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Fast or comfortable?

We have one ascent route and it is standard, but in terms of transport and overnight there are 2 main options:

Calm (with overnight stay) . You arrive in the Carpathians in advance, at least one day before the chosen   your ascent date.   Settle in any hotel or private garden in Bukovel (polianitsa village), Tatarov, Mykulychyn or Vorokhta. You warn us in advance where you live and where you will be taken from. On the appointed day (or rather, morning) you are taken directly from the hotel by our microbus and driven to the mountain. You climb Hoverla, and in the evening (no later than 18:00) you are returned back to the hotel.

Operational (1 day, no overnight stay) . You arrive in Ivano-Frankivsk early in the morning (for example, on the Kiev train at 5:45), at 6:00, get on the minibus to Bukovel (you need to book in advance), at 8:00 you are already in Bukovel and go to some kind of clock Cafe for a quick breakfast. At 9:00 you will be picked up by a minibus plan. After climbing, you are put on a minibus to Ivano-Frankivsk and around 8:00 pm you are already in the city at the station.

How to join the tour?

  1. Fill in application for participation
  2. You will receive an e-mail confirming the application and our payment details for the prepayment
  3. Make a prepayment - 100 hryvnia per adult, 50 UAH per child (from 8 up to 12 years old)
  4. Write us a letter where you specify: the total amount of the prepayment, the date and time of payment, the chosen date of ascent, the address to which you will need to pick you up on the day of ascent, your name and phone numbers of all participants .
  5. We will send you the number of the senior guide.
  6. On the evening before the ascent, call the guide, and once again confirm Share your participation and address. If you need a transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk, then this is also better to remind

Detailed tour plan

9:00 A minibus leaves Bukovel and passes polyanitsa, Tatars, Mykulychyn, Vorokhta and collects participants of the ascent through hotels. When boarding a minibus, you need to pay the rest of the cost of the tour, i.e. 350 hryvnia for an adult and 175 UAH for children.

10:15 A minibus passes a checkpoint in the Carpathian Nature Reserve. The guide collects from the participants a recreational fee for entering the reserve (adult - 30 UAH, children under 12 years old - 15 UAH) and pays for it in bulk at the checkpoint. On weekends and public holidays, there is often a queue at the checkpoint and there may be delays.

10:30 Arrival at the Zaroslyak hostel. Around the dense spruce forest. We are getting ready to go on the route - we lace up our shoes, pack our backpacks, check for raincoats, etc. Unnecessary things can be left in the minibus.

10:40 We leave on the route. We start from a height of 1330 meters, which means up to the top about 700 meters. At first, the path goes through the forest without any special height differences, then a long climb begins. The forest thins, goes into rare thickets of coniferous elfin wood.

12:30 A small halt at the intermediate summit - Mount Hoverlyane (aka Small Hoverla). Height of 1760 meters above sea level. To the top of Hoverla about 1 kilometer in a straight line. If you feel that you are too hard, then you can not go any further, but start descending back (the minibus is open) or wait for the group here.

13:30 Hoverla summit - height 2061 meter. We take pictures all together and separately, call relatives from the top (the connection is not very stable). From here you can see the whole Montenegrin ridge (the highest in the Ukrainian Carpathians) from petros to Black Mountain. In the distance, the ridge Svidovec, Marmarosa and the Romanian Alps can be seen. At this point, everyone is already very hungry, so do not forget to bring sandwiches and at least 1.5 liters of water per person.

14:00 Start the descent. Back we go on the same path.

4:00 pm We arrive at the Zaroslyak hostel. We clean clothes and shoes, wait for the rest, get ready to go back.

16:10 Everyone is gathered, we leave back. A minibus is taking tourists around the hotels, if necessary, they can drop you off at the railway station in Vorokhta.

17:00 We cross highway H09 in Tatarov. Here you can transfer to the bus to Ivano-Frankivsk (150 UAH, 2 hours on the way). Warn about such a desire in advance.

18:00 Arrival in Bukovel. This is the final stop.

18:30 A bus from Bukovel is sent to Ivano-Frankivsk

The instructor has the right to make changes to the route depending on the weather and the state of the group. The above hourly plan is tentative. It can vary based on the weather, traffic situation, the physical condition of the participants and the length of daylight hours.

Guided tour: 450 UAH

Discounts: children from 8 to 12 years old 50% discount

in the price of the excursion includes : guide's work, transfer from Bukovel to Zaroslyak and back.

The cost of the tour does not include : recreational fee for entering the reserve (30 UAH - adult, 15 UAH - for children), transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk to Bukovel and back (150 UAH one way), travel from / to Ivano-Frankivsk.

payment procedure . To reserve a place in the group, you must make an advance payment (on the card in privat) - 100 UAH from the adult, 50 UAH per child (from 8 to 12 years). The remaining 350 UAH must be paid directly when boarding the bus. In case of non-appearance on the bus or refusal to participate in the tour, the prepayment is not refunded.

