A list of equipment for trekking in Nepal (ABC trek)

Trekking route to Annapurna (Nepal) are characterized by a wide range of climatic zones, in which the participants will visit the campaign (from the tropics to the eternal ice). Despite this, there is no need to lug three bags of clothes. If you try a little, it seems to do a 50-liter backpack, which will lie no more than 7 kg of clothing and equipment.


The route to the base camp of Annapurna, as well as many other treks in Nepal, lets go with a very light backpack. And this opportunity must be used (not taking too much or hiring a porter). Even if the "home" campaigns in the Crimea, you can easily lugging 20-pound backpack, it does not mean that you will be just as easily in the unaccustomed climate, and unusual height. At the height has their own (and very authoritative) as to when you should be easy, but when unbearably painful. Therefore we must not be lazy - over and over again going through a backpack, throw out too much, throw out too much, throw out too much. Or just take 150 dollars more, to pay the porter. In any case, make a list of things that you plan to take in Nepal, and send it to me. Preferably with an indication of the weight of each thing ( don't you have electronic scales?)