Welcome to mountains

Towards to mountains! Welcome in mountains! So our first day began. And only our instructor Cyril already made any plans. All we have gathered from the different CITIES, people unfamiliar each other, were pulled out(have escaped) from this noise and a dust. All wanted romanticism, other sensations (to resemble among the nature, jokes to tell each other, songs under a guitar to sing, kinds beautiful to look). Instead of here was!!!!
1 day. Very much zharko.

участники похода Алые паруса 12.00 place of gathering at station in Feodosiya under Lenin's monument. All with enthusiasm products which were distributed(allocated) between us by Cyril reported in backpacks. Then also cheerfully tried on on a back a backpack (it is necessary that did not outweigh in any parties(sides)). Also have moved cheerfully to a way …

At 13.40 we have left from Feodosiya for village Podgornoe. At 14.00 have arrived on stop podgornoe and have again started to redistribute backpacks as us have joined JUlja and Vadim. Cheerful children(guys) from Kiev. They had a guitar …

At 14.30 we have left from a stop and at once rise has begun. Through any time the backpack on shoulders has had an effect. It(he) became all more hard and more hard, and all of us rose and rose. At 15.00 have risen on mountain Uzun Syrt.

самое начало - Феодосия Have passed by the Center of glider start and, at last, at 15.30 the first halt. As long its(his) all waited. The sun scorchs. Legs(foots) after rise became wadded. The backpack presses on shoulders, the back hurts. But the smile still remained with us on lips. Here so our first baptism of fire by mountains began!

Photo 2 our first halt

первый привал в нашем походе At 16.20 have passed(have taken place) air station for parachuters. At 16.55 send(have left) on Besedku « the Meteoric shower of Memoirs » on mountain Kokljuk. Here have made a halt and have started to do(make) the first beautiful photos. Yes, all over again have risen, have looked at beautiful kinds, and it was necessary to go down and here we poznali all "charm" of mountain prickles further. By the end of the first day of a leg(foot) have been fairly scratched and iskoloty. But it only amused … to Us it is not necessary to go on discos!!! It is possible and so resemble nedelku!!!

At 18.00 have made a halt near a spring and have broken camp. Here again it was necessary to study … to put tent. Cyril all has told how to prepare a place, how to spread out tent, where to put a backpack. Then we went to collect the first fire wood. First it is careful to not be peeled(fleeced). City all the same …

In 20.00состоялся our first supper (macaroni with tushenkoj). They were simply unusually tasty. Behind tea we have with each other got acquainted, have counted scratchs on legs(foots) and at 22.00 all have gone(send) to sleep. Songs under a guitar yet did not sing, only have started to realize, where have got and that it is necessary to do(make) … further
2 day. ZHarko.

Ольга из Перми At 7.30 rise of the instructor. We too should rise, and so it would not be desirable. We rise, we collect fire wood, we bring water. At 9.00 the breakfast is ready (rice with raisin). Ineptly we collect tents, we complete backpacks already more confidently and it is(are) again sent to a way.

At 10.20 an output(exit) from camp. At 11.20 a halt on any hill. From it(him) the kind on vineyards has opened. Further we wandered between vineyards as suddenly to us there was a woman. It(she) has warned us, that it is impossible to go here. The territory is protected by dogs - kavkaztsami (they very malicious and snatch on people). It(she) has lead us through vineyards and a garden with peaches. I, Olja and Light were not kept, and while nobody saw have torn off peaches a little. The truth our instructor does not know about it(this).

персиковый сад At 12.00 have come across private(individual) lake. It was fresh(stale), there grow up a fish. We, without thinking twice, have got all to bathe. And what our surprise when we have got stuck in silt on a belt(zone) on most was protect. However we were not frightened and with start have rushed to water! Such to itself extreme ocurrence and same vylezanie from water on a stomach(belly). But as it is pleasant to be expiated in a heat in fresh(stale) lake. At 12.30 send(have left) from lake, and have gone(send) further.

At 13.10 have made a halt on Green's track (up to a spring there were 6 km). The backpack - former presses on shoulders. The sun bakes in a head. We go constantly upwards. We consider(count) each meter. В14.20 a dinner. At 15.10 departure places of a halt.

Each rise is given all more hard. Legs(foots) do not obey. All scratched, wet from sweat. Moreover and the backpack on shoulders awfully presses. The feeling starts to visit(attend) all: And what for it is necessary to all of us? Here also Cyril speaks, that it is nearby possible to sit down on marshrutku to Simferopol. After not for long fluctuation it has been decided to go further and taki to reach the end.

