Kirill Yasko

 ирилл - руководитель в туре по  итаю Kirill Yasko - Mountain guide in Nepal, Caucasus, Carpathians, Peru, Turkey, Montenegro.

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About Me Out of Work

Marital Status. Married, two children. I slowly join the younger generation to tourism, take them to easy exits, organize children's trips.

Hobbies. I read a lot, including hiking (audiobooks). In my spare time, I keep a blog and portray myself as a photographer.

photo and Video. My main passion (after hiking, of course). Contrary to the previously announced fly-fishing, I carry around 3-4 pounds everywhere photographic equipment (several lenses, flash, minivan). I spend a lot of time editing photos and editing travel videos . Unfortunately, he has not yet reached the desired level of skill, but is already capable of reasoning authoritatively on near-photographic topics.