New year in Carpathians

Written by Александр Смотраев Not so brief description of a hike "White silence " taken place from 30.12.09 on 05.01.10
First of all I wish to tell, that I not the writer and at school of the composition to me were given hardly, therefore do not judge strictly for this response. In mountain hikes I and washing the spouse beginners. First our hike in mountains took place in the spring 2009г in Crimea where we have made friends with excellent(different) children(guys), They to us and have suggested to go to Carpathians in the winter. I shall not describe preliminary gathering and a trip to Ivano-Frankovsk, I shall tell only, that if closely(attentively) to read through " the list of equipments " and postaratsja to execute all recommendations any seryoznyh problems in a hike will not be. And here I and washing the spouse have arrived to Ivano-Frankovsk. Time before gathering at us was much and we have a little walked on city. The city "died" on us slow provinciality, regularity and calmness, in it(him) mad movement of 21-st century was not felt. Having wandered over streets of Ivano-Frankovsk, having thoroughly supported in one of cafe, we have directed to a point of gathering, having decided to meet our friends-tourists on platform. After a joyful meeting with old friends and acquaintance to new participants of our group, we is amicable (under direction of Cyril Jasko's our conductor) have stuffed meal on backpacks and having plunged on a minibus, have gone in with. Manjavu. As the meeting has occured(happened) late (about 2 one o'clock in the afternoon). The route of a hike has been a little bit changed.

Having unloaded in with. Manjava we a fast march have directed to a place of our first parking. In the street there was syro and vetrenno, a temperature of air pljusovaja. We have done the most part of a way already in darkness, therefore to tell about district surrounding us voobshchem there is nothing. Having forwarded through small river Manjavku, and having overcome small rise, we have appeared on a place of our first parking. Have quickly enough dissolved a fire and have prepared for macaroni with tushyonkoj. Having had supper, having sat near a fire, we have started to settle down on a lodging for the night. In total us was thirteen person, therefore the place in a small house has sufficed not to everything, a part of our group slept(burn) in tents.

The daily routine in winter hikes differs from years(summer) and осенне-spring. In view of brevity of light day to rise it was necessary in six mornings, to have breakfast in darkness and then to gather. Our conductor rose even earlier, made on a torch to us a breakfast, and then awoke us.

So Cyril "has sounded" rise. Having had breakfast we nalegke have gone(send) to examine Manjavsky a falls, weather was completely not winter, +5 on Celsius, a rain, the snow almost has completely thawn, the beginning of a hike than that has reminded a May hike in Crimea, is hardly more cool only. The falls looked(appeared) not bad, but especially me has not impressed, postojali pofotografirovalis, have become wet and have gone(send) on a parking lot behind backpacks. Having reached up to kolyby have gathered, have dressed(endow) backpacks and have gone(send) to submit(conquer) mountain tops.

At once was long (two kilometers) rise, overcame it(him) nespesha, the heavy have appeared the last of meters two hundred up to top because of nagramozhdenie stones and povalenyh trees. The rain stopped and started over again, is closer to top of a ridge there was a snow. At top CHortki of barrels a cold wind. To go though and not uphill, but it was not much easier. Try to pass(take place) on gorganam (a heap of boulders) prisypanyh a snowball and you will understand, that projdenyj the kilometer on a ridge was not easy(light) walk.

But all is trifles, obidnee all bad visibility, the veil has covered neighboring mountains, kinds to admire it was not possible. After jumps descent(release) has begun with a stone on a stone, voobshchem not complex(difficult).

Following parking was near to top Ripna. Having reached before parking all we thoroughly have got wet, but owing to sharpness and Cyril's thriftinesses and Miti (one of participants of our hike) have been tense cords above a fire and all had an opportunity posushit things.

New year came nearer. Our friends were thoroughly reserved by products for celebratory dishes. Hiking "table" (mainly consisting of polyethylene packages) burst with abundance. Here were also smoked sausage and pair grades of cheese both a salty salmon and olives and even a green peas. In completion to a celebratory table Cyril has welded(cooked) original soup and as from grists have got a little spirits, there were even bengal fires.

Amicably having noted New Year (a little bit earlier than it(he) really has come(stepped)) have started to prepare for a lodging for the night. To spend the night it was necessary in a shed. Fortunately to our arrival to it(him) already for a long time there were no animals and their smell has disappeared. It was slept in this premise(room) quite comfortably, the truth in a crack appeared a little.

Morning rise in New to Year was not too heavy though usually houses at this time only went to bed. After a breakfast and short two-hour gathering have begun rise on Ripnu from which top have glanced over a president residence of Ukraine and have moved on the way planned by our conductor.

The final point of a way to this day was ridge Stanimir. Weather all the day long was cloudy, in the morning a fog, by a dinner the snow has gone, became colder. Having overcome some abrupt rises and descents(releases), we have climbed up on Stanimir, having admired there are some the kinds occasionally appeared in breaks of a snow veil, have gone down to a place of our thirds of spending the night.

