Satori - Bicycle Tour

Crimea, velopohod, 6 days, 250 km, 1500 griven, Complexity: average.

Satori is an enlightenment. To reach(achieve) prosvetelenija (harmonies, composure) it is possible different ways. One of them passes(takes place) across Southeast Crimea and the bicycle - the first means of a sincere relaxation is calculated on for whom.

Nizhnegorsky - the White rock - Belogorsk - Golovanovka - Karasevka - Novoklenovo - mezhgore - Karabi (Southern breakages) - Privetnoe - Sea - the Pike perch - the Solar valley - SHCHebetovka - Koktebel - Ordzhonikidze - Feodosiya. Route of a hike(trekking tour)
1 day. Nizhnegorsky - the White rock - Belogorsk - Karasevka
Distance: 65 km
Nizhnegorsky - settlement, especially nothing remarkable besides that through it(him) there passes(there takes place) a branch line Jankoi-хС«с«Яїn. From here prior to the beginning of Crimean mountains hardly 45 km on good road there are more. Cars do not meet almost, around - fields and steppe, small villages and any hint that you « in Crimea ». It is Crimea not resort, here there do not come tourists, the life flows the measured rhythm and "season" here not resort, and a sowing campaign...


45 km from Nizhnegorska up to Belogorska are skatka, adjustment(option) of bicycles and is a little traffic regulation of group in velopohode. It is an opportunity to buy(purchase) that houses have forgotten: Belogorsk there are last large settlement on the subsequent some days. On approaches to the plain Belogorsku will end sharply and brightly: a vertical wall of the White rock which southern breakage towers on 150 meters above a valley of the river Bijuk-Karasu. Our purpose - a source r. bijuk-¬бУбЯТ, source karasu-нбЮї where thousand litres of water are pulled out from the ground in a second! It, certainly, is little bit more, than necessary for preparation of a supper …
2 day. Karasevka - Novoklenovo - mezhgore - Karabi (Suat)

Distance: 30 km Road leave through pass the Cook-бЯбЎ to the sea, we this day are waited by the greatest Crimean jajla: Karabi. Crimean jajly sometimes name « the stone sea ». When you look from above - its(her) uncountable karstic voronki remind waves, and can - craters of volcanos of the Moon. Karabi always amazes with severe and deserted open space: the unique structure here is a meteorological station: a post of ¬«ЎФУ«ЅэЎ«-saving service, a shelter on a case of a rain, a fog, a bad weather. We pass Karabi on edge(territory). Below hardly noticeably flows r. Suat, and the highest top Karabi - Karatau is in the distance visible. Under it(her), in a beechen wood on a source r. Suat, we shall stop on a lodging for the night.
3 day. Karabi (Southern breakages) - Privetnoe

Distance: 35 km This hike(trekking tour) - not the sea, the sun and beaches though the sea the sun and beaches too will be. It is an opportunity to give(allow) rest to a shower(soul), to look from height at vanity, on household trifles, and can, on itself. Southern coast of Crimea from height of 1000 meters and prompt(impetuous) descent(release) to the present, not to the stone sea. A streamer of soil road - impression not forgotten!
4 day. Privetnoe - Sea - the Pike perch - meganom

Distance: 50 km From Privetnogo up to Sea along the sea are twisted highway Juzhnoberezhnoe - one of the most beautiful roads of the Europe. The well-known Crimean vineyards and silhouettes of towers of a medieval fortress, and in the evening - a decline on seacoast at mysterious cape-peninsula under name meganom. In the Soviet years the peninsula was the closed military territory, but the aura of mystery soars above these places and today. A snow-white turret of a beacon and huge "mills" of a wind-driver power station, stone chaos of a beach and rare kustiki a wormwood: it creates unique mood which stops and draws simultaneously. Here, on meganome - our lodging for the night.
5 day. A solar valley - SHCHebetovka - Koktebel

Distance: 30 km Here mountains are even more often replaced by hills, already there are no streamers, and the landscape distinguishes softness of lines and poetry. Koktebel: Mecca artists, poets, musicians, creative people and it is simple fans(amateurs) of art. In the sky turns a triangle of a hang-glider, in a glass iskritsja the Crimean wine, and we - have a rest! Cape the Chameleon, the Silent bay: here it is possible to relax, recollect adventures of last days and to try to believe, that it was actually!
6 day. Koktebel - Ordzhonikidze - Feodosiya

Distance: 25 km the Sea, the sun, beaches, first coats and landscapes. The Genoa fortress, Ayvazovsky, quay. And in the evening - a way home.

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Cost of round: 1500 griven (6750 roubles)

Payment by cash in the end of a hike(trekking tour).

Into cost of round enters: three meals a day on a route, services of the instructor, registration in контрольно-saving service, the medical insurance.

Into cost of round does not enter: hire of equipment, paid excursions, travel.

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