Outdoor Equipment

Fleece gloves

флисовые перчатки Brushes of hands (as well as a head) radiate inconceivable quantity(amount) of heat in space. At a cold snap of a hand merznut first of all. To the tourists I recommend to take gloves or mittens even in years(summer) hikes across Crimea. Unfortunately, they quite often ignore my advice(councils) and do not take anything, or arm absolutely not with leather for camp life leather or cotton gloves.
It at that simple and accessible means from cold hands - fleece gloves for a long time is already known.

Winter boots Sorel Conquest

Зимние ботинки Sorel Conquest Allready 5 years I use boots Sorel Conquest 2 as winter footwear . It not tourist footwear, and more likely hunting or fishing.
Sole soft, bending, without a steel insert. They to me also like these(it;this). To go on big distances so it is much more convenient. Natural walking is promoted also by the successful form of a sole. The foot is as though rolled from a heel on front.

Tourist shoes covers

туристические бахилы Here some years I do not imagine winter hikes without shoes covers. Tourist shoes covers have appeared improbably effective means from a cold, a moisture and a snow. Where to buy(purchase) these shoes covers? Shoes covers On sale in shops are far from perfect and, to tell the truth, dorogovaty. Ask better how to make shoes covers? And I shall share the experience with pleasure

Testing of snowshoes TSL

обзор отзыв про снегоступы TSL Rando 227 the snow and I One of these days has unexpectedly dropped out, having taken advantage of the moment, has gone to a wood to test recently got snowshoes TSl 227 Rando. Two hours I wandered on zasnezhennym to hills and ravines checking work of snowshoes in various conditions. I have just in case written down the impressions, remarks, and simply clever ideas and have supplied with illustrations.

Water-repellent impregnations

Even the best jackets with a membrane demand regular processing by water-repellent impregnations. It is necessary for the several reasons. The membrane moistened can cease "to work" as water and you will get wet. Except for that the fabric is sated(saturated) with a moisture and becomes heavy and more vulnerable. vodoottalikavajushchie impregnations cover a surface of a fabric with a thin layer of special substance with low factor of a superficial tension. As a result water does not moisten a fabric, and downwards " as water simply rolls down(slides) from a duck ".

The list of equipment for a winter hike across Crimea

Resulted(Brought) below the list of personal equipment necessary for a winter hike, has been developed for one concrete route and does not apply for universality and completeness of a statement. Remember, no lists will replace careful planning and preparation.

How to choose footwear for a hike

ботинок Hold a head in a cold, and legs(foots) in heat - everyone know this saying since the childhood, but hardly who listens to her until will get in a hike in an adverse environment of a cold and the raised(increased) humidity. After the first hike, probably, all tourists think of necessity of purchase of the convenient, strong footwear, capable to bear(take out) all conditions of travel, to provide light(mild) movement on any district and to frame a comfortable temperature regimen for legs(foots).

For what you pay, when buy tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack?

  Now in the shops trading tourist equipment, a huge choice of tents, sleeping bags, backpacks. The prices for different models can differ in some times. Let's try understand on what the prices depend. What do we buy?
In the present(true) survey we shall not compare various designs of products, and also the differences inherent in trade labels. Certainly, the known firm sells the products more dearly(expensively), than little-known. But it is not necessary to forget and that good the firm (brand) always values the name and does not presume to offer itself to the buyer of a product of bad quality.

Ultra light travel

взвесить надо все! In this compilation made of various sources, the philosophy, principles and some aspects of travel with the minimal load (weight) and as the theme extralight equipments and equipments is affected shortly speaks.

How to choose tent

палатка tents for various kinds of travel, climatic zones, seasons, and also mobile and stationary outdoor recreation are issued by the Industry.

Tourist tents to destination can be classified on tents
For high mountains, for srednegorja,  for plain.
In each of these three categories there is a conditional separation into the "upper", "average" and "low" tents. This gradation depends on applied materials of arches and an awning, technologies, impregnations and a design.

