Upper lake Gokio

верхние озера Гокио, Непал To the North of the village Gokio (Nepal) no other housing (unless you decide to pass in Tibet). However, due to the relatively simple landscape and minor climb, in the upper valley Gokio you can arrange excellent Radialka, passing one day a considerable distance. In good weather and an early start, before sunset, you can have time to run up to 20 miles. Should be noted, however, that once in the valley Gokio snow falls, and it can happen at any time, the speed and range of movement will greatly fall and the snow is unlikely to be beaten further than to the fourth lake. панорама озеро Тонак - четвертое озеро Гокио This is the fourth lake is called Obtained. The lake is situated at an altitude 4840 meters above sea level, i.e. at 90 meters above the village Gokio. Gradual ascent back usually takes about two hours. You can follow the broad "main" trail running along the valley floor, or trying happiness wading less of journey routes along the crest of the moraine. Theoretically, there appear good, but in practice you are more likely to constantly look at his feet, making his way among the boulders. табличка - озеро тонак непал Most tourists reaching lake Obtained (it will be on the left, a little below the trail), then stop and slightly after meditating on water consider the plan acclimatization completed and returned back to Gokio. панорама - фото озеро Нгозумпа, долина Гокио, Непал If forces overwhelm you, and noon is yet to come, then you can think about how to extend left up to the fifth lake. Fifth, upper lake Gokio is called as the neighbouring glacier - Ngozumpa. It is situated at an altitude 4980 meters above sea level. For the fifth lake again lead two trails. Left - light, gentle and relatively notoptera. Right - more complex and spectacular, clinging to the crest of the moraine. панорама - фото ледник Нгозумпа со смотровой негодяей East lake Ngozumpa, on the crest of the moraine, is a hill at a height of 5000M) decorated with prayer flags. This place is called "Observation Villains" or "Hill 153". I can't say anything about the local villains, but the views here are really excellent. To the North rises Cho Oyu and Gyachung Kang, spreads along the valley of the Ngozumpa glacier. In the East, beyond the pass, Shangri La (5697m) perfectly visible doubles increases Nuptse, Lhotse, Makalu and of course the Northern slope of mount Everest. Say, from the Observation of Villains in a good pair of binoculars you can see the place where he died Irvine and Mallory. вид на Эверест от пятого озера Гокио The left to the upper lakes Gokio included in the program of our tour in Nepal Everest + Gokio". Join us! Map of the route to the upper lakes Gokio