What is camp wood gas stove?

походная турбопечка Recently on the wave of interest in legkohodnogo equipment travel goods began to penetrate new items of equipment. Including Hiking turbopack is a highly effective device with which you can cook literally on short branchlets. They require a minimum amount of firewood, and can easily cope even with the damp twigs. What kind of Hiking turboback? Let's look at them in more detail. Statement of the problem. Of course the fire in the campaign is the source of food, warmth and joy. But its efficiency is very low. To heat a couple of liters of water in a pot just suspended over the fire usually have to burn a decent bunch of wood (which you need to collect). To arrange in a forest fire, the fire must be pre-cooked (to collect stones and make a depression in the turf). To hang the pot to build the design from twigs or stones, or lug around a tripod or steel cable. It turns out that conditionally "free" the fire actually requires a significant investment of time and effort. Usually tourists attributed these problems to the category of pleasant and enjoy the process... or buy a burner. But is it really hopeless wood, is it possible to make them more comfortable and effective? складная походная печка The idea of a turbo oven. Folding camp stove known a long time ago (though widely used, perhaps, only in severe skiing trips). They solve two of the three previously stated problems are stand under the pot and eliminate the need for a fireplace. How to increase the efficiency of combustion of firewood, too long been no secret. To do this, submit to the combustion chamber for more oxygen to get good traction, connect forge bellows or sit around the campfire volunteer with sidushka in his hands. And if the stove is small, then the turbo positive pressure can provide a tiny fan with electric motor battery. So invented the turbo oven. It due to more complete combustion of wood and from combustion gases, significantly improved efficiency and sneezeless the need for fuel. However, there was some dependence on batteries, but they last for a long time (1-2 weeks). Now, knowing that in the Parking lot of firewood will not (for example you rise in the highlands), it is possible to provyazat to backpack a few branches and go quietly. Two kilograms of firewood will be more than enough to cook dinner and Breakfast for a couple people. The principle of operation of the turbo oven Look at the above illustration of the principle of operation of the turbo oven. How come, it is assumed that in a turbo oven should not burn so much wood, how much wood gas. This gas under high temperature produce firewood (pyrolysis process). Wood gas is mixed with the pressurized fan air and burns rapidly in the upper part of the camp oven. I.e. theoretically we should see languages special gas flame, and Pruszcz from the upper nozzles wood burner. In practice, however, such explicit burning wood gas I noticed rarely. Yes and indicated on the diagram of the multilayer stacking firewood and their gradual burning weakly correlated with the actual size of the stove and fuel used. Usually twigs standing in the combustion chamber vertically and burn all at once, from top to bottom and burn through very quickly, on average, for 3 minutes. Oddly enough, all these differences of practice and theory did not stop the turbo ovens to cope well with their tasks. The benefits of Hiking turbopack. repeated saving of firewood in the campaign ease of kindling tolerance to the raw wood high speed boiling replaces the equipment (the pan under the pot) less fire than the fire on the dishes less soot easy to arrange windscreen Turbomecca their hands If desired, you can make turbopack their hands. Often, as a building material for the manufacture of turbopack use cans (easily handled, but quickly burn through or travel mugs stainless steel (on the contrary long-lasting and intractable). To construct a single turbo oven you will need at least 3 circles of different sizes, grinder, metal shears, a good steel wire and a small electric motor (for example from a DVD player, or computer cooler) with a propeller and battery pack. Skills with metal also does not hurt. To understand the construction and to figure out how to make such a thing, please watch our video review of the field turbopack Airwood. This is the most common, classic design, and implemented on a good level. Actually, I hinted at the fact that after playing with their own homemade products can rent and buy online more efficiently fulfilled turbopack. There are even factory samples like the Biolite Stove. The latter, however, too heavy (because it contains the block generating electricity) and therefore less versatile than simple samples running on batteries. Cyril Jasko, November 19, 2014