Delikkemer aqueduct (Patara aqueduct)

Delikkemer aqueduct - (from Latin aqua - water and duco - lead) a unique monument of architecture and engineering of the Roman period, one of the hallmarks of the Lycian Way. This is part of the aqueduct that supplied water to Patara. The construction has a length of about 200 meters and a height of 12 meters and is almost completely preserved, despite its age of 2000 years.

The structure itself is of interest. As a rule, the upper part of the aqueduct is a trough-watercourse. Here, the upper part is made in the form of a stone pipe made up of cubes of stone. Moreover, the composite structure is quite complex in itself, with a "pipe in pipe" system, with a hermetic connection, and inspection holes. The middle of the aqueduct is lower than both ends, that is, it is a siphon. Water entering the pipe, first descends, and then at the opposite end rises and flows out.

How to get

Auto. The aqueduct is located on the hills between Patara and Kalkan. It goes without saying that the most convenient way is by renting a car. On the D400 highway, leave Kalkan towards Patara Before reaching the turn in Gelemish (Patara) for about 4.5 km, there will be a left turn up this road, you need to climb a little and leave the car on the side of the road, go left into the forest along the path. Pretty soon you will see the aqueduct.

On foot. From Kas or Kalkan take a dolmuska to Kinik. The minibus will pass through the village of Akbel. In the center, not far from the market, there is a signpost for the Lycian Way. From it, following the markings of the Lycian trail, through the village of Inzebel, cross the highway and go deep into the forest. Further, all the time on the marking you get directly to the aqueduct. From Gelemis (Patara), two branches of the Lycian trail emerge. On both of them, sooner or later you will get to the aqueduct. But more convenient along the path that goes north.

Konstantin Klinov, 2022