Cycling backpack

Mandatory the equipment list any cyclists is Belarusan on the trunk. Also it is called belabour or simply felosztani. Some prefer to go with a regular backpack. But this method is suitable only for day tours (ride) or short trips without the nights in tents. This is because to carry weight on the bent back not so useful (and dangerous) and spin tires quickly.

Therefore belabour in any Cycling trip - just irreplaceable thing. Usually velorjukzaki divided into two overwhelming type is a one-volume and triplex.

The three velorjukzakov usually have a relatively small amount to 50 l and, as the name suggests, is composed of three independent "bags" (2 lateral and Central). Suitable for short hikes, and the main advantage is that you can vary the amount based on the number of equipment. For example, to take only one or two side bags or by attaching the top caseto take felosztani completely. The main drawbacks are, of course, that you cannot put more thing, for example, the tent, and it must be hung on the outside of belarusika.

This problem deprived volume vilabouly. The most common models with capacity from 60 up to 80 liters and many without problems breaks even twisted Mat. Usually such velorjukzakov equipped with straps (as a conventional backpack) for carrying landing in transport or at overcoming heavy sites in complex tours. I.e. they can be worn on the back. Also felosztani most often attached to the trunk with only one belt or gum-expanders. This allows you to quickly remove them from the trunk, which again is important in complex Biking with a large number of "Peresechenie". The three velorjukzakov numerous plastic securing clips to make the process of taking a much more tedious, and in addition they are less reliable (break).

For the three-day hikes will fit almost any velorjukzakov on the trunk. If to gather in a long trek without patrol can be recommended volume three or medium-sized one-volume backpacks 50-60 liters Well for heavy offline campaigns it is desirable to have one of belabour liters of 80-90.

When choosing belarusika not forget about the special case of rain. Somehow this is obviously essential in the campaign accessory is rare to find in our stores.

Market overview

Below is a table with the most common in our market by vilabouly. Velorjukzaki sorted by suitability for long tours (our subjective assessment): in the early appropriate, in the end sucks :) Special mention should first two paragraphs: Model Mirage Petersburg firm Equipment proved itself well in the difficult tours and expeditions its usability, ergonomics, durability. And vilabouly A.Volkov beyond competition in the ratio "price/quality".

Rating velorjukzakov
Manufacturer Model the Amount Type Price
the Equipment Mirage 60, 80L One 90-110$
Volkov - Dakar 60, l One $60
Terra Incognita Tronker l One $100
Terra Incognita Travelbike 70l One $
Neve Bolid 60L One $80
Deuter Rack Pack 50 liters the Three $110
Volkov - the Hotel 60L the Three $50
Neve Shuttle 50 liters the Three $
Terra Incognita Velocrosser 40L the Three $50-60
Commandor Superbike 50 liters the Three $60