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турецкая черепашка на руках Comment on the march in Turkey 10-20 May 2011 Route: Lycian trail + Unreal Cappadocia
  In a small airport close Juliani for a long time before the flight met all of our team. Approaching to Antalya I enthusiastically looking at the mountains with snow caps, beautiful landscapes, anticipating an extraordinary journey. The weather was clear and sunny. And the sea alluring, bright blue.

  Already in Antalya we met our guides and Cyril Alex. Our large group was with Sasha on the standard route, and the second, in less went with Cyril on the pilot route (another part of the Lycian trail). According to the results of a small vote, amended the route, adding a trip to Cappadocia.
On the first day of canyoning pleased with the inspection of caves, a waterfall, a huge hanging over his head stuck ogroo ohm stone. The evening was a difficult climb and the first parking lot by the river in a beautiful pine forest. белые камни и шустрая речка In general, every day of the hike was really a paradise for the amateur photographer. Some white stones and nimble river, the pine forest, the cedars, the long expanse of mountain, nebulae, the flower meadows, the huge trees, the inhabitants. цветочные лужайки The second overnight stay near the Genoese fortress, old huge tree, and a strong spring (the very fast dishwasher :-)) платан - гигант And how fabulous the place was our saddle Olympus! "Natural alpinarium" cedar forest with nebulae in their beauty surpassed anything I had seen earlier. And here in the house we spent the night shepherds, dried after a rainy day and sat a long time the Turkish stove. кедровый лес с туманностями облака на Тахталы избушка пастухов In the morning when rising to Tahtali (Olympus), we were surrounded by thick fog. It was easy to go astray, but we all stuck together with our confidence knowing well the way a conductor. Rise noted on top of a cup of tea. станция канатки Тахталы After lifting followed by a protracted descent over the rocks, after which began to ache a little bit his knees. Полетели! The next day - hooray! On the majestic sea with citrus! In addition to delicious apelsinchikov for the first time tried to formula (yummy). величественное море с цитрусовым ароматом The next day we walked along the sea on a small hill with views of the picturesque bays. And how many here living creatures - grasshoppers, lizards, and .... the horror! ... my husband met a large gray poisonous snake. We stopped, and she quietly crawled our way. Fotkat did not dare. погоня за гусыней-попрошайкой другой мир Parking was at a fishing cove with a local major goose-beggar. Гереме In the morning befallen trouble - Igor crawled into a backpack and yellow skorpionchik tyapnul for Paley in fees. The bite of the scorpion is not dangerous and does not require medical attention, but the nagging pain 12:00 enforced. By late evening we reached the bus station to go overnight bus to ... Cappadocia in Goreme. Розовая долина Каппадокии Cappadocia - is one of the most interesting places in Turkey! Cappadocia - is a very interesting landscape of volcanic origin, the underground city, established in 1 millennium BC. Oe. and extensive cave monasteries, leading its history since the early Christians. наша группа на вершине замка-скалы During these three days we were there, we visited the valley of stone pillars, lock, multi-storied underground city, cave churches, the famous two-story canyon. пещерный храм And we slept in hollowed in the rock cells, but with the benefits of civilization. подземный город Деринкую Шахта в подземелье The last day we spent at sea in Antalya. We had a very memorable trip full of interesting!))) Irina Prizova, Russia