Plan of campaign.

Day 1. Meeting in Lviv, night bus to Krakow.

Meeting the group at the railway. the station of the city at about 20:00. Get acquainted, we distribute equipment and products to be scanned are not forgotten if the passport. Transfer to the bus station of the city. At 22:00 is sent to our bus to Krakow. Fare (one way) is approximately 430 UAH. Around midnight, crossed the Polish border at the checkpoint Korczowa-Krakovets. To do this you must have a Schengen visa (independently). Medical insurance we provide.

Day 2. Krakow, Zakopane, Koscieliska valley, caves Brosna, Raptivity and Soap, gorge Vanves Krakow.

Between 6 and 10 am (depending on traffic jams at the border) arrive in Krakow. Transfer to bus to Zakopane (2 hours, 10 PLN). 1 Polish zloty = 4,2 UAH = 0.3. In Zakopane live in the hostel or private estate (30-40 PLN per night). Take a shower, eat Breakfast, leave unnecessary things and go to the left (for 6-7 hours). The bus drove up to the village of Kira, and then hike up a mountain valley of Koscieliska.

In the valley of Koscieliska we visit 3 caves - Brosna (equipped surcharge), Raptivity and Soap (free of charge, you need a flashlight). Then look shady gorge Vanves Krakow. Have lunch in the shelter Ornak (height 1108 m) where there is free hot water for tea, vermicelli etc). After lunch, if there will be forces you to go to the lake Straczynski becoming (plus 1 hour) or to immediately turn back to the bus. Return to Zakopane, sleep off after a night in the bus.

Time: 7 hours. Distance: 14 km climb: 500 m

Day 3. The left of the Giewont mountain (1894 m) + waterfall Ciclavia, rock Chamois and the monastery of Albertina.

Up early, have Breakfast, start the trip (things stay in Zakopane). On foot to get to the entrance to the reserve (5 zł), valley Bialego rise to red, Peelen (Red pass, m). Here is a great specific point - the rock of Chamois (m). Visiting her, we continue to Strazhesko a clearing from which we will make a trip to the waterfall Ciclavia. Then about 1 hour climb to get to the pass in Gribovo (1311 m). Then go traverse, gradually rounding Giewont mountain, and in the end, after a small Extrim-fragment with chains, go to the top Gionta (1894 m) decorated with a huge cross.

We started our descent in the Eastern direction (up-West). Hour and a half to come to the shelter on Kondratova glade. Extracted boiling water and lunch. Then continue to lose height. On the way you look monastery of Albertina. End up at the bus stop, 10 minute drive and we are in Zakopane. Tomorrow we leave this town and move to a remote shelter, so now they need to replenish stocks of food and wash-wash.

Time: 10 hours. Distance: 16 km altitude: 1000 m

Day 4. The shelter Murowaniec, mount Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m), Svinicki pass lake.

Again Wake up early, so at 7:30 already standing at the cable car station (with backpacks and all things). The ropeway for 43 PLN take us to the mount Kasprowy Wierch (1987 m). In winter a ski Mecca, so on top of in addition to the observation deck features a restaurant and a souvenir shop. But we came here not for this. Go to the route along the Polish-Slovak border. It is a spectacular ridge of the mountain, climbing up, falling down. Reaching Svincolo pass (m) turn left and go down from the ridge into the valley with beautiful mountain lakes (Green, Red, Long, and others). Swim here unfortunately Smoking, but to make lunch on the shore.

Meander among the lakes. If there is a mood then climb to the pass Carb (1853 m) which offers a great view of the familiar lake, and new - great Black lake. Past Black lake down to the shelter Murowaniec, where we will spend the following 2 nights. The night here costs about 40 PLN. The food we own, but can be ordered on local cuisine (average 25-30 PLN for dinner).

Time: 6 hours. Distance: 7 km climb: 400 m

Day 5. The left on eagle Perch, pass Zawrat (2158 m), mountain Goat hill (2291 m).

Today is the most complicated and gripping the day of our hike on the Polish High Tatras. We're going to storm the trail of the eagle Perch (the way of the eagle). She goes on a narrow rocky ridge, seats equipped with steel chains and straps to secure. Be sure to bring work gloves (for chains) and a reserve of courage. In order to properly navigate the route, it is necessary to use a stable morning weather. At 7 am we should already be on the trail. Quickly run past yesterday's Black lake, climb to the ridge near pass Zawrat (2158 m) and embark on the trail of the eagle.

On Orla PERC our movement speed drops sharply. 1 kilometer you can go an hour or two. Firstly because of the complexity of the route, and secondly because of the frequent congestion - place-the iconic and very popular. Crawl, climb and cling for 5-6 hours until we reach the mountain Goat hill(2291 m). It begins more tranquil trail, and then down to the familiar Black lake. Unimem a great trepidation, we go to dinner at the shelter Murowaniec.

Time: 10 hours. Distance: 10 km altitude: 800 m

Day 6. Pass Keygene (2112 m), the Valley of Five Frames, waterfall Siklawa.

Finally we left the shelter Murowaniec and with backpacks are entering a new path in the direction of a familiar range. Handled through the spur Back Plaza and find yourself in the valley of Pandita covered pine. Another red lake (1670 m) begins its long climb to the pass Keygene (2112 m). From the pass you can admire a beautiful view of the valley of Five frames (Patisserie), where we have to go.

After a couple of hours, once at the bottom, Front of the lake we arrive at another shelter, this time much more modest (no hot shower) but situated in a very picturesque place. Leave things and go for an evening stroll to the five lakes and waterfall Siklawa.

Time: 6 hours. Distance: 8 km climb: 700 m

Day 7. Lake Morskie Oko, the peak of Rysy (2500 m).

The crack of dawn start through the ridge Apalone the neighbouring valley Fish stream. The 2-3 hour we reach the lake Morskie Oko. There we arrive at another shelter, leave things and then go to storm peak Rysy (2500 m) - the highest peak in Poland. The ascent will take about 4 hours (with chains, straps and other tricks), down about 3 hours. Hard of course, but this is the last vertex on the route can handle it. In the evening return to the shelter by the lake.

Time: 10 hours. Distance: 13 km altitude: 1500 m

Day 8. Zakopane, Krakow, night bus to Lviv.

For a couple of hours escapes from the shelter to the bus stop, arrive in Zakopane. Transfer to bus to Krakow. Leave there belongings in the Luggage and go for a walk around the city. No, first we have dinner and then go for a walk :)

The Royal castle, city hall, churches, quiet streets of the old city - enjoy Krakow until the evening. And at about 22:00 take the night bus to Lviv.

Day 9. The lions.

In the morning (as always between 6 and 10 hours) arrive to Lviv. In any case, return tickets from Lviv home take trains starting no earlier than noon. All!