Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What level of training is required to participate in the campaign?
Our hiking trails – for participation   it is enough to be able to walk. All the rest (putting up a tent, building a fire and telling incredible stories) can be learned already on the march. Special equipment and equipment is not used - we just walk on mountain trails.

On the other hand, I do not promise that it will be quite easy for you. On the first day, you may not even seem to have the habit, that the trip is very difficult. But in a day you will be drawn into the rhythm of the camp life and will feel a rush of strength. &Nbsp;

What about the physical form? Can I cope?

Cope! On the way, we closely monitor the condition of the participants of the hike and adjust the loads according to their abilities. The campaign plan is not a dogma and if you need to go half as slowly and rest twice as often, we will. Nevertheless, you will have to sweat. If you are ready for this and you do not have medical contraindications , welcome to the mountains!

Is the composition of the group already known? Who will be there?

A very common question. Think about yourself, who goes on such trips?
People who   tired of the city,   want to escape to nature,   but do not have sufficient experience or a suitable company   for independent travel.
Most of our clients work in the office, actively use the Internet, live in the capital or a large city, can read and write, love nature and generally good people.
Bad people do not go on campaigns, they have other interests.

And yet, what is the composition: the number of participants, the average age?

Are you afraid of not joining the company?
Do not be afraid, please. Joint overcoming of difficulties works wonders - on the second day of the trip you will have the impression that you know these people for ages.

From the experience of past campaigns I will say that the composition is almost unpredictable in everything except one - people are going to be good and interesting. Group size: minimum 3 people, maximum 15, average 10.

From what age can children take part in hikes?

There is no single answer to this question. If we are talking about short (2-3 days) summer hikes in the Crimea, then, in our opinion, parents can safely take children there from 4 years. Some even go hiking with two or three year olds. According to my observations, children are much easier for adults to adapt to marching conditions, the main thing is that they had a decent example to follow. &Nbsp; In addition, much depends not on age, but on behavior, health, etc. Therefore, it is best to try, for starters, a weekend trip under   city. And then, if he likes it, take the child on long hikes. But since the pace of walking will be much less than that of an ordinary adult group, the route should be made accordingly. Look, our children's itinerary

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, in advance. Set in the group ends 3-4 days before the hike. But do not delay filing the application for the last minute. You may just not have enough seats in the group. In addition, we need to take into account you when buying products and preparing rental equipment. So write to us right away (it's free) - there will be more time to discuss your questions. And if you change your mind later, simply cancel the application.

Money issues

When and how do I pay?

For most trips to the Carpathians and the Crimea, no prepayment is required (except May holidays). Payment occurs already directly in the campaign, when the instructor says (sometimes on the first day of the trip, sometimes on the last day). You can pay in any currency, at a commercial rate.

Are discounts possible?

Of course - for children, large groups of tourists as well as tourists with guitars and literary talents. Even if you do not belong to any of these categories, do not worry - just write more about yourself and the size of the desired discount. And we will think up for you discount .

What additional costs are possible during the hike?

Carpathian Mountains - here the main expense item is the transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk station to the mountains and back. In total, it takes 250-300 hryvnia. On some routes it is necessary to pay entrance to the reserve - about 20 hryvnia per person.

Crimea - Although most of the journey takes place in the mountains where money is not a basic necessity, from time to time we still go out to lively places where there are cafes, souvenir shops and similar establishments. On some routes, for an extra fee, we can arrange horseback riding, an extreme speleo tour to unequipped caves, and sightseeing not covered by the program of the trek. On some sections of the way, accommodation in tourist shelters is possible. ;

Do I need a passport for travel to Ukraine?

Yes, at the moment (2015), you need to enter Ukraine on a foreign passport. If you are traveling with children, they must be inscribed in your passport or travel with your own document.

Meal in a hike

How will we eat?

In the morning and in the evening we will build a fire, cook porridges and soups, and of course brew an excellent mountain tea. In the afternoon - a small snack: sandwiches, etc. Believe me that there is nothing tastier than eating cooked at the stake, especially after a whole day of traveling in the fresh air. If you are interested in details, read our google menu .  

Who buys products?

All the main products for the campaign are purchased by the instructor. If you want, you can additionally stock some dried fruits or sweets to be reinforced on the halts during the day. &Nbsp;

Who carries the products?

Members of the hike in their backpacks. During the meeting of the group at the station, the conductor distributes the products among the tourists. On average, about 4kg per person (for a 6-day trek) is obtained. Men get a little more, women less.

Where do we get water?

Routes are laid so that every day we meet mountain springs of the purest water. A small supply for drinking during the day we will carry with us (about 1.5 liters per person).

How do you feel about alcohol?

We are categorically against the use of alcohol and any other narcotic drugs in the campaigns.


Will it be possible to wash in the hike?

As I already wrote above, the sources will be every day. Fire wood too. Accordingly, it will be possible to heat the water on a fire and wash. The main thing is to want to do it.

In addition, usually, several times during the trek we pass by water bodies (mountain rivers and lakes). Most often they are not deep and cool, but it does not stop anyone :)

Will it be possible to use mobile communication?

On remote routes, "catching a connection" can be difficult, but several times a campaign you can do it, most often from the top. Since we are at the tops of the day, and spend the night in the valleys, the opportunity to call from you will likely be in the middle of the day. All the rest of the time, it's best to keep the phone turned off (not to put the battery in). Do not promise to relatives who have stayed at home, daily "call-back". In some cases, this is unrealistic due to poor communication, in some you simply will not have the strength (time) to talk.

Will it be possible to recharge the batteries of a mobile phone or camera?

Do not count on it. It is better to take care of spare batteries in advance (take a power bank with you) and do not forget to switch the phone to offline mode.

Do you have any other routes?

We can develop any route at your request. For 1 day or 10, for beginners or for professionals.

Where and when is the group going?

The time and the place of the collection are appointed a few days before the hike, when the final composition of the group and the arrival time of all participants are already known. It is advisable to arrive in the morning (until 11 am) so that until evening we managed to get out of the inhabited places. The gathering place for the Crimean campaigns - Simferopol Railway Station . For the Carpathians – Railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk. It is advisable to send a photo so that I can recognize you. Be sure to write down the instructor's phone number!

You have a website written "Do not take axes, saws" with you. Why?

If you need a saw on the route, the instructor will definitely take it. And in most cases, there is no such need - there is enough firewood on the ground, so that we can cook food and just sit by the fire. Therefore, we prefer gathering. Trees in the mountains and so rare - you should not cut them.

Will it be possible after a hike to stay for a couple of days by the sea?

Of course you can - stay at least for the whole summer. Our Crimean routes are designed so that by the end of the trip to be closer to the sea. There you can become a tent or rent a house in one of the resort towns.

If there are questions, ask them. &Nbsp;