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Physiology and pharmacology of the hiking first-aid set

Well-known, that the majority of tourists does not understand at all medicines. Hundreds difficult to pronounce names, pages of indications, contra-indications, dosages - unless all is real it to learn(teach)? Not so really, but it also is not so necessary. In fact in any decent first-aid set there is a list where all it is written. And what is necessary? It is necessary to know even in general, than one groups of preparations differ from others, on as as they operate(work) with what should be tactics of their application. And missing concrete information always can be found in the summary to a medicine, in the literature, on the Internet.

In this lecture we shall try to be torn through thorns of pharmacology to understanding of principles of application of medicines. In a way!

The individual hiking first-aid set

The individual first-aid set should be at each participant of a hike. To store(keep) in a readily available place.

Medical contra-indications

At such illnesses and symptoms it is forbidden to go to mountains:

1. Any diseases in sharp or podostroj stages.
2. The mental diseases complicating contact to the person.
3. Malignant new growths at a painful syndrome

The instructor

The instructor is always right.
The instructor does not sleep, the instructor has a rest.
The instructor does not eat, it(he) the instructor restores forces.
The instructor does not flirt, the instructor trains the staff.
The instructor not lie, the instructor the diplomat.
The instructor is not obstinate, the instructor is consecutive.
If you wish to live and go to mountains, do not advance the instructor.
The instructor not the coward, the instructor acts providently.
The instructor does not shout, the instructor convincingly states the point of view.
The instructor does not mumble, the instructor shares the reflections.
The instructor does not love bootlickers, the instructor encourages loyal participants.
Respect with the instructor - you could have an instructor and is worse.
If the instructor is not right, read all over again.  

Dangers in tourism, imaginary and valid

Accident in a tourist hike... What its(his) reasons, its(his) nature? Whether it is possible to provide, warn it(him)? It is told about all this in the book. It(she) contains data on experience of a safety, practical recommendations on selection in group, to training and education of tourists, examples of overcoming of dangerous situations on routes, analyses of circumstances of accidents in travel. The book will be useful to workers of tourism, an active tourist sektsy and the маршрутно-qualifying commissions, to the broad audience of sportsmen, fans(amateurs) of travel and regional specialists.

Camping humor

Camper Comments

These are actual comments left on U. S. Forest Service registration sheets and comment cards by backpackers completing wilderness camping trips:
  • "A small deer came into my camp and stole my bag of pickles. Is there a way I can get reimbursed? Please call."

  • "Escalators would help on steep uphill sections."

  • "Instead of a permit system or regulations, the Forest Service needs to reduce worldwide population growth to limit the number of visitors to wilderness."


Hiker's Humor

The Hiker, not to be outdone by AT & Spunky's winter adventures, invited Del Sol to spend a weekend winter camping with him. After setting up camp, enjoying a lovely evening admiring the moonlit, starry night, they were tired and turned in to their tents for a good night sleep with the Hiker having visions of the white squirrel dancing in his head.

The next day was a cold winter day and the Hiker planned to instruct Del Sol how to ice fish while amazing her with his fishing skills. They walked out onto the frozen lake, cut two holes in the ice, dropped in their fishing lines and began waiting for a fish to bite. They were not there long when suddenly WHAM! a large fish hit Del Sol's hook and she pulled in the fish.

Hiking Humor

One day three men were hiking along and came upon a raging, violent river. They needed to get to the other side, but had no idea of how to do it.

The first man prayed to God saying, "Please God, give me the strength to cross this river." Poof! God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across the river in about two hours.

Seeing this, the second man prayed to God saying, "Please God, give me the strength and ability to cross this river." Poof! God gave him a rowboat and he was able to row across the river in about three hours.

The third man had seen how this worked out for the other two, so he also prayed to God saying, "Please God, give me the strength, ability and intelligence to cross this river." And Poof! God turned him into a woman. He looked at the map, then walked across the bridge.


Songs For Campfire


Mmm, I want to linger Mmm, a little longer Mmm, a little longer here with you

Mmm, its such a perfect night Mmm, it doesn't seem quite right Mmm, that this should be my last with you

Mmm, and as the years go by Mmm, I'll think of you and sigh Mmm, This is good night and not good bye

Hiking Songs

Girl Guide/Girl Scout History Cadence
by Laurie Schultz
(to the tune of the Generic Army Marching Cadence)

There was a man named Baden-Powell
Started us out toward our goal.
He spread scouting far and wide
And his wife worked with Girl Guides.

