Equipment for a bike tour

This list is made for summer cycle campaigns to the Carpathians and spring, summer and autumn cycle campaigns to the Crimea. Unless it is possible to take less warm things in the summer Crimea more bathing suits :)

Again, consider that this list of equipment is focused on ordinary participants of commercial cycle campaigns in whom a remnabor, the big first-aid kit, the navigation and kitchen equipment are provided with the organizer and are at the instructor.

The basic principle of the selection of equipment and things cycling trip is no different from preparing for hiking and detail here .

Cycling trip there just a few additional nuances.

list of things and equipment

To begin with a short list of where the main items of equipment and clothing sorted into four categories:

Bold allocated specific cycling equipment.

Required < br /> Recommended < / span> Optional < / span> Delete
bike veloperchatki velokamera replacement tripod
Bicycle Rack sunglasses pump books
veloryukzak «buff» camera shampoo
Tricycle in train toothbrush towel saw or ax
helmet cover on veloryukzak map burner
place in a tent trash bags bowl solar cell
rug toilet paper gloves chair
sleeping underwear mosquito repellant pillow
sneakers or velotufli personal mini- kit penknife cereals and canned
« riding " pants remedy for mites nuts, candy bowler
sweatpants waterproof trousers mp3 player soapbox
shorts light sandals warm hat fork
waterproof windbreaker jacket spare T-shirt raincoat - raincoat guitar
sweater or fleece sunscreen spare T-shirt booties or leggings
shirt from synthetic sidushka cosmetics
socks match clothes for the train
plastic bottle trunks or swimsuit hunting knife
flashlight rucksack
mug and spoon
mobile phone