Forsmajor: In the event that the tour is canceled due to the weather without starting, we will refund the deposit or write you down for another date (your choice). If the bad weather (thunderstorm) makes it necessary to cancel the excursion after it began, then no refund or recalculation will be made.

What to take with you

This list is strictly for summer excursions to Hoverla. At any other time, much more clothing is needed. for example, on the May holidays, Hoverla is usually still covered with snow and you need to take winter shoes and warm clothes.

  • Raincoat - you can buy a regular plastic raincoat, preferably a thick one.
  • A small backpack - in it you will carry a raincoat, a bottle of water, a windbreaker, a camera. If you do not have a small backpack, you can go with a package in your hand, it's just a little less convenient.
  • Jacket windbreaker is a must. The weather in the Carpathians can deteriorate at lightning speed. A minute ago there was a heat, and then a cloud came and a cold wind knocks down. You can take a ski jacket or city raincoat.
  • Sneakers - comfortable with good lacing. If you go to Hoverla not in summer, but in spring or autumn, then instead of sneakers it is better to take shoes. Chances are that your shoes will be dirty or wet after descending from the mountain. Therefore, you can take a replacement shoe and leave it in a minibus during the excursion.
  • Headgear - in the heat it is better to hide your head from the sun, and in the cold - from the wind.
  • Spare socks - on a case if your feet get wet.
  • Tracksuit - or something like that. In a tracksuit it is more comfortable to go than in jeans or an evening dress:)
  • Bottle of water - one and a half or two liters per person. You can also take an unbreakable tea thermos.
  • Sandwiches - or another snack. The tour lasts a whole day and you will surely get hungry.
  • Chocolate is more than likely that you will want to eat something on the go, without waiting for dinner. In this case, you can take with you a snicker or a handful of nuts.

Answers to questions

Can I cope? Most likely you can. Every day hundreds of people of different ages and levels of training rise on Govrelo. If you feel that the forces have left you, then you will not be able to continue climbing, but go back to the minibus yourself. If you have medical contraindications to sports and high loads, you must first consult with your doctor.

Can I take children? We do not recommend taking Hoverla to children under 8 years old. Be prepared for the fact that the child gets tired, you have to carry him in your arms, as a result you will also get tired and will not reach the top.

Will it be very hard? Exercise will be within reason. With unaccustomed, the first meters of lift will seem exhausting to you, the heart will want to jump out of the chest. But if you don’t rush, go slowly and measuredly, then you will quickly “get involved” and you will be able to admire the scenery, rather than catch your mouth with the air. Do not hurry!

What will the weather be like? The weather in the Carpathians is unpredictable. Rain, hail and strong wind come here very often. Before leaving, it is better to viewweather forecast and adjust your outfit (for example, take more warm clothes). But even if they promise terrible heat and clear skies, you still need to take a jacket and a raincoat. Note that if a thunderstorm begins, the tour will be canceled, because lightning strikes directly the top of Hoverla and you cannot be there.

Do you have discounts? Yes, & nbsp; for children from 8 to 12 years old 50% discount. In addition, we can offer a discount of 20 hryvnia for a review of the excursion on Facebook.

How many people will be in a group? Differently. In the range of 5 to 20 people.

Is there a route map? Yes, one of the traditional options is displayed here on this map .

Where is it better to stay? In our opinion, it’s best to spend the night in Hoverlapolyanyce or Татарове.

Can I come by car? You can. But we do not advise you to go independently to Zaroslyak. The road there is very bad; in addition, there is virtually no connection on Zaroslyak. Therefore, it would be better if you leave the car in the parking lot in Bukovel or Vorokhta, and go to Zaroslyak with a group in a minibus. In any case, this does not affect the price.

Can you organize a corporate event for Hoverla? Yes, we have many instructors and we can raise a group of any size (100,200 people) to Hoverla.

When exactly does the excursion season begin and end? It’s not from us, but from the weather. In the spring, as soon as the snow melts and the rescue service gives us good, we begin daily excursions. This usually occurs in early May. The season ends with a permanent snow cover, somewhere in the middle of autumn. To get more timely information, call us.

How to get to Hoverla at another time (not in summer)? We can arrange for you an individual tour to Hoverla. However, it will cost several times more expensive (from 5,000 UAH from a group of 2-4 people). And the weather will be harsh. At the top of Hoverla, winter lasts from mid-October to April. If it doesn't scare you, call us:)

Do you have long trips to Hoverla? Yes, of course. There are summer hikes with tents on3 days and on 6 days and winter hikes.