Plan a hike. Day 1 . Antalya , Kemer, Ulupinar . гора Тахталы в облаках Gathering the group at the airport of Antalya. Next on the bus going to Kemer, where transplanted in customized minibus to take us to the village Ulupinar , famous for its trout farms and fish restaurants. Here begins the pedestrian part of the route . Go down the river , first through pomegranate orchards , then through mixed forest . Just a couple of hours of motion are in for a night at the river (just after a small ford ) . Day 2 . Lights Chimera , Cirali . цветущий гранат The trail goes up, we climb a small ridge that separates us from the sea. On its south side are the famous lights Chimera . According to Greek legend, this is where riding a winged Pegasus hero Bellerophon fought Headed Chimera . Monster was defeated and buried under rocks , but the flames continued to break out from the ground for many hundreds of years in a row. We 'll get through this legendary place hands warm ourselves by the fire ( in fact it is a small natural gas field ) and continue your way down to the sea . Long before the darkness comes in a small resort village of Cirali . There are no huge hotels and noisy discos , but there is incredible size sandy beach , where once a year creep sea turtles lay their eggs . Put the tent in the territory of one of the campsites (directly in the garden) . The sea is only a hundred meters :) Day 3 . Radialka the bay of Karaburun . снова Тахталы Reserve tents and backpacks in Cirali , while they themselves are going to light the whole day in the neighboring bays Radialka . The trail to the bay of Karaburun goes along the sea several times and has exceeded small rocky capes . Depending on the degree of our enthusiasm for the day we can go from 5 to 20 km - the benefit here is, where carousing . Besides the azure sea and fragrant Mediterranean pine trees , you can see an abandoned mine , a fish farm and the incredible height of reeds . By evening return to Cirali . Day 4 . Ancient Olympos , Mount Musa . брод неподалеку от Улупинара Fold the tent , pack backpacks again . Go to the southern end Cirali Beach . There's a real tropical jungle ruins of the ancient Lycian hid Olympos - tombs, amphitheatres , fortifications , temples and Roman baths. Heavy backpacks to prevent interference vobrazheniya leave them at the box office complex. After inspecting the ruins again " harnessed " and begin the long ascent of Mount Musa ( about 600 meters climb ) . Soon after the pass we go to a place to stay - open area overlooking the valley Adrasan . Nearby there is a rare pastoral house and a well. Put the tent , rest. Day 5 . Beach Adrasan camel farm . красные турецкие скалы у Химеры In the morning we go down from the mountain into the valley of Musa Adrasan . Popetlyat bit of the ubiquitous Turkish greenhouses go on road that will lead us into the bay Adrasan with a great beach . Located on the beach , we have lunch and rest. Instructor meanwhile restock food at a local store . Enough to enjoy the sea once again become a small backpacks and commit to the overnight shift . This clearing in the woods near an abandoned camel farm at the foot of the Kizil- Sirt . Here is everything you need for camp - flat ground , a powerful source of water and firewood. Day 6 . Gelidoniya Cape lighthouse . огни Химеры в Ликии (Турция) Relatively difficult day today . Please Lycian trail climbs to the saddle between the peaks Tyuzlyu -breaker and Kizil- Sirt , then it passes to the " sea " side of the mountain and all of our future path to Cape Gelidoniya passes overlooking the picturesque islands scattered across the Mediterranean Sea. Go traverse , ie almost without changing the height, but the trail , there are areas where you have a lot of patience . Mostly small road block sypuhi , fallen trees , bushes and leisurely tsarapuchie tortoises . But in the end, we find ourselves at the crest of a huge cape Gelidoniya - top Marquis Tepe (height 507 m ) . This ridge we descend the beautiful old lighthouse near which and split his camp . Day 7 . Karaoz . черепаховый пляж Чыралы (Турция) From the lighthouse down to the dirt road running north into the Gulf Karaoz . Along the way several times staying in the beautiful bays . One day we were lucky to find a chameleon here . The village quickly Karaoz dokupal bread and vegetables and continue walking along the shoreline. Become the night in a bay - Papazov Iskelesi ( pastorky dock tour. ) . Day 8 . Mavikent , Kumluca , Antalya . песок на пляже Чыралы For Cape Akchaegryu starts another endless " tortoiseshell " shingle beach underfoot and majestic mountain peaks on the other side of the Gulf of Finike . We walk along the beach, a couple of hours until we reach the " greenhouse " Mavikent village where the shuttle bus will leave at least tomato Kumluca town where peresyadem the bus to Antalya. At the same time our hike on the Lycian coast bays completed. In Antalya we arrive no earlier than 5 pm . So if you want to fly in the same evening , then take the tickets to the most recent flights. Or you can fly in the morning and at night stay in one of the many hotels and guest houses Antalya. If you want , we will reserve for you an inexpensive room ( $ 20 person / day ) directly into the "old town" ( Kaleici ) .