бивак In the book attempt of generalization of experience of the organization and the equipment of camps is made. It is told about a choice of their place in the summer and in the winter in different districts and climatic conditions, about a lodging for the night without tents in the winter and in the summer on plain and in mountains. Various kinds of fires, campfire fittings, designs, the equipment(installation) and the equipment of tents, sleeping bags, kerosene stoves, autoclaves are described. The place of safety on camps is given. In the book experience of the author - masters of sports on tourism, and also experience of its(his) comrades on hikes is reflected; the literature which list is resulted(brought) in the extremity(end) is used., thus, it is possible to consider(count) this book survey. She is intended for a wide range of fans(amateurs) of the nature and tourism.

The author devotes the book of memory of the instructor of tourism, the principal of hikes of the Moscow city central club of tourists ALEKSANDRA HANANOVICHA SINELNIKOVA.
 The maintenance(contents):

1. The organization of camps
2. The equipment(installation) and the equipment of tents
3. A lodging for the night without tent
4. Fires(shives)
5. Protection against midges and insects. Safety. Putting off(taking out) of camp
6. A campfire facilities(economy)
7. Tents
8. Sleeping bags
9. Ovens
10. A tourist kerosene stove
11. Autoclaves
The literature

Moscow 1995 G.J.Ryzhavskii. CAMPS. - M.: TSDJUT, 1995. - 112 with., ill.

The editor And. Century Loskutnikov Technical editor Д.A. Евceea Artist O.J.Shmyglevskaja

License LR №020938

It is handed over in a set 1.95. It is signed in a press(seal) 5.95. A format 60х90/16. Set Tajms. A press(seal) offset. Usl. p.l. 7.

Publishing house of the Center of детско-youthful tourism of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. 109033, Moscow, Volochaevskaja, 38А.

It is printed in scientific research institute of the Geodesy, Krasnoarmeysk

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