Overview gas stove Kovea Supalite Titanium

Обзор горелки Kovea Supalite Titanium Review super gas stove Kovea Supalite Titanium. Thanks to the use of the design of titanium instead of steel, it weighs only 60 grams. While its power is enough to boil 1 liter of water for five and a half minutes.

Writing a few days ago overview torch Kovea Power Nano Stove, I decided to dig in on their stock of tourist equipment to locate and describe the remaining gas burners, available at my disposal. In the picture below I have arranged them in chronological order. On the left is the new Nano-Covey, and with it you are already familiar. In the middle of the hero of today's review Kovea Supalite Anything. And to the right, the good old Primus Mimer, which is read in the following review.

сравнеие газовых горелок

Ashamed to admit it, but lightweight titanium burner I bought nothing better to do. Yes, I love light gear, but it just so happened that almost never go Hiking with gas. In the long foreign trips much easier and cheaper to go "gasoline". Large group, with whom I usually deal also easier to feed on gasoline. The gas I use in the car sorties and turn the light off when the house :) And light the burner was bought just for the collection, as well as antagonist for relatively heavy Primus Mimer.

горелка Ковея Титаниум в сложенном виде

The difference in weight they really impressive 60 grams against 230 (240 if you count the cover). Even graceful Covey Nano heavier than Titanium almost a third (it weighs 97 grams), and if you add the weight of the protective cover if not twice (118 grams). As you know, when you start gambling fight for every gram, no covers and speech cannot be. So Anything comes without a box or fabric bag (at least that was my instance). Who wants to shovel the burner in a plastic bag - there's nothing excesses to breed.

туристическая горелка Titanium в рабочем положении

Support for the pot from the burner Kovea Supalite Titanium laid out very simply, without any multi-way combinations, as in Kovea Nano. The legs of all three. One of them is fixed, the other two have only slightly rotate and all. To cut an additional "extension" of the legs is not necessary. They, by the way, do not look very strong. But for ultralight burner is forgivable - hardly someone will get it to cook food in a 10-liter Kana, it kills the whole idea easier gears. And with small pots, up to 3 liters, and these poles will cope with it perfectly well.

разложенный удлинитель опоры под котелок

The nozzles are located on the truncated cone to form the flame quite familiar forms.

минимальное пламя Ковея Титаниум

In the test for boiling one liter of cold water torch Kovea Supalite Titanium showed exactly the same result as Kovea Power Nano - 5 minutes 30 seconds. But she managed to spend a quarter less gas - 15 grams vs. 20. So the weight savings are evident in the economical fuel consumption. However, the weight savings have to pay elsewhere... I mean the cash shop :) Titaniu average is 57 dollars, and Nano - 35 dollars.

Cyril Jasko, November 6, 2014