The individual hiking first-aid set

The individual first-aid set should be at each participant of a hike. To store(keep) in a readily available place. Into structure of the individual first-aid set should enter:


      Individual dressing package or sterile bandage - 1 pieces
      Bandage unsterile - 1 pieces
      Adhesive plaster - 1 roll.
      Bactericidal plaster - 3-4 pieces
      Solution of iodine or diamond green - 1 bottle.
      Hygienic lipstick.
      Analginum in tablets - 1 packing.
      Coal activated - 1-2 packings.
      Cream for protection of a leather(skin) against a ultraviolet.

Also there should be those preparations which you can accept for whatever reasons during travel. For example, if at overcooling occurrence of a herpes in the first-aid set there should be ointments "Zoviraks" or "Atsiklovir" is possible(probable); or if there is a propensity to locks, laxative preparations.

Before the beginning of travel it is necessary to inform the doctor (or to the physician) your group on any diseases which you have transferred(carried). It will allow to correct the group first-aid set, and in general, to be more guarded concerning a possible(probable) aggravation.

Be in earnest to it(this) extremely because in hiking (extreme) conditions illnesses which in habitual house conditions already for a long time did not disturb you can become aggravated (or on the contrary, in a hike you and do not recollect them). It, first of all allergic diseases (a bronchial asthma, ekzema, an allergic rhinitis and similar), diseases of cardiovascular system (a hypertension, a stenocardia), zhelchekamennaja illness, illnesses of kidneys and mochevyvodjashchej systems (a pyelonephritis, a cystitis, a prostatitis), a gastritis, a stomach ulcer and others.