The first turkish trekking

Written by Кирилл Ясько плато Тахтали Impressions about a hike(trekking tour) across Turkey " the Lycian way " on May, 18-28th 2010.
Usually about the impressions after a hike(trekking tour) tourists (instead of the instructor) write, but in this case I have decided to break(disturb) tradition and to insert the five copecks into a laudatory ode to the ground turkish and to domestic tourists. Very much an important point - not simply the first turkish, and the first foreign hike(trekking tour) in general. From the very beginning the turkish epopee has shown the quick character. Events developed immediately. In the beginning of March I am perfect(absolute) nezaplanirovanno I get to Turkey, and in the machine(car) taken on hire I make prospecting spot-check on vicinities of Antalia, Lycia and Karii. Impressed by beauty of the nature, after homecoming, I dig the ground literally and here later some weeks (record term) are ready a route of a hike(trekking tour) across Turkey. Probably, necessity for a similar novelty has ripened for a long time for not looking at my intimidations about experimental character of a hike(trekking tour) the group was typed(collected) very quickly. Tickets are bought(purchased), cameras are charged, we fly to Antalia.

Exotic in flanks (concentrate).

If to look at mountains of the Tauri a sober sight of the robot-analyzer anything especial in them is not present. But we in fact not robots, and sobriety (read presyshchennoe bezralichie) to us yet does not threaten. Therefore every day we found new opportunities to surprise. Floated in diving suits on a canyon, made mad night transitions, hunted for scorpions and ate water-melons in the beginning of May. More shortly, had a good time as could.

маленькая черепашка живой хамелеон большая ящерица

The rich nature of Turkey has naturally, strongly helped(assisted) us with it(this). Deep gorges, the transparent mountain rivers, the attracting azure sea and majestic tops of all this it is stuffed by unusual flora for us and fauna. You understand how much more interestingly to see an animal not in a zoo or a telecast, and in natural conditions of dwelling.

можжевельник - гигант цветочки остров пещера в Гедельме

We have exhausted thousand staff photographing (or trying to photograph) turtles, overland crabs, chameleons, octopuses, scorpions, huge lizards, bogomolov both other creeping and jumping exotic. Even local grasshoppers have seemed to us a little "inoplanetjanskimi". Not less delight have caused huge bright flowers covering trees, bushes and even cactuses.

Place to a feat.

Besides pleasure of surprise, poznali we and pleasure of overcoming. As well as it is necessary to tourists we overcame kilometers, height, fear, a heat and a cold. Yes-yes, imagine, there was also a cold (I shall not begin to show all cards(maps), I hope someone of participants of a hike(trekking tour) will describe these unforgettable moments). All this struggle had a healthy dream and fine appetite as consequence(investigation). We simply heroically finished with grocery stocks that urged on us even more quickly to go to following settlement where we were waited with turkish tomatoes, morozhennoe, cheese, yoghurt and fruit.

поход Турция восхождение на олимп композиция в гидрокостюмах обед в каньоне

Minutes of rest.

It is impossible "to boil" continuously energy of 10 days on end. The periods of impetuous impellent activity were naturally replaced relaksami and rasslabuhami. Following requirements of an organism we practised morning solar baths, an after-dinner dream and calming evening bathings in warm Mediterranean sea.

лагерь в лесу послеобеденный сон палатка у моря гамак в кемпинге

Return adaptation.

It is not enough to descend(go) in a hike(trekking tour), it is necessary also correctly from it(him) to return. In mountains we have become hollow prednamereno sharply. And here to a civilization came back nespesha, very smoothly. First mountain "auls", then - beach settlements, and only right at the end - the big city. As a result, by the moment of flying away all again would like in a hike(trekking tour), and during too time idea of hit home, back for Work did not cause sharp tearing away. Antalia (its(her) old historical part is more exact - Kalejchi) has appeared a remarkable place for return adaptation to a city life.

у костра на седловине развалины римских бань антикварный дворик анталия - Калейчи


Probably you have noticed, that describing events of a turkish hike(trekking tour), I constantly used a pronoun "we". I do not know in what business, whether in our personal qualities, in pulling together action of foreign land, or in primary presence of the uniform purpose, but our group "is very quickly ripe" and has rallied. We yet have not met last participant (Oleg flied to Turkey through Istanbul and met us directly in Gojnjuke, at start of a route), and all the others not so simply knew its(his) name, and and actively considered it(him) in planning the future (in the Crimean hikes(trekking tours) tourists approach(suit) to this stage day on the second - the third).

наша группа встреча на ликийской тропе турецкий дождик

Has even more rallied us heroic night transition through the "Alpes" - in which group to the full vkusila essence eksperimentalnosti a route and has proved to be from the best party(side). After such timbildinga, it is possible to go safely to mountains, on investigation, yes though to hell on horns.


The previous sections mainly transfer(transmit) my delights. But except for emotions I nasobiral and a quantity of rationalization ideas. First of all about necessity to facilitate a backpack. While we went on a high-mountainous zone its(his) weight seem priemlimym, but it was necessary to us to plunge into coastal subtropics as the body has rebelled. It refused to be engaged perenoskoj weights in so hot climate. Therefore already in a following turkish hike(trekking tour) I plan to reduce considerably quantity(amount) of products brought " from the house " and more meal to buy in local shops. If it will turn out, the darling to heart but it is inadmissible heavy soldier's tushenku I shall replace on sublimirovannoe meat.

Турецкий Олимп - Тахтали вершина олимпа зеленые горы, синее море

Following stage of "unloading" of a backpack - replacement of tent by a пончо-awning with a mosquito net. And here a sleeping bag I shall take down - it(he) weighs as much, but if necessary heats much better (this time I had a synthetic cocoon in weight in 1 kg). One pair footwear (lungs krossovki) it has appeared quite enough. There is no sense to drag also sandals. As a whole on group some "search" in connection with sun-protection creams (it was possible to take one bottle on all) was observed. An abundance at tourists of phototechnics(phototechnical equipment) for "overweight" I do not consider(I count), for it is passion which I respect and in many respects I divide(share).

снег на склоне сухое дерево гора Тахтали

Except for revision of equipment it would be necessary to learn(teach) turkish (with special tenderness I recollect magazinchik in Adrasane where the seller had a англо-turkish dictionary). Separate gleams of knowledge already wander in my head - I understand, when to me speak the price on turkish. But it would be desirable not only to bargain but also communicate with local population, to adjust communications(connections). I already have started "to drive" on the sly to history (thanks Gumilevu and LP) and traditions of this country, before something was for me rather indistinct (the country in which you will get if current will carry away to Black sea).


As I already spoke, in this clause(article) I namerjanno manage the general(common) phrases to allow other participants to tell about our adventures. The truth for 10 days of a hike(trekking tour) (or how many they there were) naproishodilo so much events what to tell about all of them vrjadli to whom udastsja. Therefore it is quite probable, that I still shall return to the description of this travel, but already in the bloge.

огни химеры пляж в Чирали сияние

Kirill Yasko. On June, 2nd 2010.