Lady Olave was the first Chief Guide
She spread the news the world wide
Each Guide will her Promise say
And help people every day


Bard's Song

Now You all know
The bards and their songs
When hours have gone by
I'll close my eyes
In a world far away
We may meet again
But now hear my song
About the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bards' song

Legend about the Black Doctor and the Black Colonel

Veins in village(mudstream) of the She-goat in the Solar valley, in a southeast of Crimea, pupil Avitsenny - the doctor-healer known magic, medical grasses and laws of movement of heavenly bodies. For its(his) disinterested kindness, wise advice(councils) and talent for doctoring peasants have nicknamed its(his) Doctor. However the talent of this kind, clever and irrepressible person was not limited to one doctoring. On the lands he was engaged in wine growing and after long years of work has deduced(removed) two unusual cultivars of grapes from which berries the Doctor prepared for precious wine of color of dark magic rubies. By means of this wine he worked wonders, restoring to life fatal cases. The glory about the Doctor and a miracle-drink has soon stepped over borders Kimmerii.

The pocket manual of the tourist

Карманный справочник туриста In the manual brief data which can be useful to tourists at the organization and carrying out of lasting many days amateur travel are included(switched on).

In him practical advice(councils) and references about acquisition of group, preparation of equipment, catering services, the equipment of halts and lodgings for the night, explaining the ground, carrying out of socially useful work and the elementary observations over the nature, rendering of the first pre-medical help are given. The basic attention in the manual is given the most mass and popular pedestrian, water, ski and mountain travel of the first - the third categories of complexity.

The Organization of amateur travel

Tourism - the most mass form of productive leisure(active rest) and improvement of the workers, one of the important agents of education of the Soviet people. During travel tourists get acquainted with the past and the present of our Native land, its(her) natural resources, monuments of culture, perform socially useful work, spend observations above the nature, safeguard it(her).

Features of group equipment on water travel

The basic subjects of group equipment at tourists-water-transport workers are kayaks, boats or rafts. Each of them has the species and types, however all of them should possess the certain(specific) seaworthy qualities - buoyancy, stability, nepotopljaemostju, controllability, durability and t. Item

Non-disposable kayak. The most universal vessel for travel. Possesses the big ease, shipping quality and the excellent(different) road performance, allowing to use it(her) also under sails and with the airborne motor.

Backpacking Equipment

Conditions and character of tourist travel show a lot of demands to equipment. It should be a lung, strong, reliable, differ simplicity in the use, small dimensions, an opportunity of utilization in conditions of a cold, heat and the raised(increased) humidity. It is desirable, that the winter clothes of the tourist were warm, protected from a wind, did not constrain movements, saved warmsaving properts in the wetted state. The tourist tent should be waterproof, quickly be established(installed) and understand, protect from mosquitoes and a midge, to provide a maximum of convenience at the minimal sizes. The tourist equipment is sectioned on personal and group, and also into equipment for foot, water, mountain and other travel.

Nutrition on the Trail

Nutrition of hikers, especially long-distance hikers, is both a fun and serious subject to review.

The order of movement and ways of overcoming of obstacles

Successful carrying out of travel in many respects is defined(determined) by skill of tourists correctly to distribute(allocate) time and forces, to choose the most rational rate and the order of movement of group, to seize(take possession) ways of movement on various district and receptions of overcoming of obstacles. Safe passage of a route and, finally, success of all travel depends on the precise and successful decision of these problems(tasks).

Below advice(councils) on the organization of a regimen and the order of movement during travel are resulted(brought), references on the basic ways of overcoming of obstacles in various kinds of tourism are given.

Receptions of orientation on travel

To be guided by districts - means to find a direction of the sides of horizon and the site concerning environing local subjects and elements of a land forms. Orientation at movement in unfamiliar district consists in definition of distances and a withstanding of the necessary direction of a route.

Practically the tourist should be guided all time, to apply the most various receptions and agents of orientation: a map, a compass, hours, heavenly bodies, outlines of a land forms, various local subjects and attributes. At skilled(experienced) travellers the special feeling of orientation in space is developed(produced) even. For the beginning(starting) tourist a basis of bases is skill to work with a compass and a map which do not manage any tourist travel.

Halts and lodgings for the night

Tourist camp-it(-this;-thus) rest(tour) of participants of a hike, a place where they eat, sleep and prepare for the further way, it is a fire, the center, shelter from a bad weather. Depending on duration of camps they are sectioned into a small halt, a lunch halt, a lodging for the night, dnevku. The organization of a halt or a lodging for the night consists in correctly to choose for it(him) a place, it is good to prepare a platform, to put tent, to dissolve a fire and to provide safety of camp from forces majeure of the nature.

