The day trekking in Nepal

Распорядок дня в треккинге по Непалу The life of the tourist commercial trekking in Nepal is relatively easy and carefree - no need to collect firewood, to cook, to set and collect tents. In this case, the trekking, i.e. movement along the path is rarely takes more than 6 hours per day, because of the requirements of the safe acclimatization we can't gain too much altitude in one day. Tourists used to the tight schedule regular mountain hikes amazed - what do you do all day in your Nepal? To lift the veil of secrecy, I will tell you about the day trekking in Nepal. So, one average day from lifting and to hang up...

it Should be noted that a similar, quite relaxed in my opinion, routine characteristic for the first stage of the trek, when it is set altitude and acclimatization to it. During the day we just 10-12 miles and spend it on the strength of 6 hours. But on the way back, on the descent from the mountains, we gain momentum and the schedule becomes more intense. Daily mileage can reach 25 miles (running time 10 hours) - with light backpacks it is not as difficult as it seems. This model of movement (up and slow down very quickly) the most typical track to the base camp of mount Everest. There we go up more than a week, and moving back in just 3 days. Every this day we need in case of bad weather and the inability in time to fly from Lukla. On the descent to the base camp of Annapurna previously, we also take a long hard run, but now, thanks to the jeep, there is an opportunity to relax.

Cyril Jasko, October 26, 2014