Everyone has his own way to mountains

рисунки наскальные в пещере the Separate moments of a hike(trekking tour) " Water and stones " on September, 13-17th 2009 
Everyone has his own way to mountains. I has begun 25 years ago, and has interrupted for 25 years). That has left, that the first attempt of storm Чатыр-Дага has been undertaken very much for a long time … And here coming back from Crimea from the "seal" rest I have told - everything, I go to a hike(trekking tour). Has imperceptibly flown by time allocated(removed) on gathering, докупки and purchases and here Simferopol, station, a meeting with group and a slow trip by a trolley bus …
The group has gathered, as it has appeared, skilled, all with experience of hikes(trekking tours), (except for me)) courageous and cheerful. As well as should be. Therefore on an appeal the Trainer (Andrey Gipich) « Well, wild boars, poryli? » All rose and dug further. Rummaged the truth tjazhelovasto. But the pipe and thirst new called forward, to tops, caves, falls and ghosts. All these pleasures are many times already described, photographed and shown. Simply it would be desirable to stop on the separate moments of a hike(trekking tour). So, about …

About the Trainer.

Тренер - Андрей Andrey has told to us that so it(him) yet did not name. Well and our group too have gathered for the first time))). The trainer skilled, knows all, everywhere was. Eats everything, but special passion feeds to May Day Sgushchenke. For it(him) it fetish and greetings from the Native land. Approximately as for the Russian scout a hot of the newspaper the Truth deeply in German rear. Is still capable to waken interest of the Trainer good equipment. As at the blonde a handbag from Lui Viton.

About ideas about high, life, etc.

Approximately on the second to hour of a hike(trekking tour) of an idea about high by itself give a up the place think(idea)-what one idle time rozhna I here has gone? It was not sat and was not thought at home, at restaurant, in a toilet, eventually? Is not present, popersja and to recede there is no place, ahead of mountain, the sea and envy of everyone, for which tops already behind! But here when nevertheless could, has overcome, and it has turned out - then all ok. Then it is possible and about high to think. And with lawful pride!

About beauty.

крымские дали the Most fantastic, as for me, and a beautiful place - a kind on Babugan with Eklizi - the Breaker. When you look in a distance and a distance consists of the most beautiful plateaus covered by a wood, porytyh ravines and underlined by tops on which did not happen yet, it appears, that there removed the Lord of rings.))) still vpechetlila the Valley of ghosts, Ekaterina's head and everyones different similar to names and not similar creations of the nature.

About cave Emine - Bair - Hosar.

It(She) is fine. In it(her) time slowly flows, losing the outlines, and find a life stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnaty. And all this kindly has the name, given it is not known that smoked cave explorers. Well very much intrigujushche! And when speak that the stalactite grows on 10 sm for 1000 that to think about eternal conscience does not allow. Still there is mamontenok, lost the head. Strange that cave explorers have not seen its(his) spirit in a gloom of a cave. And if have seen, have not told. And if have told that I has heard.

About a cave Cold.

Суук Коба - пещера на Чатырдаге One of the greatest on CHatyrdage - suuk-¬«нб, length 210 m. its(her) Name quite opravdanno: here it is indeed cool enough, constant temperature of air - +6 os.. There Is a water and nastennye figures. Obviously someone drawn.))

About meal and beer and mulled wine.

Meal was just right. It is not a lot of and not a little. Time to think about izyskah practically was not, therefore on hurrah there was all prepared by the Trainer and laid up in ours rjukzachkah. It would be quite possible to manage and without laid up. Beer to try(taste) in a hike(trekking tour) it was possible. But as for this purpose it(he) needs to be born(carried) on itself favourite and almost all time upwards reasonable alternative between there is no beer and to bear(carry) on itself, I had already 2 banks (or only 2))). And mulled wine it was not simple. Has not sufficed us in buffet on Emine - Bair - Hosar. It was necessary to drink before excursion!!! It is all the Trainer … do not drink, will leave - will be warmed …

About falls Dzhur-Джур.

каскады водопада Now always approaching(suiting) to any superpure(superclean) falls I shall remember what hardly above there can be tourists-climbers and to bathe in the cleanest(purest) water the smelling sweet bodies, socks and krossovki. And when us in Fishing have invited to excursion on Dzhur-Джур it was necessary to tell the truth - that we there already were! But after bathing it is really good and it is fresh. Only to go down to it(him;them) it is not absolutely easy(light). Even it is heavier than about the Hangar-breaker.

About socks.

Do not take unchecked socks in a hike(trekking tour)! I personally in the market and have not found in Simferopol qualitative, and the most found as it has appeared roll down(slide) and on the sly can rub palms of legs(foots).

About equipment.

It should lungs be maximal. I have asked comrade on a hike(trekking tour), why at it(him) such easy(light) backpack? As it has appeared it(he) simply gathered in a hike(trekking tour) of 20 years.. Experience. And I weighed somewhere under 25 kg, I think. A backpack, karemat, a sleeping bag and tent - about 9 kg!!! And weight of things which simply it is impossible to manage!!! But socks were dried on a cord and kept there clothespins!))

About vineyards.

виноградники Крым Not vineyards have cut down all in Crimea. One such also has got to us on a way in Fishing. Grapes there became a little bit less, and to us perehotelos on strange concurrence is! It is a pity only it was necessary to lay out a bag with grapes on an output(exit). The grandmother-watchman has noticed.

About Fishing.

About Fishing to tell there is especially nothing. The usual seaside small town living from a season till a season. All slowly, habitually, not super is dear(expensive). Behind sight it is necessary to descend(go) in Malorechenskoe. There Sacred Nikolay Mirlikijskogo's Temple-beacon. And under it(him) a museum of accidents on waters. If it was unpleasant to me to fly earlier, now and in sea cruises not especially hunting!) but 35 grn for an input(entrance), as well as have promised, it is not a pity.

About traumas.

храм маяк в малореченском It is just necessary to remember, that everything is possible(probable), and not only good. To avoid it(this) on a maximum it is possible only own care, choosing places where to put legs(foots), opirat hands and to put a head. And then for certain the road will be in pleasure.

About all.

About all to not tell! It should be seen, passed and gone through(seen, taken place and gone through). And then to go further on a life with consciousness and understanding that you could, has not receded and has reached. It is a pity just all has ended earlier than was planned! But I know precisely that I wish to go still! And already I look at equipment easier …

Vladimir Tuman, Poltava. 2009