My trip to the Himalayas

Впечатления от путешествия к базовому лагерю Аннапурны impressions of the trip, "To the heart of Annapurna" (Nepal) in October 2011.

  Danym ago, in a past life - back in 2010-m, I decided that my existence is empty and monotonous, and that this can not continue. I've never done anything on this standing and interesting, and just coasted on dreaming about others, imposed compartment and society goals and values​​. In the end, I ran into a wall and decided that this is the best time to change your life once and for all))). I decided to change everything - from the looks, power, weight and nature, ending a way of life, circle of contacts and hobbies.

  So that's about hobbies - I've always wanted to travel, but for some reason always put it back on then, finding more and more reasons. And now it was time to do it ... I was looking for something like this, where you can go alone, without friends and decided to start with a simple hiking trip to the Crimea. I smoked for days online - consuming gigabytes of data in parallel purchasing appropriate equipment. In short hiking I did not hit, but still went to the Crimea))) - this report - Crimea 2011. September. That is so necessary to rest

 As a result, my endless search led to the fact that I chose the most, in my opinion, interesting and inexpensive route and in October 2011 - went to the Himalayas ))))))))))

 Let's go)))

 To Kiev, I got one ... Well, in general it is not interesting)) at the Boryspil airport I was approached by a strange-looking man, and asked a taxi to Kathmandu)) - I sent him naturally, as it turned out to Denis from our group is trying to calculate the external features of the rest)))

 Prior to Sharjah flew successfully, and there we waited for an extreme night on the floor under the air-conditioned)))



 And then there was another 4.5 hour flight to the capital of the alternative extreme - Kathmandu)))) Actually I was surprised even the Himalayas in the plane. For 9-plus hours of flying, I used that all nasvete under us. Sea, city, clouds, the Caucasus - all at the bottom. So the Himalayas were the side - Nested along the fence flew !!!!!!! )))))))

 But from these species, even at the approach to Kathmandu in me something preklyuchilos, and with sound, and it seems that all )))))




 We landed safely, get a visa, got into a bus and went to look for a place overnight))) So what happened next, I really do not remember by what was in incredible euphoria venegreta of peculiar smell, the endless driving signals, the piles of overhanging wires, advertising , cars, houses .... In obchem it had to be seen)))

 We argue all day what they have there drive on the left or right movement. In reality, there goes one way and he needs with all all the time honking, as if anticipating that they are going ))))))))))) gives way to the one who first feared ))))))) I especially liked to go to the local taxi in the front seat, which is only about two meters long, two and a half with the hood))) - that it was in extreme ))))) obchem I fell in Kathmandu and the SDA rules! !



 While we were occupied, Nina vytsepit a passing local Budulaja)))


 The next day we went to Pokhara. The road was mostly on the steep mountain sepantinu, bends of the road and drove a lot of constant signals to attract attention to themselves - they have such a road accident prevention))). We were lucky that we are entirely fit in the bus, otherwise you had to go on the roof)))


 sometimes stopped for a snack and enjoy one of the local vegetation.


 Each bus has regular boy-parking sensors. It helps drove to park on narrow streets of the Nepalese cities, simply tapping on the body of the bus at the time of parking. The closer to pripyatstviyu, the more beats)))

 View from the balcony of our hotel))) This harsh Nepalese roofing screws )))))))))))))) actually flew to the roof is not - well, they have not invented yet nails ))))))))) ))) In all cities, the roof is fixed blankly on the fact that the tin roof sladyvayut small boulders))) And in the mountain villages of the roof strata immediately make a rock - I have personally seen as Nepalese with a wedge and kuvaldometra harvested building materials directly from a nearby hill)) ))


 In etotden we had to swim to the island on the lake Feva


 And to warm up climbed the hill with the Buddhist stupa at the top


 The next morning I was joking, saying that "my neighbor Katya - blonde, and in vain she ran away from me to sleep in another room, maybe a week of living together, I would have made her an offer)))" At that point I still thought it was joke - a joke at )))))))) Fotê Katja torturing kittens ))))))))))))


 Then we were taken to the dilapidated bus closer to the mountains and finally began trekking)))


 Country of waterfalls, mountain streams, a million steps and bridges))) on that hill Vooooooon we raising today)))


 The people there really good and happy - all smiles, all you happy))) We all vstechnym said - "Namaste" - it means - "I salute to your face of God." We talked to 1,000 times a day, even from the bus windows shouting ))))) and always answered all the smiles and ))))) - incredible country!!


