What is multitool?

Что такое мультитул

Multitool (multitool) in English is a multifunctional tool. I.e. a tool which combines different functions. In this respect, the "Swiss penknife - typical multitool. However, traditionally, this name was given to another type of multi-tools. For those that aren't built on the basis of a folding knife, and on the basis of folding pliers. Or more precisely, on the basis of pliers.

Because their working surfaces have grooves for a more reliable retaining of cylindrical parts (rod, pipe and so on). It is worth noting that familiar to every man classic pliers are multifunctional tool, even without hidden in the arms of extra "bells and whistles". They combine work items necessary to perform the functions of Vice, pliers, side cutters and a knife for cutting wire. Four in one - it is a "multi" :)

But back to Multihull. In the hollow handles of these pliers can hide the following tools:

As you can see, is really very similar to the gentleman's set "Swiss army knife". And also as multifunctional knives, multitool became popular men's gift. Last but not least contributed to this spectacular appearance and a solid price tag. Any Leatherman (one of the popular manufacturers) is from 100 to 200 dollars. Agree, very decent price for the pliers. Recently, however, there were enough high-quality Chinese Multatuli, which price much less.

Cyril Jasko, 17.02.2015