Suspension bridges in Nepal

Подвесные мосты в Непале Most of the trekking routes of Nepal, with excellent suspension bridges. A significant part of them built at the expense of local residents. Thick steel rope, slatted flooring, materials for concrete poles - all of this is delivered to the construction site in the usual carriers. It's cheaper than ordering a cargo helicopter. But don't think that Nepali suspension bridges this Amateur "self made". бамбуковый мост в Непале

If you have ever seen Nepalese river raging and unpredictable), then you understand why building bridges in Nepal pay such a huge value. Without them it is simply impossible to move. And we are talking not only about the convenience of tourists, but also about the safety of ordinary peasants and shepherds, that Nepali children could get to school. It is therefore considered very prestigious to donate money to bridge construction and many Nepalis hard work earned abroad (Gurkhas, builders and other workers) invest their money in the development of the country in this way. When you are in Nepal, look near the bridges are often commemorative plaque listing the names of the donators. For the Nepalese pedestrian bridge as an important transportation hub, as the metro station for us. So around the new bridge could easily grow the village that bears his name - some Naya Pool or new bridge.

временный бамбуковый мост

How to use suspension bridges

first of All do not be afraid. Suspension bridge on steel ropes - very robust design. It is able to withstand a huge load, and a bunch of tourists with backpacks or even a dozen loaded yaks for such a bridge is utter nonsense.

табличка на мосту в Непале

Coming to the bridge, you need to remove amlaki trekking poles and take both sticks in one hand. Rely on them because the tips can get stuck in the bars of the bridge. The second hand has the meaning slightly to adhere to the ropes. The ends of the bridge is quite stable, but the middle can significantly sway. Nothing dangerous here, but caution is still not hurt.

табличка у моста Нью Бридж в Непале

Using suspension bridges do not forget about good manners. Before stepping onto the bridge, and see whether you meet a group of heavily Laden porters or Yak caravan. Both should give way. Do not make long photo shoots in the middle of the bridge, pick someone who is taking pictures, camera shake.

непальский подвесной мост с калиткой

Bridges in Nepal traditionally decorated with prayer flags. Moreover, the bridges often hung from local water supply systems - flexible rubber hoses coming from the nearby brook to the village. So if in the middle of the bridge 20 metres above the river you will suddenly pour the spray, do not panic - it is probably just a hole in the water.

подвесной мост на треке к базовому лагерю Эвереста Cyril Jasko, 12 December 2014.