At 16.10 send(have left) on a glade of commandoes. Directly before us the kind to Old Crimea has opened. Weather has begun spoils. At 16.20 have made a halt at the Spring (up to a monastery there were 3.8 km). The spring has almost dried up also water typed(collected) very long, on a droplet. Very much it would be desirable some milk. On a way have met many grazed goats and cows, and milk was not … At 17.00, at last, have left from a spring.

купание в озере At 19.00 send(have left) on road to a monastery. The rain has gone. All of us have dressed(endow) dozhdevili and were inspired, as up to a place of a lodging for the night there were 500 meters. About, as close our rest. At 19.20 arrival to monastery Surb Hach. To us have helped(assisted) to find a place of a lodging for the night a little above a monastery. Near us the group of tourists also has settled down. At 19.50 we have broken camp into territories of a monastery.

Before a supper we have decided to be bought. About, this most amusing employment(occupation). Temnotishcha. We with water go somewhere under a tree. Small lamps we withdraw aside from themselves, that nobody would see! Also we start to water each other with ice water. So it would be desirable to shout, and it is impossible people around.

While we bathe, Cyril - the skilful culinary specialist, it(he) the instructor, it(he) in the evening mum, and in the morning the strict daddy, makes a supper. And after a supper singing under a guitar and already tired begins, but happy(enough) after a supper and hot tea we go to sleep. And at night the rain has gone and the thunder rattled.
3 day. Cloudy.

At 7.00 rise of the instructor. Chilly and coldly. At 8.40 it is had breakfast. Looking at persons(faces) of children(guys), it would be desirable everyone to regret. But it is necessary to go further. At 10.30 have left from a place of a lodging for the night. At 11.35 have made a halt on ruins of monastery Surb Stepanos. Also there was a miracle. A backpack on a back any more you do not feel. It(he) sits there as poured in, any discomfort. You start to notice all beauty of the mountain nature. We at 12.10 have gone(send) further. Even the mood has risen. The weariness is not present more.

стоянка у монастыря снова в путь

At 13.15 send(have left) on top of mountain Franc Mezer. It was something. Such beauty!!! For the sake of such necessarily it is necessary to go to mountains. Despite of very strong wind, beautiful photos have been made many. At 14.00 have gone(send) further, on a way to us have met a monument to guerrillas and tavrsky a box.

Then in 45 minutes have made a halt at a stream, in the same place had dinner. At this time to us send(have approached;have suited) two local, they went to monastery Kizil Tash (so it(he) was named by our instructor). To us there. There near to a monastery it is possible to make a lodging for the night. To a monastery we have arrived at 15.40. Have found a place of a lodging for the night. Up to a spring at a monastery of 600 meters. In territory of a monastery to be placed it is impossible. The weariness in legs(foots) was felt.

Further have decided to make radialku (rise on mountain Sandyk without backpacks). Two persons from our group have remained in camp, legs(foots) very(very much) hurted(were ill;were sick) them. The rest too it was not sweet, but suffered(bore) so that polchasika to sit at top and to look at all around from above.

на вершине Френк Мезер совещание у карты  

At 16.12 have begun rise to a monastery, caves, and mountain Sandyk. Rise last 3 hours, it(he) was abrupt, through a wood. Has already started to seem, that it will be lasts infinitely. A gleam it was visible not, to go there is all more hard. But soon we have seen a gleam among trees and have got out on КПП1 at a rock of 15 meters, and in an hour have risen on mountain Sandyk 700м above sea level.

About as it is beautiful. To sit on edge(territory) of a rock and to look at all from top to down. It is possible to call to friends, communication(connection) fine. Also that the most surprising while we rose was heavy, and when have seen such beauty all somewhere has got to. Also it wanted to rise somewhere still …

 небольшая пещера у монастыря Кизилташ последние метры подъема 

At 19.00 have begun descent(release). It(he) was not abrupt, and in an hour we have returned to camp. Then we have made one more march-throw to a spring to be bought. And when send(have come), our remarkable instructor has already made a supper. And only at supper all of us have understood as ustali. Even the song under a guitar did not go. Eyes were closed by itself. And soon all of us dispatch(deliver;have missed) on tents.
4 day. All hurts, weather excellent(different).

This morning we have risen after usual as have solved in the evening, that this day at us will be unloading. Have risen in 8 mornings. Already at 9.30 the breakfast was ready. Camp left slowly (at 12.10) as each muscle was felt, but nevertheless it would be desirable to go further … Went to this day mainly on a wood, and to have a rest to muscles it was not necessary, as there were many rises.

At 12.50 send(have left) on a glade with a shop with a kind on mountains and have made a halt. Further we have come across a sanitary zone and a gate with machine-gun jacks. Have passed(have taken place) a little on road, and again have come into a wood. Rise has begun. Send(have left) on a ridge Mandzhil Finding fault at 15.30, and have made there a dinner.

