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Kekova Island

The name of Kekova can be found several times on the map. This is an island, and a bay, and the village of Uchagiz-Kekova. Of course, this creates some confusion, which is exacerbated by the popularity of the place. Below will be only about the island.

So, this is a piece of land, washed on all sides by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Located between the cities of Kas and Demre, and relatively not far from the coast. Kekova, Caravola, Dolichiste. Turkish Atlantis, Goat Island - all these names are associated with this place.



Simena is the name of a small Lycian city that went under water as a result of earthquakes. On the site of that part of the city that remained above the water, there is now a small village, the main attraction of which is a fortress on a hilltop. It was this fortress and the flooded city itself that predetermined one of the main occupations of the villagers - serving tourists. There are not many inhabitants - no more than a hundred. And it seems that each house has its own pier, and then cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops.


Delikkemer aqueduct (Patara aqueduct)

Delikkemer aqueduct - (from Latin aqua - water and duco - lead) a unique monument of architecture and engineering of the Roman period, one of the hallmarks of the Lycian Way. This is part of the aqueduct that supplied water to Patara. The construction has a length of about 200 meters and a height of 12 meters and is almost completely preserved, despite its age of 2000 years.


Patara Beach

Patara is undoubtedly the pearl of the Turkish Riviera. But if you're waiting for a story about the archeological site of the Lycian capital, Patara, I'm sorry, it's not now. Now it will be only about the beach, and to begin with we will dispel some myths.


Fortress of Pydnee

A small but quite interesting fortress. Since it stands almost at the mouth of the river by the sea, the presumably purpose was to protect the entrance to the river and the customs post.



Telmesos, Anastasiopolis, Makri and finally Fethiye - all these are the names of one relatively small town located on the Cote d'Azur of Turkey. And this is the best evidence of the rich history of this place. Fethiye and its surroundings are replete with attractions both natural and man-made. All these interesting places require a separate post. Below will not be about all the sights, but only about those that are located in the city center.



An undeservedly forgotten pearl of the Lycian coast. Aperlai is an ancient city located in the bay of the same name, on the coast of Turkey between the cities of Kas and Demre. Archaeologists believe that the city reached its dawn due to the fact that there was a center for the extraction of mother-of-pearl shells of mollusks and the production of a special paint - royal purple. In the ancient world, this dye had a special status (not everyone had the right to use it) and a very special price tag.


Kathmandu Urban Marathon

марафон в Катманду

The Kathmandu City Marathon is a charity event held annually in the capital of Nepal on April 25 - the day of memory of the victims of the 2015 earthquake. Funds collected at the marathon (sponsorship fees from companies and registration fees of the race participants) are used to rebuild the city after the earthquake, as well as to educational programs in Kathmandu.


Gray langur

Обезьяна непальский серый лангур

The Nepalese Langur (Semnopithecus schistaceus) is an unusual herbivorous monkey. Gray langurs have a multi-chambered stomach populated with special bacteria - all in order to better digest the leaves. There are much fewer herbivores that can climb trees than herbivores that run on the ground (goats, sheep, etc.). Thanks to this, langurs can easily find food even in the not too lush forests of mountainous Nepal and India. Another thing is that the forest area is constantly shrinking, and langurs, unlike the ubiquitous and omnivorous rhesus monkeys, cannot adapt to feeding on urban waste.


Nepalese hill Pun hill

наша группа на вершине холма Пун Хилл Pun hill is a very popular hill 3100 meters in the Nepalese Himalayas near the village of Ghorepani. Pun hill is a great observation deck, which offers views of the mountain ranges of dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Pokhara is a city in Nepal

Покхара - непальский курорт

Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal, the main transshipment base for trekking in the Annapurna region. Unlike Kathmandu Pokhara has bylee resort image and atmosphere of total relaxation. Come here for relaxing, colorful boats on Phewa lake and a beautiful view of the mountains.


Suspension bridges in Nepal

Подвесные мосты в Непале Most of the trekking routes of Nepal, with excellent suspension bridges. A significant part of them built at the expense of local residents. Thick steel rope, slatted flooring, materials for concrete poles - all of this is delivered to the construction site in the usual carriers. It's cheaper than ordering a cargo helicopter. But don't think that Nepali suspension bridges this Amateur "self made".

