The list of equipment - a budgetary variant

Let's assume, that you never went to hikes, you do not have any equipment and special clothes. How to you "to gather" in a hike with the minimal expenses? This article - attempt to help you in it: to choose the necessary things from your wardrobe and to tell where to take missing.


The general(common) principles of selection of clothes:
Under superfluous what it is possible to manage is meant. I.e. it is pleasant to dress every day certainly a new T-short, but without it(this) it is possible and it is necessary to manage - we do not take (it will save to us of 1 kg of weight). Instead of ten hb T-shorts (it is 1,5 kg) to take better one-two synthetic. Synthetics, unlike a clap(cotton), quickly dries directly on a body. Multifunctionality is when you the same trousers go in the bus to the beginning of a route, go in a hike, sit in the evening at a fire and sleep at night in a sleeping bag. To take for these problems(tasks) of 4 pairs different trousers - inadmissible luxury.

And what all taki should be taken?:


In a hike footwear - your main working tool. Concern to its(her) choice with the responsibility. For years(summer) hikes across Crimea I recommend to use usual racing krossovki. Pay attention, not gym shoes, not fashionable city "slippers", namely racing krossovki. Them ammortizirujushchaja the sole will better protect stops from impacts about the ground. The protector krossovok should not be absolutely "bald".
With a view of economy of weight I suggest to be limited to one pair footwear, but good, reliable and convenient. Before a hike footwear it is necessary to carry, allow to a leg(foot) to get used to it(her).

Special equipment.

Most likely you do not have the big backpack (80 litres), either sleeping bag, or tourist kovrika, tent. It doesn't matter! All this can be hired at us (look conditions of hire).
Unique which element of equipment while is not present in our hire, it is a raincoat. It(him) to you will have to buy(purchase). To have a raincoat necessarily! I recommend capes-пончо covering the person together with a backpack.


Personal hygiene.