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Books about tourism

In this section books about the tourism, found by me in depths of the Internet are collected. Many thanks to those who there has put them :)

Articles about tourism

It is a huge dump of articles about tourism and other questions close to tourism. Speak, here a lot of interesting.

Tourist equipment

Advice at the choice of tourist equipment. Addresses of tourist shops and points of hire.

Tourist songs

Tourists adore to sing at a fire, but frequently do not know words. Learn texts!

Humour of tourists

Hikers, as well as physicists(physics), are able to joke. The humour of tourists, something is similar to them strjapnju - same simple and rude.

Sights of Ukraine

Big selection of materials about sights of Crimea, Carpathians, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine.

Our adventures

My literary revelations about hikes and other pleasures of a life. As the true Indian (chukcha) I write, that I see.

Tourist news

Any nonsense applying for a rank of news of tourism. As well as usual news, they are much more tasty already in a hard kind, that is it is a lot of years later.