List of equipment for the trip to China.

Список одежды и  снаряжения для путешествия по Китаю. For the tour, "Jade Dragon" (China), we do not need a tent, sleeping bags and pots - we live in quite decent hostels, sleeping on the beds (or trains), eat in restaurants. Accordingly, the main element is equipment purse :) However, some of what things would be out of place to bring out of the house.

main backpack.

Things in this journey needs a little and they are all easily fit into the "average" backpack, a volume of about 50 liters. But experience has shown that tourists tend to After swimming a lot of gifts and goodies (Chinese tea, clothes, trinkets). And to accommodate the many shopping lacked even the 80-liter backpack. So choosing which backpack to take with you should try to predict Shopping own appetites.

Small ryukzachek.

majority interest we will be visiting in the format of the radial attacks, when the main bunch of things lies in the hostel, but we walk light. But "Light" is a relative term - without a bottle of water, a raincoat, spare batteries and jackets, windbreakers not go away. Therefore, to carry such a "Operational ammunition" does not prevent capture small and lightweight ryukzachek 10-20 liters (especially if your main backpack is quite large). On the other The sides, if you stick with the minimalist and the main backpack is a 40-liter, the specific need for a second backpack will not. Sleeping


Sleeping in this campaign is not needed. All hostels have blankets. And some even heated mattresses (there is the Chinese know-how).


In principle, you can do one pair of shoes - sturdy "autumn" sneakers. That is, those in which it is relatively fearlessly roam under rain. I usually take two pairs of shoes - waterproof and neubivaemye travel leather shoes Hanwag Robin and light travel sandal Teva Hurricane. Shoes in combined with a variety of socks behave decently at temperatures ranging from -5 (unlikely we will meet this route) to +20, and the sandals come in handy in the southern as part of the route and slippers in hostels.


Because the route crosses many climates, the weather we will meet the most diverse. There will be cold rains in the north and hot days are in the south. We assume that the expected temperature range is from -1 to +35. And most of the way to pass some middle zone, where the day 15, and Night 7. Based on this and will plan stock of clothes. To better understand what to prepare once again review the photos from our last trip to China. In the past year we went in November, this year - September, i.e. should be warmer.

    So, this time I plan to take:
  • hiking pants
  • thin sweatpants
  • shorts
  • shirt
  • shirt
  • fleece
  • jacket, windbreaker
  • warm vest
  • thin fleece gloves
  • warm hat
  • cap or panama sun
  • thin socks and warm socks


    Rain Protection for you and your backpack is absolutely necessary. To solve this question in different ways - take a poncho (covering man with a backpack) or membrane coat and bag on a backpack. Decide for yourself. Personally, I'll take a poncho and a compact umbrella (in the city more comfortable with it).

    Dishes and food. In China

    necessarily have to go with my spoon :) In the half of the places where we will eat, served only sticks. You can also take a fork and knife, but it is not so critical. In general, there are very specific cuisine (better explore meals in advance). So if you're on a diet, or are afraid of the exotic, then you may want to take Big metallichekuyu mug and set of instant oatmeal (as NC). Getting hold of boiling water can be in local cafes or using a small boiler. On the route you can easily buy fresh fruit (pomelo!), instant noodles in cups (like Mivina or instant noodles) and Chinese cookies and Snickers. Large supermarkets with the usual assortment of fall we will not: ( The radio


    If you have the chance, be sure to take a trip to the portable radio (standard LPD or PMR, the manufacturer is not important.) Ideally, to have each participant was on the radio. Then we can run up quite fearlessly the back streets of Chinese cities in search of souvenirs and brilliant snapshots. Without the radio where you can get lost even in museums - a huge crowd of Chinese tourists are constantly rolled to the group, and tries to take away someone anything away. I myself am taking a trip 4 radios Quansheng TG-UV2, and assign them to a group, but of course this is not enough.

    Personal Care.

    Everything is as usual: quick-drying microfiber sports towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, a couple of sachets of shampoo. Sunscreen does not take necessary. Mosquitoes, too, is not expected.

    Mini first aid kit.

    I will be the main instructor of first aid kit. Participants also need to take care of specific personal medications, and supplies for corns and plaster scuffs. Also take Pancreatin to deal with an unfamiliar food :)

    Electronics and Electrical.

    Almost every day we will have access to a power outlet (standard socket adapters are not necessary). That is, chargers for cameras and other take the necessary electronics. Amongst the zaryadok not hurt to take a little tiny strip or extension cord - usually in hostels outlets less than I would like to.

    Internet and mobile communications.

    on the route catches mobile communications. Cheaper does not pay roaming charges, and buy a SIM card from a local operator, and in addition to talking to gain access to mobile internet. Approximately half of the hostels will be Wi-Fi. Please note that many western sites and social networks are blocked in China.