Equipment list

We looked in the packs of several of our most avid backpackers.  Some pack for weight, others pack for comfort.  All pack carefully and thoughtfully. Below is a list of what we found.  Just a reminder…. you have a responsibility to yourself and to your hiking companions to be prepared for the unexpected as well as the expected.  Carrying the lightest pack on the trail means nothing if you do not have the right equipment for the conditions you encounter.  Be aware of the full range of weather conditions in the area you are hiking since mountain weather can change fast.

Basic Gear up


Note:  Plan to layer clothing so that you can add or subtract as needed.  First layer clothing should be moisture wicking.  Cotton is not a good choice for the first layer because it will hold moisture next to your body, which can result in chilling.

Personal Items

Note: Be sure to pack personal items that you are likely to use during the hike in an easily accessible spot.  An outside pocket usually works best.  Pockets too small?  Pack the items together in a bag and make this last item you put in your pack.  We find that the underlined items are most often used during a hike.