 The next day, walked through the jungle)))


 And already slept with a view of the Himalayas! This phot was done in the morning right through the window from my bed))))


 Put forward in another march to the next point)))) On Fotê - Tanya from Moscow.


 Trin-grass growing along the road, like a weed )))))))))))


 Here is the berry, the first 40 seconds heavenly taste is just - nothing more tender, juicy, sweet and pleasant, I myself even could not imagine )))))) And then it turns into a red pepper plate - incredible - it seems that now the skin from around the mouth slezet. Locals say that three berries can be a lethal dose - but we seem to have survived))))


 Nepalis as close to nature, that keep the hives of wild bees directly under the roof of his house))))


 And this is one of the local vymogatelnits chocolates. I was walking along a mountain trail so near a village - sits a miracle girl )))))) unblinking habitual movement of the hand takes my candy and my question in pure Russian - "Can you take a picture" without hesitation and nods says - "Yes". I hardly realized it, but for candy there willing to do anything))))


 In the mountains of Nepal are very many small villages and they full of children.


 Children are always welcome, happy and smiling - no one has ever seen weeping Kinder)))


 Our lodge - then we slept and ate))))


 Together with the Ukrainian Dima we slazili in a very extreme Radialka voooon to the gorge. Yes, we are also beginning to think - and that there is such a strange result in that whole back back )))))))


 In short walk across the Himalayas. Mainly on mountain trails. On the left wall on the right - break. So over time, not just the fear of heights disappeared, and the general consciousness switched to more pressing things, such as the most economical use of force to get to the next point night as not to faint from dehydration, as often as possible to breathe in the rarefied air, as from ofigev another kind of do not forget to photograph it from all angles))), etc.


 Nasyalnika))). On him alone we climbed to the edge of the gorge done got off the glacier.


  But this view was the space of probably all that was on the track. Picture does not reflect the global nature AT ALL THIS! Naturally saw this miracle, not all but only the most reckless - and Cyril I)))


 Her Majesty - Annapurna)))


 Yes, yes - sleep at base camp had in close to combat - well, that though they all had sleeping bags warm))) On the evening of the lack of pressure me crazy headache - gornyashka started, but with a cocktail of spazmolgona tsitramon saved me))) )


 Day breaks)))


  And this is my friend Nepali - Durga. He helped me to get on a piece of rock sticking out of the hills - it was pretty dumb, but even so I decided )))))) And all this at an altitude of 4450 meters))))


 Sunrise over Machapuchare )))))


  Despite the fatigue and lack of oxygen, we just flew with delight)))


 It's time to back - goodbye Annapurna Sanctuary ))))))


 And this is me, with the Nepalese girl hug))) For this, by the way she got from her mother tryndyuley (((


 From under the feet of the small scatter varanchiki)))


 And in the distance you can see the beauty still Machapuchare )))))))))))))))))))))


 Last night in the lodge we arranged a local tribe dances and gave to each according to flower necklace (all for denigi course )))))))). Awful does not want to leave the Himalayas, but in front of us still waiting for tour of Katmandu )))))))


 Waking up the habit in half four in the morning, we with my roommate decided to go for a walk in the morning the city. Such decoupling energy out there almost every street corner)))) If you look - on poles hang bay just twisted wires. I was told that if there's something breaks - impossible to find a reason, so I pull the new wire )))))))))))))))))))))


 I had to borrow at the shower slippers))))


 First on the tour we were taken to Pashupatinath. Hindu grim place in which they are directly at stake burn their dead and then throw the remains into the river. The heavy, negative atmosphere ... There's even a monkey evil and throw at people.


