the Program trekking in Nepal

Day 1. Fly to Nepal.

терминал в Шардженаша группа ночует в аэропорту Шарджи ОАЭвид на Непал из самолетаулицы Катманду

From Russia or Ukraine, there are no direct and cheap flights to Nepal. The most popular airline AirArabia and FlyDubai (round-trip ticket costs 600-800 dollars) first, you are carrying in the United Arab Emirates, where you spend the night in the airport of Sharjah and Dubai and the next day we fly from there to Kathmandu. Many members of the tour we get acquainted and meet long before the campaign and buy tickets for a flight, so that was fun to spend time at the airport.

Without a visa quit in UAE't work, so you have night (from 6 to 14 hours) at the airport. To comfortably relax, take in your hand baggage my sleeping-bag and a Mat on the floor.

Day 2. Arrival in Kathmandu.

The next day, landing Kathmandu (usually around noon), you immediately, at the airport for $25 acquire a visa for 15 days (prepare a photo 3*4). In some cases (when one flight arrives large group) instructor welcomes you right in Aeroporto. Or did you just take a taxi, show the driver the printed address of the hotel (which we will book and will send you all) and travel in Thamel (tourist district of the capital).

If you need to buy any equipment it will be possible to do the same night. Benefit of tourist shops here on every street corner. In the evening go to bed early tomorrow to get up early.

Day 3. Drive to Pokhara, rafting on the Trisuli river.

Around 6 a.m. slide out from hotel by bus (extra prophetic can be stored in the Luggage at the hotel). The road to Pokhara takes 7-8 hours. About half way we will find the 3-hour stop for rafting on the Trisuli river. This is a relatively calm river, available to ordinary people (not extreme). After being floated we have dinner and go further. With every kilometer of the white peaks are becoming closer in the gaps between lush green hills (Nepali hills-high-3000m) more often glimpsed Annapurna.

In Pokhara, we arrive at the hotel and immediately run to the Phewa lake. We are waiting for an evening boat trips, visiting Hindu temple on the island. If time allows, then at the end we will climb the hill to the Japanese built a Buddhist Stupa in the World, boasting amazing views of mount Machapuchare.

Day 4. Nayapul, the beginning of the track, Ulleri (2080 m).

As always, the sooner we Wake up, eat Breakfast and minibus leave (2 hours) in the village Nayapul, where is located one of the entrances of the national Park Annapurna. There we collect their badges (included in the tour price), if desired hired porters (about $15 per day) and a little bit come on jeeps to the village of Tichatonga.

Finally starts walking part of the route is endless climb the stone steps among the bustling life of the rice terraces. The group constantly overtaken convoys of mules, delivering food and fuel in the more remote mountainous areas. I let it run :) And you take your time, go smoothly - you need to get used to load.

Finally we climb a small hill, and there and "our" village with overnight - Ulleri (2080 m). Ordered dinner, go for the shower :)

Distance: 8 km, lifting: 700 m

Day 5. Gorepani (2860), climbing Pun hill (3193 m).

Continue smoothly to gain height. The area around has changed - replacing rice fields came exotic rodendronovyj woods, real jungle obezyanki :) By the afternoon we will come to the next overnight - large village of Ghorepani (2860). He is famous for two things - stunning views of dhaulagiri (8167 m) and fresh pastries (Apple pies, rolls, etc.).

Checking in to the Lodge to dine and go out for an evening walk. Our goal - hill Pun hill (3210 m)- the highest point of the route "Acquaintance with Nepal". Go slowly, getting used to the new sensations - at this altitude, many have quickens the pulse and breathing. But give the body a little time, and he will quickly adapt to the new conditions. This experience will help you determine whether you are ready for more challenging trekking in Nepal.

Afternoon return to the Ghorepani. Dressed warmly, ordered tea with spices and sit on the terrace waiting for "window" in the clouds - we have a chance to see Annapurna South in the rays of sunset.
Distance: 10 km, lifting: 1100 m

Day 6. The Pass Deurali, Tadapani.

In the morning (i.e. till dawn) everyone is welcome once again to climb the Pun hill, and enjoy the sunrise over the Himalayas. The fact that in the morning, much less cloudy and can normally think of all the surrounding peaks (Chincholi, Machchapuchare, South Annapurna, Nilgiri, dhaulagiri). Also at dawn Pun hill turning into an international crowd - it attracts tourists from all surrounding Loja, well and all corners of the Earth, you can chat with the most exotic guys :)

Back at the Lodge we have Breakfast, pack your things and move out on the route. The trail goes through the jungle, then down at babbling Brooks gorge, then climbing on the crests of the bright sun. Overcome another hundred stone steps, we will find ourselves in the village Tadapani (the shelter today). The main sight in these edges are sharp top mountain Machchapuchare (m), dominating the surrounding landscape. Sit and knocks you out :)
Distance: 10 km, lifting: 700 m, descent: 900m.     

Day 7. Chomrong (2170 m), hot springs Gina danda.

The trail descends to the wide bottom of the Wadi, gentle slopes which is dotted with grohotami Nepalese villages surrounded by rice fields terrace. On the suspension bridge we cross the river and begin the long climb up on the opposite slope of the gorge. Do not forget to look up - there is often possible to see a giant vulture-starvation, bessledno moving over the forest and fields.

The trail goes around the next spur and we are Chemrange (2170 m) is a large village with good cakes and gorgeous views of the gorge, leading to Annapurna base camp (plus a couple of hundred metres waterfalls as bonus). Having lunch.

