Telmesos, Anastasiopolis, Makri and finally Fethiye - all these are the names of one relatively small town located on the Cote d'Azur of Turkey. And this is the best evidence of the rich history of this place. Fethiye and its surroundings are replete with attractions both natural and man-made. All these interesting places require a separate post. Below will not be about all the sights, but only about those that are located in the city center.

Often tourists have a small problem. It happens that upon arrival and before entering the route there is time that needs to be occupied with something. Somewhere to walk in the fresh air, lie on the beach, or vice versa wander in the silence of the museum. So, you have half a day, what to see and what to do:

City center

To make it easier to navigate, we will take the area where the municipality of Fethiye is located as the city center. The central street on which it is located, as expected, bears the name of Ataturk. Walking along this street a couple of blocks to the west, towards the yacht marina, you can find the remains of an ancient theater - a legacy of the Roman period of history. It was built, like most of the theaters in this part of Turkey, around the 2nd century AD. Just in time for the heyday of the empire. This theater is quite modest in size, and is currently under reconstruction.


If you go in the opposite direction from the Municipality, then after three blocks you can find two signs to the sights. To the left is the Archaeological Museum, and to the right are rock-cut tombs from the Lycian period. The most famous tomb is that of Amyntas. It is believed that this was one of the rulers of the city in the Lycian period. I must say that in order to see the tombs, it is not necessary to buy a ticket and enter the territory of the archaeological site. They are clearly visible from the street. And tombs in the form of sarcophagi are found everywhere in the center, in parks, courtyards, and even on the roadway!

Fethiye Museum

Belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, a relatively small museum with an adjacent territory, but very rich in exhibits. The fact is that in the district there is not one, but several ancient cities of Tloss, Letun, Pinara, Sidima and others. Since these archaeological sites do not have their own museums, many of the artifacts found there settled in this small museum. Lots of unique finds. For example, a stele with inscriptions in three languages ​​(Lycian, Ancient Greek and Aramaic), with the help of which, in the second half of the 20th century, it was possible to decipher the Lycian language. In addition, the Lycian Telmessos was the extreme western city in Lycia, then another ancient state began - Karia, whose archaeological finds are also present in the exposition. In general, this museum will be of particular interest to those who are in the subject, and are fond of history.

Those who are not interested in history, but walks in the fresh air, will also find something to do.

Old city

The low-rise quarters between the municipality, the Roman theater and the tombs of Telmesos represent the old city. A labyrinth of streets and lanes, with shops, boutiques, cafes located there, with a fish market and other establishments that create a special coziness and color. You can wander around, take pictures, have a bite to eat something not tricky or just admire for an infinitely long time, a special atmosphere here in the evening. Just try not to get lost and find your hotel on the way back.


Right behind the city hall you can find the sea and the promenade. Along the bay, from the yacht marina in the south to Calis beach in the north, more than 5 km. a magnificent and well-maintained embankment stretched out. Cafes, playgrounds and other entertainment will naturally help you relax and pass the time.

Fethiye Bay Park

At the northern end of the embankment, though quite far from the center (about 4 km), there is another attraction of the city, this is a new park. On a relatively small area near the sea, there is everything that a modern park should be proud of! Cascades of fountains, green sculptures, paths, benches, fancy bridges across the network of canals, children's slides and playgrounds, and even special swings for the disabled (!). This place is suitable for walks for children, adults and the elderly. And in the center of this park there is a very interesting monument of the modern history of Turkey. This is a monument to the pilot Fethiye Bel, whose name is the park and the city.

Konstantin Klinov, 2022