Prayer flags, Lungta

Молитвенные флажки Лунгта

the Prayer flags - an integral part of the exotic image of Nepal. They adorn the mountain passes, bridges, temples and Holy places, as well as a regular home. Flags printed Buddhist Sutra and it is believed that when the wind shakes the boxes prayers go to heaven.

The roots of this tradition go in the Tibetan Bon religion. She was preceded Buddhism in Tibet and gave him inherited many of its rituals and symbols.

молитвенные флажки над Обезьяним храмом в Катманду (Непал)

Color flags are not random and represent the 5 elements of the universe: fire (red), water (blue), earth (yellow), wood (green) and iron (white, oddly enough). However, there are other interpretations colors: blue - sky and space, the white - air and wind, red-fire, green - water (probably stale), yellow - earth.

флаги Лунгта в святилище на базовом лагере Аннапурны

On the check boxes except the prayers (mantras of the great Bodhisattvas) are also threats and drawings. It can be Green and White Tara, guru Rinpoche, Cepsum and other iconic figures. But the most common is the image of the wind horse - Lungta (the name of which cheshenko called themselves the boxes). It symbolizes good luck and prosperity because Lungta carries on his back crystal Chintamani, able to fulfill the desires. The corners of the prayer box draw Garuda (fire element), dragon (water), snow lion (earth) and tiger (air).

тибетские мантры на молитвенном флажке Лунгта конь ветра Лунгта, гаруда, дракон, снежный лев и тигр

As you know, to check boxes "worked" and the wind horse took your prayers to heaven need a lot of wind. Why garlands prayer flags and hung on the tops of mountains and windswept mountain passes. From hard scutching wind and burning sun boxes gradually become unfit for use and then change them. Obychno this is the Tibetan new year.

подвесной мост в Непале украшенный молитвенными флажками

Naturally, these prayer flags can be seen not only in Nepal but also in other countries where the spread of Tibetan Buddhism is actually in Tibet, in China, Northern India. And since Tibetan Buddhism (along with other exotic teachings became popular in the West, its attributes are spread all over the world. You can easily see how the Buddhist flags decorate your camp informals in the Fox Bay in the Crimea or decorated with some disco.

молитвенный флажки на вершине горы Кала-Патар (смотровая под Эверестом)

Where to buy prayer flags? In Kathmandu there are many specialized and universal souvenir shops selling boxes of Lungta. Of course they are sold in a collapsed form. The pack usually 4 separate coils, each of 4-5 meters. The little check boxes the length of a string is smaller at large. The cost of such bundles in the main tourist areas typically ranges from one to two dollars. Outside of Thamel, I think they are even cheaper. If in Nepal you are still on going and buy the boxes should now look for them in online stores. They are $ 8-10 per pack.

пачка молитвенных флажков - 4 мотка по 25 флагов Cyril Jasko, November 28, 2014. What is the meaning of prayer flags in Nepal? Where you can buy Buddhist flags, Lungta (Tibetan wind horse)?