This round was initially projected not as independent action, and as a bonus for participants of our campaigns on the Likijsky track. It therefore begins not in the homeland, and at all at the airport, and already "in" Turkey. Simply wishing to join this round last evening likijskogo a campaign do not remain in Antalia, and take the night bus. Approximately 10 hours' journey on really comfortable liner and we in a fairy tale. The round program: 1 day. Gyoreme, the Pigeon valley, a fortress of Uchhisar, a love Valley we Meet a dawn in the bus. Behind a window plain, and behind plain a vast object of a volcano of Erdzhijas. About 6 mornings it is arrived in Gyoreme. We are occupied in a camping or cave hotel, we have breakfast (to reduce the price of a trip, meal we prepare on camping kitchen). After a shower and small rest we are put forward towards the Pigeon valley. It is simple and rather shady valley is ideally suited for tired travellers (all the same night in the bus). Winding among intricate kamennnyh figures we will imperceptibly steal up to a rocky fortress in Uchhisare. The rock which has been made a hole by caves as Swiss cheese, is topped by an excellent specific platform. It allows to admire Cappadocia from height of the bird's flight without resorting to expensive flights by balloons (from $160 from the person). Back we go on a minibus, or if there will be a lot of time, we go on foot through a love Valley. Guess, on what stones in this gorge are similar? In the evening - free time for research of Gyoreme. Here every second house is cut down from an integral rock so too is on what to look. 2 day. Stone mushrooms of Pashabagalary, Monastyr Chavushin, the Pink Valley in the Morning on a minibus we will go on other party of a valley of Gereme to stone mushrooms Pasha Baglary (one of symbols of Cappadocia). From them the excellent specific track traversirujushchaja slopes of a plateau of Ak-tepe begins. About an hour of a way and we on ruins of a tremendous cave monastery over settlement Chavushin. It is entirely hollowed in the huge rock towering over plain. We go down hardly more low and with a head we bury in an artful design of courses of the Pink Valley. Here hundreds footpaths and thousand improbable stone idols among which it is possible to wander weeks. We will try to be limited to several hours (with a lunch break). If there will be a mood we rise on one of tops of Ak-Tepe, so-called Sunset Point (the Place for an admiring declines in the evening). We come back in Gereme where directly over settlement there is one more Sunset Point. You have already understood that decline contemplation is obligatory point of the program and prosachkovat it in any way it will not be possible. 3 day. The underground city of Derinkuju, a canyon of Ihlara (Yhlara), a rocky monastery of Selime Today it is necessary to rise before to be prepared for evening departure. It is necessary to combine things, to collect tents. After a breakfast the minibus will call in on us on which we will go to travel to more remote sights of Cappadocia. Approximately in an hour of driving from Gereme there is an underground city of Derinkuju. These are 8 floors of underground labyrinths (more than 80 metres in depth), hundreds rooms and halls serving once a haven for 10 000 persons. Having studied vaults we we will be passed a little more. On horizon slopes of the next sleeping volcano - Hasan (height of 3268 metres) have seemed and directly before us travjanitsaja the steppe was suddenly opened wide by abrupt breakages of a canyon of Ihlara (Yhlara). On its bottom the deep river and consequently the canyon is buried in verdure (while above almost desert) flows. Having had dinner on the brink of a precipice we will go down downwards, to the river. Next 4 hours we will devote to travel on a bottom of it skalitogo gorges, examining on the way numerous man-made caves (generally it is cave churches with the rests of frescos and an engraving). Having come up from a canyon near Belisirmy, we will be thrown in a small village of Selime. Here there is the most impress from cave fortresses of Cappadocia. Huge columned halls, viewing towers and unforgettable "the Ladder in the Sky" (it for the most courageous) - excellent range for a beginner of Indiana of Johns. To 7 o'clock in the evening we come back in Gerem. To the night bus to Antalia remains only a pair of clocks - just to have time to have supper and buy in addition last souvenirs. 4 day. Returning to Antalia. About 6 mornings we arrive to Antalia. We settle in board in a historical part of a city. Further free pogramma - it is possible to go on a beach, or in a museum of antiquities (with an excellent collection of an antique sculpture) or on east market, or simply to walk on silent small streets of Kalejchi (the centre of Antalia). Only after a decline, tired and full (it was necessary to try Turkish cuisine) we gather on a roof of hotel for travel summarising. 5 day. A departure home In 6 mornings a light morning meal on a hotel roof. We admire the sea, we say goodbye to Turkey (I hope not for a long time). Fast gathering and here we already go to the airport. Registration, a departure, landing in Kiev (approximately at midday).