Health Problems in hiking tours

Most (82 percent) of the responding hikers had one or more health problems on the trail.

* Musculoskeletal problems, including leg and joint pain, were the most common complaints.

* Blisters were the most common foot complaint (53 percent of hikers). Hikers reported a much higher frequency of blisters (53 percent) when they answered a structured question ("For how long during your hike did you suffer from foot blisters?") than when they answered an open-ended request to list any medical problems (only 9 percent listed blisters). We don't know whether it did not occur to them when asked the open-ended question, or whether they regarded blisters as so minor and universal as to not warrant mention. The latter suggests that there were probably other problems that were unreported.


Useful work on travel, the organization of observations

During travel many tourist groups accept active participation in socially useful work, carry out tasks of the various organizations, spend observations above the nature. It does(makes) a hike more interesting and fascinating.

The decision to perform this or that public work on a route is voluntary business of tourists. For one it is interesting to carry out tourist research of new district of travel, others are ready to act with lecture, a concert of amateur performances or to help(assist) with forest plantations, the third any concrete side of the nature - minerals, flowers, insects interests. In section some help data on the organization of useful work and observation of the separate natural phenomena in hiking conditions are cited.

Nature preservation, monuments of history and culture

The forest is your green friend. Do not mince trees and bushes on shesty and kolja for tents, do not fracture a branch for the device of tents, a drawsheet and other. In case of emergency it is possible to cut off(shear) only lateral branches, but at all top. For fires it is necessary to use only a kecks and on occassion a dead wood. In the rendered habitable places it is recommended to use inflatable mattresses, the hiking centers, kerosene stoves, gas tiles and t. Item

The Guideline of the principal of hikes of the day off

Hikes of the day off - one of the most mass and accessible forms of the organization of productive leisure(active rest) of workers. Participation in hikes of the day off should bring up workers in spirit of love to Native land, fidelity to high principles, to inoculate the careful attitude(relation) to the nature and monuments of culture.

Hikes of the day off - the first step of tourism. They prepare participants for distant travel, help(assist) to seize(take possession) tourist skills, provide necessary physical training.

Tourist tents

The most widespread kind of marching equipment is the tent. She should have the minimal dimensions, mass and cost, easily to be established(installed), provide comfortable conditions, to be idle time in manufacturing.

To destination them section into types: hunting, marching, family and for a camping.

The tent of the first type 1-2 persons is calculated by capacity for short-term hikes. She is small in the sizes, has the minimal mass (counting upon one person) and provides reliable protection against a rain.

Equipment for tourist kitchen

The choice of equipment for kitchen(cuisine) depends first of all on district of travel and an opportunity of utilization of local fuel (fire wood). The defining(determining) factor is also the season. In the winter even in a taiga zone it is expedient to combine cooking with heating tent and drying of clothes.

Besides in the certain(specific) measure on a choice of equipment for tourist kitchen(cuisine) the category of complexity of travel influences. So, in a simple hike with good entrances it is possible to grasp ordinary household utensils (buckets, frying pans), and also convenient, but serious equipment (for example, a petrol tile).

The Literature

1. Berman A.Puteshestvija on skis., FiS, 1968.

2. A wind of wanderings, 1., FiS, 1965.

3. A wind of wanderings, 10., FiS, 1975.

4. A wind of wanderings, 12. M. FiS. 1977.

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7. Obruchev S.Spravochnik of the traveller and the regional specialist. I., geografgiz, 1949.  

Tourist camp equipment

     Туристское лагерное снаряжение the Success of tourist travel in much depends on correct selection and quality of camp tourist equipment. The mass of camp equipment makes from 3 up to 10 % of mass of all load which should be transported during travel. Therefore very important correctly to pick up, and in some events to finish or make(produce) camp equipment with reference to conditions of a forthcoming hike. It will allow to reduce expenses of forces and time for camp works and will provide standard conditions for high-grade rest(tour) and a delivery that is especially important in marching conditions.

Hazards in mountains

Опасности в горах About the basic hazards of trapping climbers in high-mountainous hikes. First of all about gornjashke - a mountain disease. About its(her) diagnostics and prophylaxis. Also such potentially hazardous factors as a sunlight and hazardous insects are surveyed.