Clothes from tissue PolartecR: often asked questions

полартек Polartec the Question:
Than properts of material Polartec® speak? Whether there is a difference between Polartec® and flisom?

The answer:
Soft and warm Polartec® perfectly saves heat of a body. The principle of action Polartec® is based(founded;established) that between pile the interlayer of air which is the best termoizoljatorom is saved. Besides unlike natural tissues, Polartec® does not accumulate a moisture, and provides necessary ventilation at an overheat and deduces(removes) outside a condensate, - activly moving, you will feel comfortably.

The Choice of a storm jacket

куртка штормовка to you any bad weather if you will put on as follows will be not really terrible. The first layer - special underwear which will adjust(regulate) tap(removal) of a moisture from a body, leaving a skin dry. The second layer - a heater which will save precious heat. Well and to the third layer of the demand not less serious - he should protect you from external nuisances - a wind and deposits, and also to promote conservation of heat and a condensate drain. To cope with such problems(tasks), the outer clothing - a jacket and trousers - should be functional and should be executed from a technological tissue. And though functionality costs(stands) on the first place, appearance of these clothes too is important, in fact meet on clothes...

How to choose a backpack

Как выбрать рюкзак the Backpack, certainly, is the integral part of tourism. Words <tourist> and <hike> associate with it(him) at the majority. If in Russian a word <tourism> designate everything, from an ascention to the Everest before week lying on a beach at hotel in the West distinguish hiking - something of type of walk on the nature, PVD (a hike of the day off) on ours; trekking a-campaign, it is ordinary on a hilly terrain (and plains at all of them are opened or built up), with small 2 - 3 days independent transitions between camp sites; and backpacking - the present(true) long independent hike.

Points of hire of equipment in Kiev

Small selection of the Kiev items(points) of hire of equipment. I really used only one. But for a change we shall specify also others. By the way if you know about existence of other items(points) of hire in Kiev (and other cities), report to me - I shall necessarily publish them on a site.

Points of hire of equipment in Moscow

In what item(point) of hire of Moscow it is possible to lease tourist equipment (tent, a sleeping bag) and other? I have tried to find item(point) of hire which under the low prices offers a wide range of the various goods in rent in this research. I have touched the order of 30-40 companies, but it has appeared, that it is not enough interesting items(points) of hire. A typical situation - very small choice and old assortment (the Soviet tents). The part of the companies either was closed, or closed.

The Survey of tourist shops of Moscow

In what shop of Moscow the low prices for tourist equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and other)? I have selected a little bit potentially the most interesting shops and the wholesale-retail companies of Moscow trading tourist equipment: ß»«ÓÔ¼áßÔÑÓ-discount, TTS the Extreme, a net of shops of the company Turin, Старт-1, Простор-2000, wholesale-retail shop Turgalantereja, wholesale-retail company Oboronteh, a wholesale-retail warehouse the Biont-lux, a net of shops Alpindustrija.

Shops of equipment in Kiev

Ekipirovochnyj the center " Command(Team) eks "

The address: street Vyborg, 49. Ph. 453-1304, 466-4410

Operating conditions: pn.-пт. From 11:00 till, sb. Till 18:00, vs. - the day off

Site: travel.org.ua/eks/, http://www.ex.com.ua E-mail: dumala@ukr.net, bkol@mail.ru

Functional linen - termobelyo

Термобельё we had a tradition to name functional linen for playing sports by a word "termobelyo". It is not absolutely correct, but the tradition is tradition. The attachment "termo" confuses the buyer and often questions are asked: " As this linen is strong heats? " Or " at what temperature to me it will be warm in this linen? ". Except for warming the functional linen can carry out still flock of other functions, but times has developed "termobele" so let for simplicity and will be. But it is not necessary to forget, that " the Functional linen " is more correct.
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