  A sadhu and greedy for money only phot )))))


 And in opposition to it - the Buddhist Stupa of Peace. There is an atmosphere of joy, warmth, and a permanent holiday ))))))) Incredible pozitiff. I want to stay there as long as possible!


  In short, if I will ever fulfill the childhood dream and dump for permanent residence in Asia, I will choose the path of Buddhism than Hinduism.


 Local star - I do not even remember where they sfotkat - just found a home already on the card Fautua )))))))


 In the monkey temple )))))


 Always Coca-Cola))) Poor macaques hoisted on that chemistry, like a drug, they were even then something that spilled on the ground licking ...


 And that certainly dozhevat this day - we went to see the living goddess Kumari )))))))) It should appear in one of these windows. Fotik forced to hide threatening a fine of 1,000 dollars. It would be there to watch! Little zagnoblennaya girl who lives by the minute, can not communicate with peers and get out of his incarceration. Round the clock watch for it and make the study and observe all kinds of ancient rituals. She did not even look at the people who paid money for admission. It was evident, as it is unpleasant for all - in all this is child abuse under the guise of tradition, privratili a stable source of income )))))


 The next day we realized that our guide got cool - Cyril its independence and by this decided to give it a rest, and wandered through Kathmandu in all directions. I am a small group of Crazy Ukrainian alternatively by taxi to Patan))))


 Temple, Bell, plane. All intertwined in this fabulous country))))



 Described here is not all - ph and events were too many, but so as not to bore the readers of my talk, I decided to make this report short little))) In obchem not judge strictly))))

 The main impression is - Nepal Delivers the brain and heart breaks into pieces. They just need to go !!!!! No words and pictures even close it is impossible to convey!

 Just go there and walk around with a backpack without peshochkom porters on paved paths At least to the height of the base camps - there'll place stands out in any extreme ))))))))))))))) But even this is not necessary - just to fly to Kathmandu and a stroll through the city))) Believe me it's fun!!

 And as you think about this - walk through a foreign country, in the middle of nowhere, without knowing the language, at night, with a huge backpack, a jungle trail for walking on the edge of a precipice, in the company of a 4-tired, hungry and totally unfamiliar to you people) )))))))))))

 Or, for example, in hands of this alien)))



 Life is there really in full swing, often on the head and especially in Nepal - it's just incredible, fantastic country. The fact that it is impossible to explain to our zastereotiplennym thinking. You just need to look at it as a )))))

 If, for example a person likes to lie on a lounger and sipping something alcoholic at a "all inclusive" - ​​that he can not enjoy similar conditions in the mountain trekking ))))) Actually it's different - Go to the top of the heat sweating, with a heavy backpack on his shoulders and swallow the fish rare air - more fun then)))) but it really was more than rewarded with stunning views, unplanned adventures and acquaintances and socializing with stunning and extraordinary people)))

 And I met an incredible woman - but that's another story ))))))



 That's all for now))) sure to see more! )))




 For money, I like, went something like this: 725 plane ticket, the conductor gave 435 + (in which money paid bus, hotels, and a lot of profit guide all else) + 25 340 + visa food for the entire tour, taxis, clothes, souvenirs, paid sites and other nonsense. Total - 1525. I must say that I dropped the money does not - Fantu on the track for 3 bucks for a can of drink just a couple of times )))))) - others may have spent a little more. This does not include my travel Minsk-Kiev-Boryspil, and vice versa. And as the cost of equipment - I have them spread over a whole year on this myself already can not remember))))

 Thank Ogromennoe site and personally to the owner and our guide - Kirill Yasko for an incredible adventure that we were able to survive, for a lot of emotions, life experiences, new friends, and of everything that is simply impossible to put into words, because it can only feel your own!

  The report used 55 pictures of them: 2 - Dennis Merenkova, 3 - Katie Sukhovey, 2 - Roman Sosnowski, 2 - Marina Sklyarov, 2 - Sergei Smetanyuk for which they thank you))) Other foty - my, that is - Alexis Chukardina)))