Complete set of equipment of Leonid Smyshljakov

     легкий как перышко Not so long ago I have addressed to all skilled tourists with the request to share with the public the operating time in a question of selection of equipment. The first our constant client - Leonid Smyshljakov has responded. It(he) has sent the list of equipment used by it(him) in years(summer) hikes across Crimea. The weight of the complete set of equipment and clothes makes only 8,3 kg!!!
The table of equipment

The equipment in the given table is grouped in a place of a disposition during walking. The weight is specified in grams.
Inside of a backpack      5050
Backpack      850
Kovrik      230
Tent (740) pegs (180)      920
Sleeping bag      980
Hat      105
Termobele 255-185      440
Tapki      172
Mug (98)-spoon (29)      127
Lantern      15
Cellular      71
Mike-sleeveless jacket      135
Termofutbolka dl.rukav      120
Swimming trunks      100
Cowards      80
Shorts      125
Socks of 2 pairs      60
The razor (30)-washed (45)      75
Mirror (23)-hairbrush (5)      28
Tooth-paste (40)-brush (10)      50
Paper toilet      30
Garbage bags      30
Cream      30
Card(Map)      5
Lighter a needle a thread      15
Ренатидин-цитрамон-soda      80
Pencil - the handle      7
Pasp.bil.den.kejs.kljuchi      170
On itself      2732
Trousers (425)-belt (75)      500
Krossovki      840
Stick      525
Shirt      170
The field-glass      285
Kneecaps      95
Cowards (80)-socks (25)      105
Knife      35
Scarf nosovoj      15
Garmin (on a strap)      162
On a belt(zone) of a backpack      515
Battery 2х14,4х23      120
poncho      233
Jacket      162

Further Leonid results(brings) more detailed information on basic elements of the complete set of equipment.
Tent Lajt 2 Nova Tour

Легкая палатка НоваТур Motives of purchase: Chose tent with the least weight of an awning carelessly on other characteristics. Ordered through the Internet.

Nowadays given model is removed(taken off) from manufacture. On change to it(her) has come - " Lajt plus 2 N "

    * the Sizes of tent: 120х200х110.
    * Materials: tent - Nylon Taffeta 210 T silicon PU, water resistance 2000мм.; a bottom - Poly Taffeta 210 PU, water resistance of 3000 mm.
    * Racks and pegs in the complete set do not enter.
    * Weight declared: 780 gr.
    * Weight measured (only an awning): 740 gr.
    * Weight of 12 pegs: 180 gr.
    * the Price in 2007г. 1750 r.

На треккинговых палках


    * Small weight and volume in the combined kind.

    * Good ventilation.


    * Temperatures behind a board and in tent identical.
    * Borrows(Occupies) a lot of place for installation (because of delays).
    * it is a little diskomfortno from sensation of vulnerability as the tent is looked through through and it is similar to an awning with a bottom.

Results of operation

Instead of racks I use trekkingovye palok Masters Sherpa. It is packed in kompressionnyj a bag of sleeping bag NORDWAY TREK ULTRALIGHT together with a sleeping bag. During operation almost iron rings under racks at once have jumped out, I use without them. Used in current of 10 days in the beginning of June in Crimea at height 1000м. Spent the night during a good rain. It was inside dry.

Only for warm weather.
Backpack Redfox RACER 40

рюкзак Редфокс Рейсер Motives of purchase: Chose an inexpensive easy(light) backpack with a rigid back lateral pockets and pockets on a belt(zone). Bought through the Internet. The description on a site of the manufacturer :

    * the Skeleton: profilirovannyj aluminium
    * Volume 40л
    * Weight with a skeleton: 850гр., without a skeleton 750 gr.
    * the Price in 2008 960 r.

      The design of a backpack provides full ventilation of a back. Accommodation of drinking system, pockets from a grid on each side and two pockets on a belt(zone) is stipulated. Adjustable humeral belts of the anatomic form. A demountable metal skeleton. A chest clamp(fixing agent) of straps.


    * small weight
    * a rigid back
    * pockets on a belt(zone)
    * the belt(zone) can be clasped(buttoned) back (conveniently in transport)
    * in each lateral pocket 2 liter bottle of water is located
    * the cape on a backpack is not required. It is easily covered with any poncho together with the person.
    * owing to small thickness of a bag (18см) the centre of gravity is close to a back
    * good ventilation - the back does not sweat at all


    * rigid straps (can rub shoulders)
    * not adjustable back, at purchase it is obligatory to try on

Results of operation

Transferred(Carried) in current of day up to 16 kg - the discomfort is not present. At me color of a backpack yellow. Would prefer red, but was not available.
Sleeping bag Nordway Trek Ultralight

спальник Нордвей Трек Ультралайт Motives of purchase: the sleeping bag for the summer was necessary. Has bought(purchased) in shop that was easier not choosing as the choice was not. The description on a site of the manufacturer :

    * Temperature "Comfort", C +9 / +3
    * Temperature "Extreme", C + 25 /-2
    * the Declared weight, kg 1,1
    * Real weight (in kompressionke), kg 0,98
    * the Size 215X80X55
    * the Price in 2007 1400р.


    * it is completed kompressionnym with a bag


    * the lightning jams a fabric of a bag.

Results of operation

For summer it is quite comfortable.
Izhevsk kovrik - modified

We take kovrik usual "Izhevsk" 180х60х0.8см, weight 460гр. We cut half-and-half 90х60см + 90х60см. polovinku it is cut half-and-half 60х45 + 60х45. Two chetvertushki it is stacked against each other and punched two apertures on one short party(side), for the subsequent linkage. Then them it is made slightly an incision on the long party(side).

It has turned out kovrik in the size 120х45см in weight 230гр., put(folded) four times till the size 30х45х3.2 sm easily entering in the smallest backpack. 120х45 it is quite enough size for the person growth up to 175см.

Under legs(foots) we put an empty backpack. Under a head soft kompressionnyj a bag from sleeping bag NORDWAY TREK ULTRALIGHT filled by not used clothes.

There was a material for manufacturing of the second kovrika.
Results of operation

Slept normally.