Overview of the burner Primus Mimer

ќбзор горелки Primus Mimer Primus Mimer is a powerful and reliable tourist burner with a bunch of disadvantages. Yes, it can boil a liter of water in less than 4.5 minutes, but it is extremely heavy (240 grams), too demanding of the dishes, not ergonomic.

Primus Mimer postavljena in a simple fabric cover. The case is not too spacious to push back burner quite difficult. Moreover, the neck of the case is not delayed until the end (see photo below) and inside can get unwanted debris. The weight of the burner 240 grams (that's a lot), and cover - 15 grams.

In the transport position the burner simply Unscrew the gas valve. Nothing more is not hiding. To protect the valve from dust and debris when I transport additionally hide it in a plastic bag.

Handle gas valve of an old - fashioned plastic. The problem, actually, not so much in the handle material, but in its length. Widespread now folding framework of the handle of the steel wire is much longer and allow you to fearlessly to adjust the flame even when the burner is hidden under a large pot. But Primus Mimer is quite a large and powerful burner and it would be quite logical to use with large pots.

Non-foldable supports for pot are too small depression in the Central part. This means that when using cookware with rounded bottom (thick-walled duralumin pots and cauldrons), can be difficult to get the pot to stay calm and not to sway. Wound on the cylinder burner is already extremely unstable structures, and roll the pan it will generally be the attraction for the brave. On the site of one of the online stores equipment I've read that cross bearing pot play the role of the built-in windscreen. Do not believe in such statements. This windscreen in order to be effective, must be huge and dense, and these tiny piece of iron doesn't protect you. In short, the fiberglass has not been canceled.

A huge disk with nozzles gives a great flame. The gas burns smoothly and quietly. Even at maximum speed Primus Mimer behaves decently and not yelling bad voice - burner operates quietly. If you put on the fire pot, the wide flame spreading even wider. Participated in the previous experiments liter pot with the diameter of the base 13 inches was too small for this burner is the part of the flame did not fit under his bottom and glided over the walls. Because if you don't want to spend the gas wasted, it is better to use Primus Mimer together with larger dishes.

To boil 1 liter of water in burner Primus Mimer took 4 minutes 20 seconds and 20 grams of gas. This is about 1 minute faster than the previously tested Kovea Power Nano.

I bought Primus Mimer very long ago - whether in 2003 or 2004. And even then, this model was positioned as a classic (read retro). Then I was won over by the argument of the seller on the simplicity and reliability of a design. It is true, Mimer is very reliable. But now my criteria burners has changed and I probably would have bought the same. Burner screw on the cylinder must not be powerful and heavy because of the instability of the design it still doesn't put a large pot. Well, put of course (and I tried), but it is wrong and dangerous. Tilting kettles lead to unpleasant burns with boiling water, and of course fire. Therefore, for cooking for a large group it is better to use a much more sustainable hose burner, and for one or two people is perfect ultralight burner like Kovea Titanium (60 grams!). Primus Mimer no longer walked with me to the mountains and now spends his days as a backup source of fire on my city kitchen.

Cyril Jasko, November 6, 2014