Сидим на  горе Сандык вышли из леса на Урбаше

Had a rest on halts this day longer than usually. But all kept very amicably. Already nobody thought about returning home, about a heavy backpack, about a pain in muscles. Now all would like to rise somewhere still and nobody was frightened with kilometers, a wood and rises. Even it became amusing.

At 17.20 send(have left) to a gas main and at 17.30 profits on a place of a lodging for the night (Sudakskoe a forest area). Very beautiful landscape with a kind on the sea has opened. It to become all is closer!!! At 20.00 all had supper.

For such short time we became an excellent(a different) command(team). Everyone has defined(determined) for itself(himself), that it is the most pleasant to it(him) to do(make). Fire wood collected all. Someone typed(collected) water in a kettle, someone watched(kept up), that the fire has not died out, someone made tea (by the way, tea at us was grassy and we collected it(her) on a course of a hike), everyone have been was engaged in business.

Guitars this day were not, conversations went on very deep, philosophical themes. And as 23.30 all is usual dispatch(deliver;have missed) on the tents to sleep. Tomorrow to rise in 6 mornings. We need to overcome the big distance. Each of us has got(started) an alarm clock to not oversleep.
5 day. Last jerk.

закат над Таракташем All have risen in 6 mornings, as on an alarm clock. Have thriftily dissolved a fire, have put a kettle with water, someone already collected tent, and someone helped(assisted) to make a breakfast. And at 8.35 we send(have left) from camp. At 9.20 send(have left) on the asphalted road, as well as planned. So were delighted, when have seen machines(cars) and people around. But through 20 mines we have again entered into a wood and rise has begun.

At 10.30 we send(have left) from a wood, and before us the specific platform on meganom has opened And in an hour we have approached(suited) to bottom of mountain Kokush Kaja (the Bird's rock) and have made rise on top without backpacks. Here for the sake of what it is necessary to go to mountains!!! To go down it would not be desirable, but it is necessary to go further.

асфальт, люди, машины спуск по газопроводу

Weather fine, mood excellent(different). And further we have risen on mountain Dark and for a number(line) the located mountain. We came nearer to the sea. At 13.30 have made a halt for a dinner. Up to a spring there were 2700 m. And as it has appeared a spring just under us if to climb down a mountain.

At 15.00 have begun descent(release) with mountain. It(he) has appeared very abrupt and extreme. It seems, when went down, air helped(assisted) even. Backpacks pull forward, the ground leaves from under legs(foots). The main thing - to not fall. But all have consulted perfectly!!! Went down one and a half hour.

Куш-кая - одна из вершин Эчкидага дружно шагаем по Темной горе

And when it have gone down, has appeared to submit to the sea a hand. And as it was found out, that to this place come to have a rest hippie and nudists. At them the fashion and it constrained a little. But it is one spring on all, therefore, we have placed the camp above a spring, and have departed to the sea. Already our instructor was surprised to our energy and desire to move. In fact to the sea it is necessary to go down, and back to rise (about 2 km). In 30 minutes we bathed in the sea and were happy. However soon we had to come back. We kept kuchkoj, on one did not go anywhere.

By 20.00 we have returned to camp wet from sweat, zapyhannye, but happy(enough). Therefore it was necessary also to be expiated in cold water of a spring. After a supper we talked about stars, the moon. Laughed much and joked. All understood, that it is last night, and nobody wished to leave in tent to sleep. But rises and descents(releases) have made the business, and all the same at 23.30 all have laid down to sleep.
6 day. To the sea!

экстрим спуск All heaviest behind, ahead only the sea. The instructor has risen early, at 6.40. The others were tightened by 7.00. Last breakfast has seemed unusually tasty (pshenka with raisin) Was a little sad and ordered simultaneously. Sadly because, that all has ended, and pleased, that soon you will see all close and native to you people. At 10.05 send(have left) from camp and have started to go down to the sea. At 10.55 have stopped at the sea for bathing. And then all time went on coast to settlement Resort. And from settlement Resort have gone to Koktebel on a boat through Karadag.

And at 13.45 we have arrived to Koktebel and on it(this) our fascinating acquaintance to mountains has ended. In Koktebel long we could not miss, exchanged addresses, phones, mejlikami.

For such short time we became one amicable command(team). One another supplemented. All many thanks for the shown courage, for the help and support each other would be desirable to tell. Thanks Vlad and JUle for singing and game on a guitar, Light for jokes, Olke for cheerful laughter and support, to instructor Cyril for an excellent(a different) hike.

Olga Andrushkevich, Donetsk 2009.