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Tours outside Ukraine

Випробування на міцність для людей та наметів
23 jun - 29 jun
Похід по Ісландії
Автомобільний фототур с ночівлями в кемпінгах
06 jul - 13 jul
Навколо Ісландії
7 дней, 60 км, сложный
13 jul - 20 jul
Язик Троля
Запаморочливий автотур по головним скелям Норвегії
13 jul - 20 jul
Норвегія: Язик Троля, К'єраг та Прекестулен
23 jun - 29 jun
Похід по Ісландії Iceland 380
06 jul - 13 jul
Навколо Ісландії Iceland 850
13 jul - 20 jul
Язик Троля Norway 250
13 jul - 20 jul
Норвегія: Язик Троля, К'єраг та Прекестулен Norway 790

Tours inside Ukraine

Our team has been organizing mountain hikes since 2005.
Join our trips! Your residence has no matter - we have international groups.

Tailor-made hiking trips.

  • if you want to go to a separate group, but "their"
  • If the schedule is not that you require dates
  • if you need a special route
  • if you are in the mountains of corporate venturing
we can arrange for you tailor-made hiking trips. In general, the minimum group size for an individual trip is 5 participants. But this depends...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What level of training is required to participate in the campaign?
Our hiking trails – for participation   it is enough to be able to walk. All the rest (putting up a tent, building a fire and telling incredible stories) can be learned already on the march. Special equipment and equipment is not used - we just walk on mountain trails.