Around so far not very severe Himalayas and we have fun watching the life of "roadside" villages. Here children play, sakura blossoms, Ilon Mask builds Hyperloop, mules go to the toilet in an organized way. What could be more interesting?


Carpathian Autumn

Written by Kyryl Zaikin

My greetings to OutdoorUkraine!

Probably it's a time to write about our trip to Carpathians (Karpaty). My name is Kyryl Zaikin, I am from Ukraine. I was always wondering to see the real beauty of the native country and to visit the place which is called Carpathians. I've heard a lot of nice stories from my friends about the magnificent nature over there, how beautiful are the slopes, waterfalls and the mountains together with green nature and clean air with a touch of pine trees.

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