Kathmandu Urban Marathon

марафон в Катманду

The Kathmandu City Marathon is a charity event held annually in the capital of Nepal on April 25 - the day of memory of the victims of the 2015 earthquake. Funds collected at the marathon (sponsorship fees from companies and registration fees of the race participants) are used to rebuild the city after the earthquake, as well as to educational programs in Kathmandu.


The route of the marathon changes somewhat from year to year, but the general essence is the same - it passes through the most significant sights of the Kathmandu Valley: the Pashupatinath Temple, the Buddhist stupa Boudhanath, the Monkey Temple (Swayambu), Kathmandu Royal Square (Durbar Square) and Patan, the tourist districts of Thamel. The total length of the distance is standard for marathons - 42195 m. The start of the race is at 9:00.

Below is a map of one of the past races.

Карта маршрута марафона

Features of the marathon in Kathmandu

The cost of participating

The standard marathon package costs $450 and includes a 4-day program. The first two days are gathering and acclimatization in Kathmandu. The third day is the race, the fourth is the flight home. The price includes hotel accommodation (breakfast included), participant's jersey and a commemorative medal. For runners from Nepal, there is a discounted package priced at just 1,500 rupees ($15). There is also an extended program for 7 nights, including sightseeing trips in the Kathmandu Valley and a flight to Everest (for an additional fee). Its price is 675 dollars.


You can apply to participate in the Kathmandu Urban Marathon at marathonkathmandu.com

days must make the payment of the package.

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