Prayer flags, Lungta

Молитвенные флажки Лунгта

the Prayer flags - an integral part of the exotic image of Nepal. They adorn the mountain passes, bridges, temples and Holy places, as well as a regular home. Flags printed Buddhist Sutra and it is believed that when the wind shakes the boxes prayers go to heaven.

The roots of this tradition go in the Tibetan Bon religion. She was preceded Buddhism in Tibet and gave him inherited many of its rituals and symbols.


Upper lake Gokio

верхние озера Гокио, Непал To the North of the village Gokio (Nepal) no other housing (unless you decide to pass in Tibet). However, due to the relatively simple landscape and minor climb, in the upper valley Gokio you can arrange excellent Radialka, passing one day a considerable distance. In good weather and an early start, before sunset, you can have time to run up to 20 miles.

Cave Kachi Kalon, Crimea

Пещерный монастырь Качи Кальон,  Крым Kachi-Kalon is a medieval cave monastery in Crimea. It is located in the Bakhchsarai area between the villages of Produsele and Bashtanovka on the North Bank of the river Kacha. People use to shelter rock shelters Kaczynski canyon for thousands of years, so to name the date of the Foundation of Kachi-Kalion problematic. Is that more or less distinct settlement appeared here in the 6th century of our era. And at first it was purely secular. Only since the 8th century in Kachi-Kalion begins to grow and develop the monastic complex.

The Lukla Airport

Аэропорт Лукла The Lukla airport is the main air gateway of Everest. It is through this tiny airport arrive for the start of the route almost all the tourists go on trekking to Everest base camp and the climbers, dreaming about the top of Chomolungma. Popular stamp was naming Lukla "the most dangerous airport in the world". I don't think it is actually surely must be designated and harder. However Lukla is really extreme. The length of the runway 520 meters. With one hand she breaks into the abyss, with the other rests on a rock. Moreover, the slope of the runway is 10-12 degrees. So will land there should be only in one direction, and only the first time. Pilots say that after the aircraft crosses the river, there is no turning back - he should land, the second approach is impossible.

Tihar is the festival of fire in Nepal

Тихар - фестиваль огня в Непале Tihar is one of the main holidays of the year in Nepal. It is also called the festival of lights and Nepali new year. Tihar is held simultaneously with absenteesim the festival of Diwali (Deepavali) and is essentially its extended and localized version. The tribe nevarov (conditionally indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley) this holiday is known under the name of Svante. But the essence of the holiday is certainly not in his name, and his cheerful nature. All singing and dancing, fireworks and burn the lamps, decorated with flower garlands everything - from shopping to Pets.

Nepalese kukri knife

Непальский нож кукри The kukri (khukuri) is a traditional Nepali tool and weapon. These exotic armed with knives and simple Nepali peasants and the elite units of the British gorchov and even some professional hunters for zombies :) Followed by increasingly taking kukri adopted and domestic tourists. So if you are going to Nepal, be sure to buy this knife-axe - if not for personal use, as a souvenir for friends.

Hot showers and bathing trekking in Nepal

If desired, take a shower during the trekking in Nepal can at least every day. But what exactly is this shower? What to prepare? Whether it is necessary to wash in the highlands? In this article I will tell you about the main types of Nepali showers and will share the secrets of their operation :a) Why write about this kind of stuff, you ask? Does bathing - that's a serious question. In the mountains all seriously - even the way you stand up from a chair.

Nepali lodges and Guesthouse

Непальские лоджи и гестхаузы Nepali lodges is a small guest house (Guesthouse) or inexpensive hotels along the trekking routes. Thanks to them you can travel through the mountains of Nepal without tents and food supplies. At the Lodge you will shelter and feed. What else does the traveler? I mean undemanding in the comfort of the traveler, who in his wanderings looking for new friends and mesmerizing landscapes, and not the level of service and the square footage to the TV. I personally Nepali lodges seem chic place to relax - here cheap, wildly beautiful and very soulful. I hope that after reading this article, you will understand what are these "wildness" and "warmth" and then will prepare for the trip to Nepal more consciously :)
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