With a kindergarten across Crimea

поход с детьми по Пещерным городам Крыма the Response about a campaign with children on Cave cities of Crimea (on May, 1-6st 2011).

This year anybody from friends on the May did not go anywhere. With our topographical kretinizmom we have not dared to go. Therefore for the first time in life have dared at a commercial campaign. To tell the truth, confused me this circumstance very much. But the choice was to go here or not to go in general. As a result both the campaign and group have developed fantastically successfully. Voobshchem it was pleasant all but, perhaps, cost.
So about all one after another. On May, 1st We meet at station in Simferopol. We go to Bakhchisarai. There I get rid of the Sachet Subject (instructor OutdoorUkraine.com) since the Subject to go anywhere does not want and I go with Pitertsami on excursion on hanskomu to a palace. Thus that I there was the second time in life (usually through Bakhchisarai run and by a palace) and for the first time with excursion very much it was pleasant to me. And with the guide has very much carried. Then we rise on parking under Chufut-Kale. On road interested persons come into a monastery. We throw there things and Sashu to guard them. With Sashej the Subject, and with the Subject the Demo fast decides to remain. Voobshchem Sasha again remains the tutor of our kindergarten, and we go to look a cave city. As a result it has turned out not bad that children remained since at an input in Chufut-Kale to us again offer excursion (and again it appears very interesting) and children would not sustain it. Темка устал On road we lose Tanju with Peter which remained to listen to the local cave flutist. When we left a city we are going to call the Sachet (I specially for this purpose took and has included mobilku). And here it is found out that number sent by Cyril to me still to Kiev is not valid … Voobshchem we hope what to be lost there is no place - we go without Tani with Peter to camp. Have come. Sasha was going to run behind them and on an exit from camp meets them. All in gathering. We have supper (children on the second time - the first had supper without us). On May, 2nd In the morning we rise, we have breakfast, and we move to a following cave city of Tepe-Kermen. On it have run radially without backpacks, having thrown with backpacks of Sashu. This time still not tired children with pleasure there break. It is already interesting to seniors polazit. Like and polazit it is interesting to a subject, but it lizards more interest. And they for some reason climb on steep walls of breakage, and malicious mum does not allow them to catch. Therefore to put comes back a little upset. We go down to a stop. We fall upon upon a small little shop. All buy vkusnosti despite scarcity of assortment. We approach some km a minibus. We leave. Interested persons go to a grotto in a grief. I, Natasha and the Subject we remain below. A subject I leave meaningly since it already does not go almost and it is necessary to us lifting. We sit, we observe jumping with a rock on a rope and parachutists. A subject it is occupied by snails. улиткам повезло The people have gone down from a grotto. We pass road (and there that-akaja small river and a dog in it bathes … And for that we them there did not wait?!?) also we go upwards on gorge. We rise above already on a plateau «from a zone of foresters» but they punch brains of the Sachet both there all the evening long and all the morning long. For the further advancement it is necessary to stimulate a subject with gnomes. With moaning and periodic spihivaniem the Sachet backpack creeps all the same. Sashinu idea to stand in a grotto the people accept not that that half-heartedly, and is sharply negative. Therefore we rise on a plateau and we become on a fine clearing with a fine panoramic kind from a rock. To sit down to have a rest the Subject does not give - urgently we go on treasure searches. After a finding of a treasure the Subject calms down, children find each other, and we are engaged in camp. On May, 3rd Since morning we gather. Very slowly, but nevertheless urged on by foresters literally going on a head we are put forward. Sutra and on a plateau children scratch not bad. With the account of catching of living creatures on road (well and as usual periodic spihivanija the Sachet backpack) the Subject moves even. поход с детьми To a cave monastery of Chelter-Koba we come towards evening. Besides for besplatnosti decided to become over a monastery in grottoes (more truly Sasha offers, the people, as usual, categorically against grottoes and we rise for parking hardly above in wood). Tanja with Peter go to a monastery, and we postpone a campaign for tomorrow. Because of already cool evening in a font in which all so were torn so anybody and has not bathed. обезьянка на лиане The subject again finds a treasure. And here any "kind soul" shows to it that along trees lianas grow. It is clear that I obezjanka cannot miss such possibility both all the evening long and all the morning long hangs on lianas, getting above and periodically crying out that cannot slezt any more and now will release hands. On May, 4th In the morning we come back through a monastery downwards. The interesting monk (the novice?) voobshchem the attendant who to us advertised Sasha and which could a lot of interesting tell is not present, we are therefore limited to independent survey. For the first time Artyom has become interested in a church premise. I try on clear to it language to inform to it that such church and behaviour rules in it. Further we go towards Mangupa. For transition to village it decided to have dinner (not to have dinner in village). Not clearly when, but the people have had time to get hungry. Sasha as the true guide fairly sits and smears sandwiches. Other them eat. Since speed of eating surpasses speed namazyvanija, Sasha remains without sandwiches... Саша - инструктор и главная нянька We go down to shop. The rain