Tour program

Day 1. Collection in Marrakech

Meeting the group in a hostel in the city of Marrakech. The time of arrival does not matter.

In my free time we walk around the city, get acquainted with sights and local customs

Day 2. Emlil, the pass Tizi Mzik

We move from Marrakech to Emlil (70 km, about 2 hours), from where our trek to Tubkal begins. This village is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains at an altitude of about 1800 meters.

We settle in the shelter and then travel lightly to the acclimatization radiolok in the direction of the Tizi Mzik pass (altitude 2480m). If weather permits, then we climb up the pass, and after a snack we go back to Emlil.
Distance: 6 km, climb: 700 m.

Day 3. Shelter of Tubkal 

We leave Emlil, the whole day we walk along the valley of the river Oued Rheraya, gradually gaining altitude. Several times we cross the channel ("dry" ford on the rocks). As a result, we are in the snow zone, we are located in the mountain shelter Tubkal. The altitude is 3200 meters. Tonight the first manifestations of "mines" are possible.
Distance: 10 km, climb: 1800 m.

Day 4. Ascent to Tubkal

We get up even more darkly, fill the thermos, dress warmly and move to the side of the summit. We have to gain almost a kilometer of height. Almost the whole route to the ascent to Tubkal passes through firn (dense snow). Cats for movement on firnu can be hired on site. Do not worry, "cats" - it's easy. Much greater discomfort can be caused by a lack of oxygen.

Ascent to the summit (4167m) takes 3-4 hours. About an hour we will spend on top expecting stragglers and taking pictures. Then about 2 hours of descent. Upon returning to the shelter, we collect the things and start the descent back to Emlil. Yes, it turns out a hard day, but the height is again small.
Distance: 12 km, climb: 1000 m.

Day 5. A spare day

We leave this day in reserve in case the weather does not allow us to take the peak from the first time.

If everything goes according to plan, the released time can be used in another part of the country.

Day 6. Ouarzazate, the Todra Gorge

We move (120 km) to a typical Berber town - Ouarzazate. Here we inspect the pavilions of the Atlas film studio, where many of the famous films "Gladiator", "Games of Thrones", "Alexander", "Asterix and Cleopatra", "Lawrence of Arabia" were filmed. It will be possible to be photographed in exotic scenery and "look behind the scenes".

After the studio we are waiting for another move further to the East (180 km). We're going to watch the Todra Gorge. It is a deep, lifeless crevice with sheer walls and picturesque landscapes around.

Day 7. Merzougu, the desert Erg Chebbi

We are going another 200 kilometers (3 hours) to the East to the village of Merzouga (Merzouga). This village borders on the real sandy desert Erg Chebbi. Here we turn to camels and go to them in the barkhans (about 1.5 hours). Especially for tourists, locals organize an attraction called "overnight in the desert". Right in the dunes are tents, where we will settle for the night. Before dinner, we will have time to stroll through the desert, try to move out of the barkhana on the board, etc. In the evening - people's Berber dances to the sound of drums.

Day 8. Ait Ben Haddou

We return to Merzouga, prepare for a long journey (about 6 hours). Our goal is the city of Aït Ben Haddou. This city is a concentrated East. Rare greenery, sun-scorched terracotta walls, chaotic buildings and fortress walls. We walk around the city, rest after the road.

Day 9. Essaouira

In the morning we walk a little more on Ait-Ben-Haddou, and then through Marrakech we go (6 hours) to the Atlantic Ocean, to the resort town of Essaouira.

Day 10. Atlantic Ocean

We walk along the coast, if you want, you can try kitesurfing or usual surfing. We wander through the streets of Essaouira, we buy souvenirs and Moroccan delicacies.

Day 11. Marrakech, flight home

We move back to Marrakech (3 hours) and fly home. See you on new hikes!

The cost of the tour in Morocco: 390 dollars.

Payment order: To reserve a place in the group, you need to make a prepayment - $ 100. In case of refusal to participate, the prepayment is not refundable, but can be transferred to another participant or saved for future (to pay for other tours). The rest of the cost of the tour is paid at the meeting of the group in Marrakech. In the event of a premature departure from the route, the money will not be returned.  

The cost of the tour includes :

The tour does NOT include a price : For the above additional costs, you will take approximately $ 500. Naturally, you need to take money with a margin (at least a couple of hundred from above).
To visit Morocco, citizens of Ukraine need a visa. It costs about 500 hryvnia, it takes about 2 weeks for registration. The set of documents for a visa is standard: a questionnaire, a copy of the TIN, hotel reservations, a certificate from the bank and from the place of work ... We will help you with filling out the questionnaires and preparing all the papers.

В маршруте возможны changes (depending on the weather, the status of the group and our wishes). For traveling abroad you need a passport :)

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