Experimental hiking tours

Experimental hiking tours organized by our team is quite different from the planned tours. They are complex, unpredictable and interesting. The most common is the "first ascent" of new routes with all the consequences (active orienteering, irregular working hours, the mass of adventure). Accordingly, the requirements for participants in the experimental campaigns are much higher.

To help you better understand the essence of the "experimental", I will show it in comparison with standard tours.

Standard hiking tour.

Experimental hiking tour.

Ideal experimenter.

I would like to elaborate on what the same requirements as to the nature of tourists, puts a hell-cat-organizer of the pilot campaign:


 If after all that reading, you will not erupted with indignation, have not started scribbling a denunciation of human rights committee, and you have not fallen away to participate in the experimental campaigns, contact me and we will discuss options for your participation in our projects.