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Kyz kermen - the Maiden alcoholic content

This ancient citadel is in the Bakhchsarai district, a little to the south beshik-tau. On a small plateau alcoholic content about which while a little that is known was placed. This site of ancient settlement is least studied(investigated) and is the most mysterious.

Bulgakov Museum

The celebrated Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov lived in this house from 1906-1916 and again from 1918-1919. It was here that he wrote the novel The White Guard and the play Days of Turbins. The old Bulgakov family home is now home to the Bulgakov Museum, which displays the author's personal things and family photos. Open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Wed. Admission 2hr, English tours 15hr.

Back to the USSR

Back to the USSRWhat to see:

Khreschatyk The citys grandest thoroughfare of slightly intimidating Stalinist architecture of uninterrupted facades reminding a stone carved canyon wall. Many of the original buildings in the city were destroyed in WWII and this street was rebuilt in characteristic soviet style. Khreschatyk is closed to automotive traffic on weekends.

Lenin monument Eighty years after his death, 87 since the Russian Revolution and 14 since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the declaration of Ukrainian independence, the citys only remaining statue of Lenin still stands at one of the central squares, close to Khreschatyk. And believe it or not, it was named the worlds best monument at a 1939 international art exhibition in New York.


Cape Martyan

Cape Martyan is a monument of nature, national preserve (1973). A preserve 'Cape Martyan' is in the direct vicinity from the famous parks of Nikita Botanical Gardens, scientific workers of which is holding scientific research. The scientists of the Gardens exposed more than 500 species of plants, including 14 endemic sorts. Here is preserved a plot of primordial juniper forest, individual old trees of which are 500-600 years old. And a population of strawberry tree microcarpous is one of the largest in the Crimea, it numbers about 3000 individuals of this relic species.

Carpathian Castles

The Carpathian region is famous for its history sleeping in the ancient walls of the castles, fortresses, monasteries and hiding in the chimerical sculptures and castle ghosts.

Mongolian-Tatar attacks and wars did many harms to the great buildings, many of which are still under reconstruction. Most of strongholds can be found on the territory of the Lviv, Ternopil and Transcarpathian regions.

Fortifications, high walls, banks and bell towers are typical for all castles. On the base of some of them the museums of local lore, historical museums, galleries open for everyday visiting have been created. The medieval palaces and fortresses become the places for historical shooting and knight's tournaments. Over the last years it is paid much attention to the restoration and reconstruction of castles to be under the state protection. Each of them is worthy of visiting. The most famous castles and fortresses are the following:


St. Vladimir Cathedral

St. Vladimir CathedralThis cathedral is devoted to the Ruse christener, the great Prince Vladimir. It was built for 20 years, the architects Beretty, Berngard, Nikolaev, took part in the project. The building itself as well as the interior decoration was finished in 1896.

The building is implemented in the traditions of the Russian-Byzantine architecture and it keeps the old Ruse history and traditions. It is built in the cross shape and pyramid composition. The main dome height is 49 meters.
The interior of the Cathedral is created by the group of the famous painters, which included Vasnetsov, Vrubel and others.


Train - Ukrainian railroads

Extensive network of railroad connects Ukraine with many European and Asian countries. Trains are cheap though slow and not very comfortable. First class compartments are mostly air-conditioned (very important in summertime) and have 2 berths (some trains do not have 1st class option), second class has 4 berths. We recommend to buy tickets for the whole compartment, especially when traveling alone. Prices for foreign citizens and Ukrainians are the same. Trains are the most popular and easy way to make intercity trips in Ukraine.

Chufut-Kale, the cave town

Chufut-Kale is situated one kilometer from Uspenski monastry. A picturesque windy path leads there from the monastry to a vast green meadow. Have a rest there, drink water from a spring nearby and look around. On the background of sky at the very edge of the rock there are buildings, guarding walls, tower and man-made caves seen clearly. This is the Middle Age town of Chufut-Kale.
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