The hut was small, the place on all did not suffice, therefore we with Olej (my wife), have decided to spend the night in tent. I, having broken lapnika from the fur-tree which have fallen recently, have built a laying, have put tent. All have amicably collected fire wood, have brought waters, have flooded burzhujku in "kolybe" and have dissolved a fire in the street. Have welded(cooked) a supper (as always in a hike - very tasty), then there was sit-round gathering near a fire, songs under a guitar, tourist bajki, in passing drying a boot. To sleep in tent it has appeared more warmly and more comfortably than in "kolybah", especially I liked a soft mattress from lapnika.

In the morning of the fourth day we have woken up had a rest and full of forces. The temperature of air has lowered(omitted) up to-5 degrees, trees have become covered by hoarfrost, tent outside too. Having had breakfast and having collected things, have gone to the further travel. Today we should pass(take place) traversom mountain Gavor, and will stop in polonine Entrenchments.

Send(Have left) on Stanimir, have made some(a little bit) photo and have gone to a way. The Most part of a way of this day passed(took place) through a wood, quite often the track disappeared under a windbreak, it was necessary to make the way sometimes almost on all fours, or on the contrary jumping with one tumbled down tree on another, the quantity(amount) of a snow has considerably increased, all the day long there was a cloudy weather, a fog. Unforgettable impressions have left zasnezhennye trees, a fantastic wood from children's fairy tales.

Coming nearer to a parking lot have noticed a smoke from a pipe izbushki, than have been a little bit puzzled. Fortunately in a hut there was only one person. Therefore places for spending the night remains also to us. We have got acquainted. Oleg - the skilled tourist knowing well Carpathians, travelled it(he) alone. On an attic izbushki hay and a part of our command(team) laid have decided to put there tents, including I with suprugoj. Evening has passed(has taken place) as always cheerfully and amicably. In hikes (in my opinion) an evening sit-round gathering have important enough role, removing physical and some psychological loading from group. To us has very much carried with comrades on a hike, cheerful, cheerful, able to keep up the conversation on different themes, and still singing.

There has come(stepped) the fifth morning. There was a snow, the temperature of air has lowered(omitted) up to-10. Today the radial hike on top small Sivuli was coming us. Had breakfast as always a dairy porridge with dried fruits, have taken with itself a minimum of things and meal for a dinner we have begun not easy(light) way of subjugators of tops. In time which we were in a hike has dropped out a lot of snow, and we made the way on snowdrifts, almost knee-deep in a snow.

To us has carried, up to Baked (the name of gorge), we went on Oleg's traces which has left earlier. Near Baked we with it(him) and have met. Further our roads dispatch(deliver;have missed). Having made some photos on a background of gorge, and a signpost of routes and tops, we have continued a way.

The above we got, the the fog became more dense and more strongly there was a snow, we went inside of a cloud. A track on which went on top Sivuli in the summer, has filled up with a snow. Branches stlanika (a version of a pine) growing along a track under weight of a snow have bent down to the ground and have closed completely a track. We therefore rose on top around.

At top visibility was meters desjat-fifteen so from sights we have seen only the column which has acquired a ten-centimetric layer of a snow and a veil of a fog around. Barrels a penetrating cold wind. Having clicked cameras near a column, we have begun descent(release).

In some places it was necessary to go on branches stlanika, in meter from a surface of the ground. Branches springed and the impression that you go on a trampoline was made, sometimes the leg(foot) slid off the next branch and I failed during a snow almost on a belt(zone). On bolee-less pure(clean) from trees sites of descent(release) we half went half slided on boots. Having forwarded through small small river send(have left) to Peklu and have set a fast march (in view of a deep snow and a blizzard) back to Entrenchments.

On a place of a lodging for the night send(have come) already in twilight. In a hut where we have left the most part of things, there was one participant of a hike - Nadja, for what all of us are grateful to it(her). Nadja did not lose gift(for nothing) of time, and to our arrival has organized a celebratory table with cheese, sausage, fruit cutting and even with a pie (made of the condensed milk and the crumbled cookies). Tired, but happy we had nourishingly supper, have hanged out things for drying and settle to listen to our guitarists, is closer to midnight have on the sly started to miss to sleep.

Here also there has come(stepped) morning of last day of our hike. Having put out from tent I have understood a nose, that the frost has decided to show at last on what it(he) is capable. Really the temperature was-16 degrees. But we already adapted and consequently anybody strongly has not frozen. As had usually breakfast, have collected things and have directed the stops aside with. Bystritsa.

This day there were no long rises, actually all road we went downwards. Some times passed on stones and branches small small river Salatruk. Have looked from afar on small vodopadik. More close by a dinner have entered in with. Bystritsu. There have sat down(lodge) on the bus and have reached to Ivano-Frankovsk. Our further adventures « White silence » do not concern to a hike any more, therefore on it(this) I shall finish the story.

At last I wish to tell, that for all time of this travel I have never regretted, that have gone to this hike. Weight of good impressions and positive emotions, a meeting with old friends, acquaintance to new, good people, a charge of vivacity on the rest of winter - here that I have received all for six days. Mountains wait for us. And we shall return to them still not time.
Smotraev Alexander.