begins. We hide backpacks at a stop, we "come off" who than loves. The rain does not stop. We decide to approach to lake under Mangupom not to go on a rain. We approach. Sasha agrees about parking near navesika (since the rain and has not stopped). But the people "strain to be in action" also we decide to make a detour of all Mangupa on road. Besides to grottoes:). We are dragged long, the Subject lags behind and nudit. And at me oshchushchene that without a backpack goes even worse than with. As usual Sasha finds a free grotto, the people this idea rejects and we become on a clearing in a fog in the rain. We have supper. While tea tent Pitertsev prepares falls asleep. Sleepy the Subject tries to achieve from me reading of Buratino. But I want to tea. Therefore to it the mouth shuts up a chocolate, and we with Tanej and Peter go to the Sachet to tent to drink tea. We conduct philosophical conversations about Russian (Peter yet very well speaks Russian). For example, we try to explain to it a phrase «yes is not present probably». After long attempts to understand Peter refuses this invention. On May, 5th We wake up hedgehogs in a fog. Sasha suggests to go on 5th beam since there, as he said, more fire wood and it is possible it will be dried. At me the offer to collect tents let and under a drizzle of desire does not cause. We wait while the others will wake up. The others want to look at least Mangup in a fog (nevertheless better than it not to look at all). But since it is necessary also to run behind water on same Mangup we leave Tanju with Peter in camp, we take Sashu with bottles and we go upward. Above Sasha has decided to take away what for at first all to a spring. From the first circle we to it do not get. We throw people on the fortress rests, we go together on searches. Have found. While I type bottles, Sasha has resulted group. Children, and already all three, do not want to go further. We give water and children of the Sachet, and we fall on a tail of any excursion. We pass with them one "finger" of Mangupa with fortresses. Even stretches overcast a little, and there are kinds. The guy very interesting (as for me) tells. Can not always on a theme, but it is interesting. The group sits down to eat. We decide to go while to the main wall and to wait for them there. We wait for minutes 40. We do not wait and on «a cave finger» we move and in a fog. We walk, we are photographed. дождь на Мангупе On the way back Sasha calls to learn «as from us business». We speak that normally, we go down. I express desire itself here still to take a walk, if it copes with Artyomom. There were three children remained in camp, Sasha has again come behind water, and Tanja with Peter have gone for a walk. While we go and we talk on mobilke (the blessing communication free) we find each other:). All people are torn downwards since the fog has absolutely returned. And me somewhere bears. But to see I with topographical kretinizmom I do not inspire the Sachet the slightest trust. Having thought it gives a backpack with water to Igor and conducts me on personal excursion on Mangupu:) . And me bears not on those two fingers where I 100 times already was. And on "bezpeshchernye" where I was not, but whence beautiful kinds too open. We conduct the philosophical conversations expiring from rock-climbing and smoothly flowing to a matter of life and death. At first has written off a difference in sights at a difference of floors. But since the subsequent travel reminded me a youth more and more and itself in it in a consequence has tended to that sights change with the years. We start to wander slowly, but gradually Sasha accelerates. I as the person never concerning extremes-marathons and in general plainly not going last 7-8 start to lag behind years. Voobshchem when we approach to descent with Mangupa «the client has ripened» and is ready to go to camp:) We go down, we have dinner, and is lain to read. All people, except slept off in my absence of the Subject, are filled up to sleep. And we, having re-read all books available with self and bought in a monastery too, we decide that we want to eat. It is clear that to prepare for me vlom - I go to search on tents for cookies. Cookies I find, to me offer more many the different. Vylazit nobody wants;). поход с детьми And here Sasha afflicted gidovskoj with conscience, gives out «Instead of whether someone wants to tea?». Clearly that to tea want all (simply all laziness in it to be engaged). Sasha it is fair vylazit from a warm sleeping bag in wet ozhdezhdu-footwear. All of us (except Peter first - it have enticed chocolate;)) we gather in huge tent pitertsev and the farewell supper-evening is arranged. On May, 6th We wake up already hedgehogs not in a fog, and a drizzle. We develop in tents, we have breakfast in the big tent, but weather does not improve... Igor suggests sensible thought - to call the muzhik who brought up us to Mangupu. The muzhik can arrive only downwards to the lifting beginning. We appoint to it time in 2 hours and we gather. Descent slippery, but the main thing very dirty. The subject reaches downwards in a condition of a real pig got out of a pool. That it have started up in a minibus, it is necessary to remove a jacket, to turn out it and to adhere on trousers. We go on road service station. Though we also pass turn on Balaklavu where and it is necessary to us we decide to go behind tickets for the bus since a train of 8th at us from Simferopol. Have gone knowingly since took already in the middle of the necessary bus and 8th people could not leave in general. Hotly we say goodbye at station and we run up every which way. пока-пока! Huge human thanks all for patience in relation to the Subject. Since it does not have not enough attention basically, and especially man's, it hung on all. And all it well very tolerantly concerned, including This and Dyomu. Separate thanks of the Sachet, able it seems to rally and is frictionless to spend any group. Julia Tsarenko, Kiev