Equipment of the tourist - 80 years ago

старая палатка disputes concerning what all the same it is unique a true way of a complete set of equipment do not cease. Whether it is necessary according to " the newest fashion " to struggle with each superfluous gram in a backpack, or it is necessary to go "classically", i.e. with 20 kgs of various and certainly useful things in the big 90 liter backpack...

I think, it will be interesting to supporters of both approaches to esteem a following fragment from the book of Century Semenovskogo " Equipment of the tourist ", published 80 years ago, i.e. in 1929... " The big list of subjects of equipment and their weight will involuntarily force the tourist to concern to preparation of a route and selection of the things necessary in a way more seriously. In fact everything, that you take with yourself, it is necessary to bear(carry), and forces for the person is available moderately; therefore before to take even a superficial subject, it is necessary to think.

One of casual satellites amazed us with an abundance of every possible lovely and very convenient things, during our railway trip to a place, the pedestrian way whence began. Here there was in an extra packing a bottle with cologne - in fact it(he) so pleasantly after shaving freshens the person(face), any especially advanced pillow, the lunch device consisting of a plate, a plug, a knife and a napkin - all this in a canvas case; there were still more many other very useful things.

Then our roads dispatch a little(deliver a little;have a little missed), we have gone on top of one mountain, our satellite - through easy, but very long pass. Then we have met again, and our casual satellite at the first joint breakfast already perfectly managed one nozhem, without a plug and for the night has put the (all - taki greased vezhetalem) a head not on the advanced pillow, and on rukzak, having enclosed(laid) preliminary a handkerchief as it mortal tourists do(make) ordinarily all. Where and as it(he) put the lovely and convenient bagatelles - we did not ask... "

турист начала 20 века nothing reminds it to you?

And in the meantime, would like to pay your attention to some moments. Look at a backpack of the "ancient" tourist. What your way its(his) volume? Look narrowly at the sizes canvas palatochki (pritorochena to a backpack sideways, it is designated by the letter "and"). Most likely it is self-made tent as about available on sale the author wrote the following:

" Unique inconvenience of tent, it that it(she) is rather heavy. Made from so-called " tent " matters, it(she) on 5 chel. Will weigh 6 - 7 kg. "

Unfortunately, it(he) does not specify, its(his) own tent how many weighs, but from the aforesaid it is possible to assume, that 6 kgs (on 5 person) there are less. I.e. a maximum 1,2кг on the person! It seems to me, that it is excellent(different) result. For today the majority of tourists is carried by tents at which on the person it is necessary 1,5кг, and even more. Also do(make) it voluntary instead of because there is no other choice.

Calculation which it is necessary to adhere at definition of a cargo, should be based on weight of the tourist. By experience it is established(installed), that the best parity(ratio) will be 1:5, t. e. If the tourist weighs 60 kg the cargo which it(he) can freely take on shoulders, will be equaled 12 kg. For women the parity(ratio) is a little bit other - here it is necessary to take 1 : 6. With such cargo it is easily possible to walk tens kilometers. "

Let's try to put(apply) the given formula to our hikes. We shall assume, to a 6-day's hike across Crimea there is a married couple: the man (75кг) and the woman (60кг). Then the optimum weight of backpacks will make 15кг and 10 kg. Sumarnaja carrying capacity of pair - 25кг.

The weight of meal for 6 days makes 4,8 kg on the person (800грамм in day). Besides everyone bears(carries) 1,5 litres of drinking water in current of day. It already 6,3 kg on the person or 12,6 on pair. Then for clothes and equipment remains only 12,4 kg. How you think, we shall be enclosed in the specification?

Let's try to make it with the standard, "classical" set of equipment:

    * 2 kovrika - 0,9 kg
    * 2 sleeping bags - 2,2 kg
    * 2 backpacks - 4 kg
    * 2-seater tent - 3кг

 Ups... Already 10 kg. And we yet have not taken neither clothes, nor utensils, phones, cameras, first-aid sets and kosmetichek. How so? Probably, it is necessary to consider all once again. In fact...

The tourist should prepare carefully the equipment then to not suffer or from - for superfluous things, a heavy cargo laying down on shoulders, or on the contrary, from - for absence of the subject extremely necessary.

For those who wishes to get acquainted more in detail with the CLASSICAL approach to a choice of equipment, I give the reference(link) to the full text of the book of V.Semenovskogo " Equipment of the tourist ".

Cyril Jasko
On May, 16th 2009, Crimea

P.S. " To take or to not take " - a question eternal and very individual. In my opinion, " it is unique a true way " a choice of equipment everyone defines(determines) for itself. And consequently disputes up to a hoarseness and not sacred fires of Inquisition, and a simple and constructive exchange of experience are necessary not. For example such.