On a degree of influence klima factors on the person existing classification sections (conditionally mountain levels on:

-low-mount-up to 1000 m. Here the person does not test (in comparison with the district had on a sea level) of negative influence of a disadvantage of oxygen even at hard work;

Attributes and character of influence of a mountain disease

The mountain disease can suddenly be shown, especially when the person for a short time interval has considerably exceeded borders of the individual acceptability, has tested an excessive overstain in conditions of air hunger. However more often the mountain disease develops gradually. Its(her) first attributes are the general(common) weariness, not dependent on volume of performed work, apathy, muscular delicacy, a sleepiness, a malaise a giddiness. If the person continues to remain at height signs of illness(disease) accrue(increase): digestion is broken, the frequent nausea and even a vomiting is possible(probable), there is a frustration of a rhythm of respiration, a cold fit and a fever. Process of convalescence proceeds slowly enough.

The Mechanism of development of a mountain disease

The dry free air contains: nitrogen of 78,08 %, oxygen-20,94 of %, carbonic acid-0,03 of %, argon-0,94 of % and other gases-0,01 of %. At rise on height this percentage parity(ratio) does not change, but the density of air, and consequently, and magnitudes of partial pressure of these gases changes.

Under the law of diffusion gases pass from medium with higher partial pressure on medium with lower pressure. Respiratory metabolism both in lungs, and in a blood of the person is carried out owing to available. Differences of these pressure.


At long stay at height in an organism there come series of changes which short is reduced to conservation of normal vital activity of the person. This process is called as acclimatization. Acclimatization-sum of organism responses as a result of which the good general(common) state is supported(maintained), is saved a persistence of weight, normal working capacity and normal course of psychological processes. Distinguish full and incomplete, or partial, acclimatization. 

Rendering assistance at a mountain disease

If despite of taken measures at someone from participants of a high-mountainous hike signs of a mountain disease are shown, it is necessary:

-at a headache to accept Citramonum, Pyramidonum (no more than 1,5 g in day), Analginum (no more than 1 g on one-trip reception and 3 g in day) or their combinations (trojchatka, pjaterchatka);

-at a nausea and vomiting-аэрон, acidic fruit or their juices;

-at a sleeplessness-ноксирон when the person badly falls asleep, or Nembutalum when a dream insufficiently deep.

Influence of the sun

Sun burns. From long influence of the sun on an organism of the person on a skin sun burns which can become the reason of a morbid state of the tourist are formed.

Solar radiation-stream of beams of the visible and invisible spectrum having a various biological activity. At an irradiation the sun simultaneous influence takes place:

Toxicant animals

It is necessary for tourists to consider, that the more close they cost(stand) to the nature, the the high probability is got with an opportunity of their occurring with toxicant animals, and also with animals-carriers of illnesses(diseases). According to the World organization of health protection, from only one stings of snakes on which share the twentieth part of the general(common) number of all events of a lesion of the person toxicant animals is necessary, annually suffers nearby polumilliona people. 40 thousand from them perishes. Still a lot of victims is totaled from stings and nyxes of the animals belonging to numerous type of arthropods.

Misuse of heating devices

In mountains where often it is necessary to make hikes on bezlesnym to zones, tourists are compelled(forced) to use fire gases, kerosene or gasoline as fuel.

The literature

Abalakov Century of M. of the Basis of mountaneering., FiS. 1958.

Agadzhanjan. And, Mirrahimov M. of M. of Mountain and a resistance of an organism. "Science", 1970.

Mountaneering. FiS, 1954. Appolov B.A.Uchenie about the rivers. Publishing house of the Moscow State University, 1963.

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Berman A.Puteshestvie on skis. FiS, 1968.


бивак In the book attempt of generalization of experience of the organization and the equipment of camps is made. It is told about a choice of their place in the summer and in the winter in different districts and climatic conditions, about a lodging for the night without tents in the winter and in the summer on plain and in mountains. Various kinds of fires, campfire fittings, designs, the equipment(installation) and the equipment of tents, sleeping bags, kerosene stoves, autoclaves are described. The place of safety on camps is given.


The book which you have read through, is, as well as the author, survey specifies. It is necessary to carry that she gives a wide picture of a camp life on a camp to its(her) advantages, allows to imagine even a part from diverse "snarjazhencheskogo" creativity of the tourists wishing “ to stand well ” - with all convenience and it is safe.

Naturally, to the reader, wishing to reproduce this or that design, follows, having studied(investigated) the resulted(brought) descriptions, poraskinut and own head, podnaprjachsja and to make not an exact repetition, and something, fitted under its(his) needs and concepts about hiking comfort, having apprehended that is offered to him here, creatively.
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