A long descent down the stone stairs (treniruet knees) will lead us to the village gene danda, famous for its thermal waters. Staying in the Lodge, take bathing suits and towels and hurry down to the Ghats. The deserved rest :)
Distance: 12 km, lifting: 900 m descent: 1100m.

Day 8. Nayapul, Pokhara.

Last day of our trekking. We pass several memorable suspension bridges and a couple of waterfalls. Look in the authentic village of the tribe Gurung, go through the rice fields, do not forget to periodically look at the receding beauty Annapurna. Eventually come in a familiar village Nayapul - the circle is closed. Close pass at the exit from the Park Annapurna, sit in the van, going to Pokhara.

Settle in a familiar hotel at the lake, relax, come in after trekking.

Length: 9 km,  lift: 500 m descent: 1500 m 

Day 9. Pokhara, waterfall Davis, the Phewa lake.

In the morning we go to the waterfall Davis, is interesting because he falls into a vertical shaft of the cave. At the same time visited an underground temple of Shiva (the snake). Then can once again look to the Stupa in the World - especially if you do not have time to do this during the first visit to Pokhara.

In the second half of the day you can go to the neighbouring hill Sarangkot (2090 m) and paragliding (about $80 for 30 minutes), or take in the arena of kayaking or a boat ride on the lake Phewa. In General we just relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of Pokhara.

Day 10. Reserve Chitwan.

Moved out of the hotel, go in the reserve, Chitwan (about 4 hours). There we are in a comfortable Lodge with large landscaped area (tropical garden, gazebo, exit to the river).

When the heat subsides go on excursion to the elephant orphanage (kids-cubs - the real beauty). And after sunset will ethno-view - folk dances tribe Thar under the accompaniment of drums.

Day 11. Chitwan - Canoeing, elephant in the jungle .

Early in the morning, at dawn, floating on long Canoeing (as it should be, carved out of a whole tree trunk) by the river where with equal probability, you can meet Siberian goose (that's where they spend the winter!) and crocodiles (don't be afraid, don't bite). Then we landed on the beach and accompanied by local guides hike through the jungle reserve Chitwan. Don't make a noise and look around - here you can meet Nepali deer, wild boar, monkeys.

Before dinner you can participate in swimming elephant - RUB him back with a washcloth, to plunge into the river, the elephant sitting on the neck. After the lunch we will continue our acquaintance with elephants - come on them in the jungle. Sit on a special platform (4 students on an elephant) and go hunt down the Nepalese rhinos in impassable thickets of elephant grass (such rushes up to 5 meters).

Day 12. Transfer to Kathmandu, the Royal Kathmandu Durbar square, the living goddess Kumari .

All the afternoon (7 hours) will take the transfer from Chitwan in Kathmandu. Upon arrival in the capital, settle in a familiar hotel, we take away things from Luggage storage. After the shower, go for an evening walk through the shopping streets of Kathmandu. Eventually okazyvaemsya the Royal Kathmandu Durbar square. This is a whole complex of temples unique Newari architecture, among which is full of the everyday life of the city - the lovers cried, meditate pilgrims, loafing beggars. Immediately on the square stands the house of the living goddess Kumari - a little girl from the caste Newari jewelers, "working" a kind of religious mascot of the city, the embodiment of purity and light.

Day 13. It presents Pashupatinath, the Bodhnath stupa, monkey Swayambhunath temple.

Today we are on a custom-made van going on a trip at significant locations Kathmandu. It will take most of the day. Start from visiting of a complex of Pashupatinath - the place, where according to legend, Shiva came to earth in the image of the deer. Since then, here on the banks of the sacred river Bagmati, Hindus are building their temples and grimiruyut dead. Naturally, in a Holy place many saints (wandering sadhus). It is very exotic guys, do not spare money - Studites with them.

After the Pashupatinath go to the Shrine with quite a different atmosphere, a huge Buddhist stupa Bodhnath, stunning in its grandeur and calmness of spirit. As true pilgrims will do a few laps around the stupa turn the prayer drums, and you may even get a blessing in one of the located here Buddhist monasteries.

Then we go to the temple complex of Swayambhunath, which among tourists known as the Monkey temple (guess why). From the top of the hill where the complex overlooks the entire Kathmandu valley, and if lucky, through the haze will appear white peaks of the mountains.

In the evening return to the hotel in Thamel.

Day 14. Shopping for the flight home.

Flights from Kathmandu home (via the UAE of course) usually fly at night, so there will be enough time for shopping. In Thamel you can buy traditional Nepali Souvenirs - things made of Yak wool, cashmere, machete (kukri knife), singing bowls, a t-shirt with a map of our track :)

In the evening, in the airport, do not forget to take in hand Luggage bag - ahead again the night in the airport (Sharjah, Dubai).

Day 15. Arriving at home.

The last flight and you are home. Listen to yourself, do not want to go back to Nepal? Soon will want :)

the cost of the tour: 1150 dollars.

Order of payment: to book a place in the group must pay in advance - $ 100 This money will go for passes and insurance. In case of cancellation prepayment is not refundable, but may be transferred to another member or saved for future use (for other tours. The balance of the tour price can be made at the meeting point at the airport, or sent remotely (not later than one week before the start). In the event of premature exit from the route, the money is not returned.  

price includes:

the cost of the tour is NOT included: